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Elegant DIY Ideas For A Queen Charlotte Approved 'Bridgerton' Tea Party

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Who doesn't love a scene straight from a Regency-era romance??? Here's everything you need to throw a fancy 'Bridgerton'-themed tea party.

Bridgerton tea party.
updated on:
February 17, 2023

I'm seriously can't for the next Bridgerton season to drop! I'm also super excited to see Queen Charlotte's journey come to life in Netflix's Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story which is set to release on May 4, 2023.

Bridgerton has sparked a huge resurgence of interest in the Regency era: the balls, the gowns, the drama, and the tea parties! It's easy to fall in love with the time period of Jane Austen-esque romance. Julia Quinn/Shonda Rhimes' Bridgerton mixes the whimsical charm and decadence of the early 1800s with classical versions of modern tunes and tropes.

With its fully immersive set design and fun wardrobe styling, it's no wonder fans of Bridgerton are feeling inspired to experience a real-life version of the show. From throwing an elaborate royal wedding to selecting a Diamond of the Season, there are tons of epic scene ideas you could use as inspiration for your next party.

Nothing, however, screams Bridgerton more than a classic tea party!

When the first season of Bridgerton came out, my family threw me a super cute and intimate tea party inspired by the show. These Bridgerton tea party ideas are perfect for a bridal shower, birthday, Mother's day, or just when you're feeling like enjoying a formal afternoon tea!

Here are all the essentials you will need to throw an epic Bridgerton themed tea party!

bridgerton tea party
Image via @suddenjourneys

This post is all about bridgerton tea party.

Bridgerton tea party decor

bridgerton tea party

The biggest part of throwing a tea party is having tea! You can go as formal or as casual as you would like, but the Bridgerton aesthetic is definitely lush excess when it comes to decor and table settings.

High tea originated as a ladies' social event usually held between 4 and 5 in the afternoon. Decadent snacks followed light conversation around the tea table.

Here are some of my recommendations for an afternoon tea worthy of the Bridgerton universe. Make sure to add lots of fresh flowers to this list:

Tea set

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"Bought this as a birthday gift for my sister and she loves it! The quality, the size, it’s such a beautiful set!"

Bunting banner

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"The colors are just as beautiful as they were in the photos and the longer length makes it super versatile for decorating. Would highly recommend this product!"

Pink tablecloth

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"We use a lot of plastic pink table cloths for parties and I decided to invest in a cloth tablecloth instead of buying so many plastic ones. Great purchase. Looks brand new after laundering. Great color!"

Lace tablecloth

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"Pretty, light, elegant."

Name cards

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"Everything about this product gets 5+ stars. Used at bridal shower and wedding."

Candlestick holders

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"I bought these candle holders for my dining room table. They are very lovely."

Pink candles

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"My wife and I used these at our wedding. We originally ordered them based on color, but the scent turned out to be an awesome surprise for us!"


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"These napkins are too cute for words. Ordered for a baby shower but I would not hesitate to use for other parties. Great quality. I would purchase again!!!"

Cake stand

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"The price is GREAT for the product. It made a really great edition to my table for my Tea Party. I kept it on the counter with candy during the Christmas season. It was also easy to put away until the next time I need it!"

Paper doilies

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"I love entertaining and using doilies on my dishes. It makes my desserts look professional."

Water goblets

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"They are a beautiful pastel pink, exactly the color pictured and what I wanted. They are the perfect size and weight and I’m so happy I got them."

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Bridgerton tea party food

bridgerton tea party

One of the best parts of a formal tea is the food! Delicious finger sandwiches and delightful desserts are an essential part of an elegant tea party. Here are some ideas of traditional food to serve at yours.


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"It’s simply the best tea I’ve ever drink, and as a longtime Twinings devotee, that’s a high compliment. Even with other teas on hand, my day isn’t complete without at least one cup of English Afternoon. It has a full, sweet taste while lacking the bitterness of other black teas. I can’t live without it."

Sugar cubes

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"These sugar cubes dissolve very good in coffee or tea. Love them! They are for fancy tea/coffee! Fancy up your table with these!!"


