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32 Actually Fun Amazon Wedding Registry Gifts That Aren't A Salad Bowl

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Honestly, wedding registries can be super boring...or they can be super fun! Our Amazon wedding registry ideas are unique and make for great gifts.

Amazon wedding registry.
updated on:
June 12, 2023

So we are at the point in wedding planning where I am starting to create our wedding registry. When I used to think about registering, I would think about the movies from the 2000s where the couple would go to the department store and scan all the barcodes of the items they wanted. Turns out that today you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Think online shopping but you can add unlimited things to your cart. So fun!

But when I started to look at the wedding registry checklist items, I realized they have the tendency to be a bit...boring. It's sort of funny how when you go to a birthday party, you bring a gift simply based on fun/what that person likes, whereas for a wedding you are supposed to pick something out of a list of purely functional items. From my perspective, it's sort of like buying your friend a toothbrush or a toilet paper roll holder for Christmas. Sure, they're going to use it, but it's not necessarily a celebratory gift. Plus, if you don't nab the cool gifts from the registry first, you're left with some items that don't feel as personalized.

Of course, there are reasons why wedding registries are like this. It's traditional for wedding registry gifts to be helpful to the young couple as they build their new home together. Plus, there is an argument to be had about wanting to buy the newlyweds things that they will actually use. The problem is, today it is a lot more common for couples to already be living together before marriage than it was before. Most people already have a base list of items like glassware, plateware, common appliances, bedding, etc. The question then becomes do we upgrade the things we already have or ask for different types of things?

It's interesting because couples can choose to put whatever they want on their registries. Nowadays cash funds are more popular as well as asking for donations to charities in lieu of gifts. Some keep in line with tradition by selecting household essentials and items they really need, while some like to make the items more "gift-y" or couples' activities they can do together. When picking gifts for our registry, I tried to blend everything together to create a registry where every single gift was something that would contribute to us as a couple!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with putting a salad bowl on your registry by the way, I definitely have added some kitchen essentials and glassware to ours. I just think registries have evolved a little bit since when our parents' generation got married!

When trying to decide where to register, I followed the suggested registry options from The Knot as that is where we made our wedding website. They had options like Amazon, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Target, and more!

The coolest part of it is that your guests can go to your wedding website and see all your gifts in one spot - and buy them from there! They don't have to look you up on all the different registry sites.

I started to add things from all the different stores until I realized that honestly, Amazon had most of the stuff for cheaper and with Prime shipping! It kind of made it a no-brainer to add most of our items from there. We do have a few different items from other stores, but we removed a lot of the super expensive stuff because it just wasn't super realistic.

Plus, I know most of our guests are super familiar and comfortable with Amazon! Win-win!

Here are our picks for the most unique Amazon wedding registry gift ideas you and your fiancé will love to receive - and your guests will love to give!

This post is all about amazon wedding registry.

Home decor

Home decor is always fun to give because a decoration is something that can remind the happy couple of you every time they walk past that item in their home.

Glass shelf

Add to your registry

"First one looked so good, I bought another!"

Glass shelf w/ towel bar

Add to your registry

"Very easy to install very sturdy. Glass is not too thin or too thick. Very elegant."

I know that you may be raising your eyebrows at the idea of buying and gifting some shelves as a wedding present, but this set is cute and functional. They work as a great storage place for displaying perfumes or some products and will go with a lot of different decor styles.

Floor lamp

Add to your registry

"I just got this lamp today it’s so cute, I absolutely love it! Super easy to assemble, very sturdy base, and appears to be high quality."

This MCM-inspired floor lamp is such a great price for what it is. Plus, it got great reviews! If you love interior design or decorating a home, I always think giving a gift that reflects that is a nice touch.

Bar cart

Add to your registry

"The cart was easy to assemble. I managed to do it all by myself. The cart moves with ease and is very sturdy. Looks pretty sitting there with its items on it."

If you love to entertain, this bar cart is a must-add to your registry. Guests will love the idea of buying you an aesthetic cart to house all your delicious drinks for the next time they are invited over.

Wall sconces

Add to your registry

"They are just as beautiful as pictured."

I was super shocked when I found these amazing sconces! Don't they look like they would be bedside at a luxury Parisian hotel? The nice thing about these is you can buy puck lights for them so they don't require hard wiring!

Fringe umbrella

Add to your registry

"I used this as a table umbrella on my patio. It’s so cute!"

This is a great gift idea for a couple moving into their first house, or couples who love to hang out in the backyard. It also works great as a beach umbrella if that's more their vibe.

Dining chairs

Add to your registry

"I absolutely love these chairs they add a traditional but contemporary touch to my kitchen. I would definitely recommend. Easy to assemble and very sturdy."

