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Make Your Own Affordable Black And White Save The Dates - Canva Tutorial

Finding elegant (but affordable) black and white save the dates is no easy task. I'll show you how to make your own.

Black and white save the dates.
updated on:
August 27, 2023

When I started looking for Save The Dates for my wedding, I was shocked how difficult it was to find something customizable enough to fit our wedding theme, but also was a good guide so I didn't have to make them from scratch.

Every time I would find one that sort of fit our theme, I would think to myself that I wish I could move the font around ever so slightly or change a color. Especially when you're looking for a really elegant black and white Save The Date it can be really hard to find one you like.

Today, we'll discuss how to create your own templates in Canva and edit them to your liking. Trust me, it's super easy!

This post is all about black and white save the dates.

What is Canva?

Canva is a completely FREE graphic design website. Basically, it's way easier to use than Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I always recommend Canva because it is one of my most used websites!

If you want to unlock more fonts and photos, you can upgrade to Canva Pro at $12.99 a month. For someone who uses Canva Pro frequently (I use it almost every single day), I feel like it's totally worth it. You can make a lot for your wedding with Canva including signage, invites, and cards!

Plus, they have a great template feature which we will discuss today!

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How can I use Canva Templates for my Save The Dates?

All you need to do is sign up for a free Canva account. Canva works similarly to Google Drive in the sense that it saves your work automatically so you don't really need to worry about losing anything. Another great feature of the platform!

Select "Templates" from the bar on the left side of the screen. Type in "Save The Dates" in the search bar. You'll see so many different options!

Once you select a template, you'll be able to edit it to your liking.

Canva is super easy to use and incredibly intuitive. Most everything is drag and drop. If you're still having some trouble with it, Canva has many beginner tutorials online.

With these templates, you're able to edit the font, the colors, the photos, and more. Plus, you'll see on the right hand side that you can print using Canva's printing services. I used them to print my Save The Dates and they had amazing customer service. Plus, they were super affordable.

Can I print these myself or use my own printer?

Definitely! I only mention Canva's printing services because I used them for my Save The Dates!

If you decide to print yourself, I would opt for a higher quality paper and a printer that has plenty of ink capacity.

This is the printer we have at home. We bought it a few years ago and still have yet to run out of ink from the first cartridge. Isn't that crazy? Plus, the ink refills are the same cost as buying a typical printer cartidge...

Epson EcoTank

Buy on Amazon

"Greatest printer I've ever had!!! My wife and I use the printer very often. It is very, very economical and environmentally friendly."

We really love this printer and it's been such a lifesaver for printing off all our wedding stuff.

If you don't want to print yourself or through Canva, simply save the file by clicking "Share" in the upper right hand corner and save as a PNG or PDF file. Send to your printer and you're all set.

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I don't care for any of the templates available, can I just use yours?

Absolutely! I designed my own black and white Save The Date template, totally editable and customizable in Canva. Here's what it looks like:

It comes with a back page and an alternate colorway if that works better with your engagement photos! Simply fill in all your information and send to the printer. If you're not feeling a font, the frame, or anything else, you can change it! But it's a nice starting point if you like its simplistic elegant style!

You can get the template here.


Did this post help with discovering Canva Templates? I think they are so great and easy to use for all brides-to-be!

This post was all about modern black and white wedding invitation.

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