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9 Aesthetic Tote Bags That Are *Actually* Aesthetic (+ Functional, Too)

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Every girl needs an aesthetic tote bag in her life.

Aesthetic tote bags.
updated on:
April 5, 2023

Tote bags are perfect casual catch-alls. Whether you're going on a trip, heading to the beach, or browsing a book shop, every girl needs an arsenal of aesthetic tote bags to carry all of her essentials. The problem is that *actually* cute tote bags can be hard to find.

We've put together our list of top picks for aesthetic tote bags below.

Image via @elizapregmon on Instagram

This post is all about aesthetic tote bags.

Best overall

L.L. Bean Boat and Tote

Buy on L.L. Bean

"The literal best, such great quality and so great to use everyday for work and school."

The Boat and Tote has been around for years (since 1944), as purveyors of old money/classic style will testify. But a modern twist on this timeless tote has people clamoring to get their hands on one: embroidering silly phrases on the front. See: @ironicboatandtote on Instagram.

The Boat and Tote comes in various sizes and lengths depending on your tote needs. They last *forever* and are sturdy - they are tested to hold up to 500 pounds...Choose either an open top or a zippered top (as I have linked here). You really can't go wrong with one of these!

Best pink

Met Logo Canvas Tote

Buy on The Met Store

"Fab tote! Use it every day for work to carry my lunch bag and water bottle in."

This fun and bold tote bag is perfect for lovers of pink, The Met museum, or both!

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Best terry

Béis Black Terry Tote

Buy on Béis

"Very sturdy, quality material! Bought it as a present for my sister and she loved it!"

I love a good terrycloth tote bag and this one takes it to the the next level. I love how it offers a design twist on a classic bag. Plus, Béis makes high-quality and thoughtfully designed stuff!

Best lightweight

Baggu Standard Baggu

Buy on Baggu

"Our best selling reusable bag isn't just for the grocery store, it goes everywhere and hauls almost anything."

These Baggu bags are perfect to bring to the grocery store, farmer's market, or the beach. They can fold into really small squares so you can leave them in the car or around the house. It's fun to collect all the different patterns.

Best puffer

Amazon Large Puffer Tote Bag

Buy on Amazon

"I LOVE MY BAG! Neutral color makes it versatile and all purpose from a quick run to the grocery store to a day with the girls to beachside yessssss!!!! It wasn’t to arrive for another month but arrived early. Yaaay!!"

This puffer bag is so on-trend and comes in such cute colors! It would make for a cute little carry-on.

Best leather

Anthropologie Woven Leather Tote

Buy on Anthropologie

I think this leather tote bag is so unique looking! This is definitely for the girls that love making a fashion statement.

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Best jumbo

Urban Renewal Giant Denim Tote Bag

Buy on Urban Outfitters

"This modern design was created by Urban Renewal from unique vintage and deadstock items found around the world."

Everyone needs an absurdly large tote bag for laundry, moving, or transporting a lot of random things from place to place.

Best beach

Amazon Beach Mesh Tote

Buy on Amazon

"It’s a very good bag, the holes allow for all of the sand to come out and that’s why I got it. If you want something that you can just go to the beach and not worry about bringing back the whole beach with you— this one is it."

You can always take any type of tote to the beach, but you know you'll be emptying a bunch of sand from it at the end of the day. Not a problem with this tote bag!

Best organizational

Amazon Crossbody Zipper Bag

Buy on Amazon

"Absolutely love this bag. The sections, the size, the strap and the color are all exactly what I was looking for."

This is a good classic tote for anyone who has experienced the absolute chaos that is finding your keys in your totebag...AKA all of us!


What is your go-to tote bag? Make sure to let me know your ultimate faves so I can check them out!

This post was all about aesthetic tote bag design.

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