My friend Erin recommended these to me a while ago and I have always wanted them! They are such a great price and would be such a cute gift to give!

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Kitchen essentials

One of the most popular parts of your house that people love to buy wedding gifts for is your kitchen! There's no doubt that finding cool gifts for this area can be difficult, but we've got you covered!

Mocktail recipe book

Add to your registry

"Awesome book! These mocktail recipes are so fun, delicious and beautiful."

I think an amazing gift idea is always a nice recipe book with some accessories to go along with it! My prediction is that people are going to start moving away from alcohol a little more in the coming years and switching to healthier drink alternatives, so this recipe book is right on trend!

Love Is Blind gold wine glasses

Add to your registry

"Love it...goes well with my decor."

My parents got these for me for Christmas this past year and they were such a sleeper hit! Have you ever noticed how in Love Is Blind and all those reality shows they are always drinking out of these kinds of glasses? Well apparently the conspiracy theory is that it is for continuity purposes for filming. That way they can out clips out of order without you noticing! Anyways this would be a perfect gift to pair with the mocktail recipe book I included above. Yum!

Popcorn maker

Add to your registry

"Works like a charm."

Okay, so my family has tried many of the popcorn popping methods in the past, and we have determined these types of machines are the best and the most fun! Basically, you put the kernels in and it heats up. Popcorn starts "popping" out of the hole and into a bowl! Warning: if you have dogs, they may become slightly obsessed with this thing because they'll love catching rogue popcorn bits!

Initial cheese board

Add to your registry

"This is the cutest board ever! The marble is really beautiful with the gold monogram, and the quality of the board is excellent."

When you get married, you have to start buying some things with the initials of your new last name! This makes for a great gift, especially if you love charcuterie.

Charcuterie board kit

Add to your registry

"This is a really cute cheese board set! Would make a great gift."

So I had originally put a charcuterie board on our registry that was like $200 or something, until I realized how insane that was! I went looking on Amazon and this kit comes with WAY more than the expensive one did and it has some amazing reviews. You can't be mad at that.

Knife set

Add to your registry

"I absolutely love this knife set. It is not only pretty, but the knives work great. Very precise. It was also delivered when expected. Would totally recommend this product."

A knife set may be more of a functional item, but this aesthetic one is probably better quality and more complete than most knife sets couples own. I know that we only have a set from IKEA right now, so having this block would be so nice!

Gold flatware set

Add to your registry

"I purchased these to make a beautiful table setting for a holiday and they look so good! I was amazed at the price and thought maybe they would be flimsy but NO they have very good weight to them! Very good quality and great price!"

Fun flatware is always a good purchase, especially for couples that love to host dinner parties. I looked high and low for brushed gold flatware and I had a lot of trouble finding a set that didn't have reviews mentioning the color rubbing off. Although this set isn't brushed, it's a fun color that will make any tablescape trendier.

Fondue set

Add to your registry

"Really like this. I just made my first batch of cheese fondue tonight and it turned out great!"

I'm not sure if my readers know this about me or not, but one of my favorite things ever is fondue! If you've never had it, set up a romantic date and make cheese and chocolate fondue. Trust me! But I find something like this is a really thoughtful gift. If you know the couple is into a particular food like sushi, get them a really cool serving set for sushi! They'll have fun eating their favorite food together with your gift.

Cookware set

Add to your registry

"I bought this set 13 years ago in 2010. They have absolutely been the best cookware I have ever owned."

Some essentials are registry classics that simply cannot be ignored. Not many couples I know buy a full, nice cookware set when they first move in together. This is something worth upgrading for sure. If someone ends up getting us this I will be so excited!

Kitchen mixer

Add to your registry

"It is an essential to my kitchen and I know it will last a lifetime"

This kitchen mixer is definitely one of the higher priced items on our registry, but it's something that we'll have forever. I recommend picking out a fun color because why not?!

Dutch oven

Add to your registry

"This is a heavy, solid, cast-iron pot that will last you a long time. One that will get passed down. Love it."

I definitely think certain kitchen essentials can be a bit "boring" but the pieces that are more like investments usually make great gifts. I'm pretty sure most couples don't have a dutch oven, but when you buy one once, they'll have it in your kitchen for years to come!

Motion sensor trash can

Add to your registry

"Very modern yet sturdy trash can. Easy to clean and opens/closes silently."

This is one of the only items on this list I feel a little guilty putting here because I know I told you guys this is a ~fun~ wedding registry list. But, you have to hear me out. We had this trash can in a rental of ours (it was provided by the management which is kind of crazy) and it changed our lives. It's motion detect so you never have to do anything when you need to throw something away. I know it seems lame to get a couple a fancy trash can, but one thing I have learned in my adult life is having a nice trash can changes the game!

