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13 Glittery 2000s Makeup Products You Can *Still* Buy Today

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All 2000s makeup brands - roll on body glitter, frosted blue eyes, and endless lip gloss.

2000s makeup products.
updated on:
January 26, 2023

There has always been something sweet and nostalgic about the 2000s, but especially 2000s makeup products! It was such an iconic moment in time with pastel colors, lots of shimmer, and inspiration taken from candy and pink tones.

You already know that I live for a makeup nostalgia, so I decided to research some Y2K makeup products that you can still buy today. Plus, they're all on Amazon. That's hot.

P.S. Keep reading - at the end I provided a free printable list of 2000s makeup brands you can download so you can do some research on your own!

nostalgic beauty products

This post is all about 2000s makeup products.

Some of these products are things I personally had back in the day and some are products that I found in old ads from the 2000s! Let me know if you see any of your favorites or if I left anything out!

What products did you have in the 2000s that you still buy today???

Dream Matte mousse

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This foundation was an absolute sensation when it first came out. The mousse texture truly had everyone in a chokehold. We would definitely get this in a shade that was 2 levels too light and apply it all over - without powder. Looking back, the foundation definitely had merit. I mean, it must still be popular because you can still buy it today!

Plus, mousse became more popular in makeup recently with brands coming out with mousse-like blushes and highlighter.

Moondust eye shadow

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All I know is that a 2000s makeup look would not be complete without a frosty eyeshadow. I found this one from Urban Decay in an old ad from back then. This is their popular color Space Cowboy.

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Great Last mascara

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I can't even remember specifically what drew people to this mascara other than the fun pink and green coloring and the little bitty wand. It's really good for defining your lashes! This also comes in a clear color for taming your brows and a blue color that is really fun.

I would actually probably wager that this is still a lot of people's go-to holy grail mascara.

nostalgic beauty products

True Match Mineral blush

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There was such a craze for mineralized makeup in the 2000s. It definitely was advertised as a nice, lighter version of powder. I might want to go back and give this a try because it does look super flattering!

Eye Enhancers eyeshadow

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Another popular 2000s makeup trend was light blue eyeshadow. Britney Spears definitely tried her hand at some light blue shadow and the rest is history! I think this color is still pretty to use today. It gives me mod 60s vibes and I love it!

Lip Smackers lip balm

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Lip balm in the 00s was truly a commodity. I'm not sure if it's because women wore so much lipstick in the 90s that they wanted something more comfortable and natural. But Lip Smackers was the go-to for fun flavors and still is to this day!

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nostalgic beauty products

Caboodles makeup case

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Okay, Caboodles have been around since before the 00s, but they definitely were still a staple for holding makeup, toys, etc. They're kind of like the more "modern" version of a train case. They're still sold today in a bunch of different colors.

This would make for the perfect retro gift!

Rose Hips Smooth shampoo

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This is another product I found in an old ad from the 2000s. The packaging is so cute and who doesn't want their hair to smell like roses???

Baby Lips lip balm

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I remember Baby Lips being so popular in the late 2000s! There were a bunch of different colors and flavors. I think I still have a couple of these laying around in my makeup collection somewhere...

Juicy Tubes lip gloss

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I feel like all of the names of makeup lines in the 00s were so tantalizing. Like, I definitely want to buy something called Juicy Tubes!

Has anyone tried this lip gloss? It looks really good.

Sun In hair lightener

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Sun In was a total staple of the 2000s. You put it in your hair and the sun would slightly lighten it. I feel like this was most girls' first introduction to hair "dye". Spray it in your hair in the summer and you'll get a sun-kissed look.

nostalgic beauty products

Roll on body glitter

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This body glitter was so popular. This and that one Bath & Body Works brand "Art Stuff" that isn't sold anymore! I'm not sure why there was so much obsession over glitter in the 2000s, but I'm not mad about it!

MegaSlicks lip gloss

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Frosty lip gloss and eyeshadow were definitely unique to the 00s. This lip gloss was everywhere in ads at the time!

Do you guys have any fun memories of going to the drug store as a kid and picking out some drugstore makeup and running home to experiment with it? I remember going all the time with my mom and sister and wanting to try the makeup I would see in the magazines that I loved. The 2000s is such a nostalgic era for me because it represents simpler times and my childhood!

Are there any products that I missed here? It was hard for me to find products from the 2000s that were still sold today. Unfortunately a lot of the stuff is discontinued...

Let me know if you try any of this stuff out and if it's as good as we remembered it from back then!

Also, I made you guys a printable of some popular 2000s makeup brands! It's completely free, you can grab it below!

This post was all about y2k makeup brands.

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