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"These scones are fantastic, so easy, so tasty, and better texture than my made-from-scratch attempts. They have become a Sunday morning tradition for my family. Our favorites are the berry varieties: raspberry, strawberry, blueberry."


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"Ordered strawberry and vanilla for my friends baby shower. They came fast, fresh, and were delicious!"

Other tea party food ideas

bridgerton tea party

Mini cakes, finger sandwiches, angel food cakes, etc. Take a look at some afternoon tea recipes I found here.

Bridgerton tea party outfits

If there's anything more dreamy than the Bridgerton settings themselves, it's the costume design! I love a good theme, and whether you have an invite to a ball or are hosting an extravagant dinner, you better come in character! Here are some Bridgerton-inspired party outfit ideas to make you the Duchess for the day:

Lace gloves

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"I bought this for a tea party but they surpass their use by many many months and many many tea parties."

Tulle gloves

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"They are perfect in every way."

Empire waist dress

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"This dress was perfection. It is well made, beautiful and flattering! I felt like a princess and received lots of compliments."

Hair bow

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"I am simply in love with this bow. It’s so cute, silky, the perfect length, doesn’t feel cheap, and is super secure."


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"Beautiful sturdy tiara. Very pleased with purchase."

Frilly socks

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Pink heels

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"Yes, yes, yes…buy these!!! These are beyond gorgeous! I cannot believe the price point on these…they are so worth it."


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"This is a very beautiful, full feather fan...glad I purchased this."


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"This little parasol is the perfect size for what I need. It is more portable, rather than carrying a bigger one around at the party. It's nice, because I won't have to set it down and forget where I put it."

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Bridgerton tea party music

Something that really delighted people about the Bridgerton series were the instrumental renditions of popular modern music. Songs like Thank U Next, Wildest Dreams, How Deep Is Your Love, and more covered by string quartets gave the show a modern twist.

Here is the Official Bridgerton Spotify playlist. Make sure to have it playing in the background of your party:

Bridgerton tea party favors

bridgerton tea party

This is one of my favorite DIYs! If you're looking for a fun party activity, this is super easy for anyone to do and they can take their creations home at the end, or you can just make them in advance and hand them out as favors!

DIY teacup candles

This is such an easy DIY. Pick any kind of heat-resistant container and glue a wick in the bottom. Melt some wax and experiment with different essential oils for your scent. Pour in the container and let cool. Trim your wick and you have a cute, decorative, and homemade candle.

*Please check that the containers you are using are heat-resistant. If you select a glass container that is not heat-resistant, when the candle starts burning the hot wax, it could shatter. Never leave candles unattended.*

Assorted teacups

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"These little beauties are a part of my first ever tea set and after a ton of searching, I am so happy I choose these. More beautiful in person which I didn’t even know was possible. I highly recommend these."

Candle making kit

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"This was everything I needed to successfully make my first candles."

Essential oils

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"Great for a starter gift!"

Bridgerton gift ideas

bridgerton tea party

Are you going to a Bridgerton themed party? Here are my picks for the best gifts to bring for the hostess or the guest of honor.

Bridgerton book series

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"They came VERY WELL packaged and with great care to keep them protected. They are in perfect condition."

This is a great gift for someone who loves the Netflix series but hasn't had a chance to read the books.

Jane Austen game

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"I got this for my birthday. The game is really thought out well, pace moves along good and we were giggling the whole time. Even the guys playing said it was a strategic game and demanded we play again because they didn't get who they wanted to marry in the end."

We got this gift for my sister for her birthday and we all had a blast playing it! No knowledge of Pride & Prejudice required but it's always fun to watch the movie right before playing.

Blooming tea

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"It’s perfect. It's well thought out design is well executed and beautiful."

My mom got one of these for my tea party! It's so beautiful, you just put the blooming tea in there with some hot water and you can watch the flower blossom!


Image via @sunsets.and.events

Like I said earlier, I can't wait for the next Bridgerton season to drop. I think I've seen the first two multiple times over!

There's nothing more feminine and fun than throwing a tea party - I hope my post from today helped you brainstorm some amazing ideas for your next Bridgerton-inspired bash!

What is your favorite love story from the Bridgerton series? I'm so excited to see them all play out!

This post was all about bridgerton tea party outfit.

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