Veggie chopper

Add to your registry

"This is a very nice dicer. It cuts well, is well made and is easy to clean."

This is another item that I hesitated sharing, but I see this veggie chopper on TikTok all the time! Fun kitchen gadgets would be a good gift if you bundled a few of them into one package! I know it's a little less fun than the other things on this list, but I do feel like you could make it a really awesome gift!

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Useful items

These items are perfect for gift-givers that like to feel like they're buying something functional for the couple.

Ring doorbell

Add to your registry

"This product is awesome. It lets me see who's at my door without getting up from my couch."

This is something that every single couple will want at some point (if they don't have it already). If you want to give a gift that is affordable but also insanely useful, this one takes the cake!

Little Green upholstery cleaner

Add to your registry

"I used this once and now wonder what took me so long to purchase. If you have any carpet or soft surfaces in your home (couches, chairs, etc.), you need this!"

This little gadget has gone viral on social media more times than one. It's a spot cleaner for your couch, rugs, or any other cloth part of your house that needs some cleaning. It's especially useful if you have pets!

Down comforter

Add to your registry

"After reading all the wonderful reviews I went ahead and got it. When I tell you this thing is SOFT!!!! I’ve only had it for almost 2 weeks but I’ve been having way better sleep and I can not wait to get into my bed."

What is better than a hotel-quality duvet? I personally feel like the fluffier, the better. It's a great gift for couples because they can snuggle up in it at the end of a long day.

Linen sheet set

Add to your registry

"I absolutely love these linen sheets. I have a few sets of them AND a set of linen sheets from an expensive and popular company…guess which ones have held up better?!"

Most couples already have a sheet set, but there's something about 100& linen that screams luxury. This would be a welcome upgrade to any bride and groom's bedding, especially if they've recently made the switch from a queen bed to a king!

Linen duvet cover

Add to your registry

"I have purchased two duvet covers from this company. They are soft, they are def 100% linen, the quality is obvious. I love them."

A linen duvet cover to complete the entire bedding set is an absolute no-brainer.

Fun items

These wedding registry ideas are for those who don't love giving traditional gifts!

Yeti cooler

Add to your registry

"Nothing to dislike about this cooler. Keeps everything cold."

Although this cooler is a little more pricey than normal coolers, the Yeti brand really lives up to their insulation claims. I have a Yeti tumbler and it keeps my water cold for hours! This is the perfect gift for couples who love to go camping or just like lounging by the pool.

Cozy blanket

Add to your registry

"I got the throw-size for frequent time day and through the night in my recliner. Its a perfect cushy cuddly soft and lightweight covering for me; like being enveloped in a fluffy cloud."

This is such a great dupe for the Barefoot Dreams blanket! I don't think you can ever go wring with a cozy blanket as a gift because I know that every couple always needs more comfiness in their lives.

Pet fountain

Add to your registry

"I do love this fountain and I think it’s a wonderful price point!"

My parents got this drinking fountain for our cat at home and actually the dogs have taken a liking to it too! It cycles water to create a running water source like a stream. Some people find that it helps their animals drink more water throughout the day.

Projector screen

Add to your registry

"I love it, and it's sure to provide many hours of wonderful viewing!"

One of my favorite gift ideas of all time is a projector from Amazon. We got ours at Brookstone forever ago and now they're super affordable on Amazon. It is such a crowd favorite when you set it up in the backyard or even in your bedroom for an extra big movie screen. My fiancé and I used to set it up and watch our favorite shows from our bed. Now, we have our hearts set on this projector screen so we can watch movies all the time without having to set up a sheet!

NewlyNamed name change kit

Add to your registry

"I absolutely loved this. Definitely worth the money and saved me so much time. I would recommend this to every bride, changing your name can be stressful!"

This is one of the gifts from our registry that I anticipate being purchased first. It's basically a kit that comes with all the information and checklists you need to change your last name after you get married. What a great gift to give someone, the gift of legally changing their last name!

Green striped beach towels

Add to your registry

"In one word, 'Excellent!'"

These beach towels remind me of a retro-cool hotel. I want them for the beach or just for after a bath!


Add to your registry

"After buying some cheap pickle balls, and having them destroyed in two weeks, I decided to try the Franklin 40 ball. I would highly recommend the Franklin ball. It is sturdy fast and holds up in group play."

Another great gift idea for your registry is a gift related to whatever activity you and your future spouse have been into lately. For us, we've recently loved playing pickleball together. We always need new balls since we play so much, so this is a great gift idea for those who you play with often!


What is your favorite wedding gift to give? What wedding gifts are you hoping you get from your registry? What wedding gift did you receive that you cannot live without? I'm always trying to find amazing gift ideas since it can be so hard to find unique items - especially for weddings!

This post is all about amazon wedding registry ideas.

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