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21 Aquamarine (2006) Movie Quotes Perfect For A Beachy Instagram Caption

Aquamarine (2006) is a movie about love, friendship, and mermaids! Here are some iconic summery quotes from the film...

Aquamarine movie quotes.
updated on:
February 16, 2023

The year is 2006 and you just got out of school for summer break. You call your best friends to come over to swim and play mermaids. Life is good.

The movie Aquamarine was a film that captured a distinct period of time: pre-teens in the early 2000s that were obsessed with the beach and mermaids! There seemed to be a lot of shows and movies in that timeframe that were set on or around the beach: Laguna Beach, The OC, H2O, etc.

When the Coconut Girl aesthetic became popular on Pinterest, it made me so nostalgic! My parents even painted my room with a palm tree because I loved the beach. When I went to surf camp with my Girl Scout troop, I was in heaven! I would pretend I was a mermaid all the time.

I know I'm not alone in my mermaid obsession - and my obsession with Aquamarine!

It's such a cute movie and makes me feel so summery and nostalgic. I decided to watch it again and it seriously took me back to the days when I secretly hoped mermaids were real!

Not only is Aquamarine a girly story about a mermaid, it's about love and friendship. It's seriously a movie that is much better than it gets credit for - it totally taught me so many amazing lessons!

Here are some iconic Aquamarine movie quotes that would be perfect for Instagram captions (some more so than others), or just to help you reminisce about this cute movie!

Alexa, play Island in the Sun...

This post is all about aquamarine movie quotes.

What is Aquamarine (2006)?

Aquamarine (2006) is a movie starring Sara Paxton, Emma Roberts, and JoJo that was about a mermaid who gets washed ashore and looks to prove that true love exists. It was released on March 3, 2006.

What is the Aquamarine cast?

Here's the primary cast of Aquamarine (2006):

Aquamarine - Sara Paxton

Claire Brown - Emma Roberts

Hailey Roberts - JoJo

Raymond - Jake McDorman

Cecelia Banks - Arielle Kebbel

Where can I watch Aquamarine?

You can currently watch Aquamarine on Disney+ & Hulu with a subscription or rent it from Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, or YouTube!

Iconic Aquamarine movie quotes

"Fluff & retreat."

Hailey and Claire talk about how to get Raymond's attention by reading a magazine article on the subject. "Fluff & retreat. Fluff his ego, then walk away. Not only is he left wanting more, but he's under the impression that it's his idea."

"Did you order a sand-WITCH?"

When Cecilia returns from summer camp, Claire asks Hailey why the witch is back!

"You are totally, completely, and eternally my best friend."

Hailey says this to Claire when they're scared during the storm.

"My very own pair!"

When the pool gets drained, the girls find Aqua in a storage closet with a brand new set of legs.

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"Boys are what we live for."

Claire and Hailey decide to help make Raymond fall in love with Aqua.

"Who ordered broom service?"

Sticking with the witch theme, when Cecelia shows up to ruin Aqua's moment with Raymond, Hailey gets annoyed.

"And she's a princess?" - Aqua, "No, just a royal bitch." - Hailey

Talking about Cecilia's 'Princess' license plate.

"She's gonna pop a tail!"

When Claire and Hailey see the sun is setting during Raymond and Aqua's date on the paddle boats.

"Why go through life unnoticed?"

What Aqua says to Hailey and Claire in the mall.

"Don't you just love love?"

What Aqua says to Claire before talking about seeing her parents in love.

"I don't think they would have wanted you to be afraid of life. They would have wanted you to be friends with it."

What Aqua tells Claire about her parents.

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"[Love] is the closest thing we have to magic."

What Hailey tells Aqua to get her to stay. One of my favorite lines in the movie!

"I'm leaking!"

What Aqua says when she starts crying.

"Who needs Raymond? I've found two new men to love. And their names are Ben & Jerry."

When Aqua is eating Phish Food Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

"Guess who has a date to the Last Splash??? Me!"

When Aqua finds out she gets to go to the Last Splash with Raymond.

"Wow you look pretty." - Raymond, "So do you!" - Aqua

When Raymond sees Aqua at the Last Splash.

"I've learned it's not where you are but who you're with."

When Aqua talks about traveling with Raymond.

"You help a mermaid, you get a wish."

What Aqua tells Leonard when he saves her from the water tower.

"I didn't know you leak when you're happy too."

When Aqua finds out Claire and Hailey love her.

"You can always call me on my shell!"

What Aqua tells Claire and Hailey.

"It's good to have friends with fins."

What Claire tells Hailey about their wish.


Isn't Aquamarine the cutest movie? What was your favorite summer chick flick as a pre-teen???

This post was all about mermaid quotes.

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