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How To Recreate OG Carrie Bradshaw Outfits Yourself W/ Shopbop

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Carrie Bradshaw may not always be the best friend, but she does always have the best outfits. Here's where to buy some similar pieces for your own wardrobe.

Carrie bradshaw outfits to buy.
updated on:
April 10, 2024

There are few fashion icons that remain relevant decades after the peak of their popularity - and Carrie Bradshaw remains one of them. A character whose personal style is both eccentric and feminine, Carrie's addiction to Manolo Blahniks and her signature Carrie nameplate necklace both seem to trascend time. Some may call her the original fashion influencer, and as new generations continue to discover the New York charm of Sex and the City, Carrie's outfits are recreated over and over again.

Today, I'll share with you some recreations of Carrie's iconic outfits on the show with Shopbop.

This post is all about carrie bradshaw outfits to buy.

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One of Carrie's best skills is to combine a comfy-casual outfit with an elevated feature. In this scene, she's wearing a classic tank with a shimmery pink midi skirt. We can't see her feet, but I imagine she's wearing some kind of Manolo pumps. Of course, she's wearing her classic Carrie nameplate necklace.

Monogram Necklace

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Although her "Carrie" necklace will never go out of style, a simple initial necklace is a fun way to tie something Carrie-inspired into your outfit.

Gardenia Lace Demi Bra

Buy on Shopbop

I love how Carrie's bra strap is shown here, it makes the outfit feel so much more realistic.

Cropped Ribbed Tank

Buy on Shopbop

You can't go wrong with a classic white tank.

Midi Silk Skirt

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I couldn't find something with shimmery sequins, but I found this gorgeous pink silk midi skirt to give you the same idea as Carrie's.

Solene Pumps

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Carrie loves to pair a bold pair of heels with a neutral outfit. Here I imagine she would go for something silver.

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This outfit is so autumnal New York, I love it! Carrie paired a black button down with a micro beaded miniskirt and snakeskin boots. Most of the items I found are currently out of stock (must be due to seasonality). I provided similar options for you instead!

Black Button Up - SOLD OUT

The Smooth Ex Boyfriend Shirt (Similar)

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For a similar top, you just need a black silky button down.

Brown Mini Skirt - SOLD OUT

Cannoli Folded Mini Skirt (Similar)

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Carrie's skirt is actually beaded and I believe she paired it with an orange beaded belt. Feel free to go pretty bold on the skirt since the rest of the outfit is neutral.

Chanel Belt - SOLD OUT

Chanel Belt (Similar)

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These vintage Chanel belts are so cool and such a fun investment. They dress up any outfit and add some needed texture to this look.

Wally High Heel Boots

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Carrie's boots are actually snakeskin, but I found brown boots that look similar! My version of this outfit is a little bit more neutral than Carrie's, but it uses a lot of staple pieces that are great to have in any wardrobe.

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This is one of my favorite Sex and the City scenes ever! It's where Carrie asks Big why he didn't choose her over Natasha. She's wearing a champagne colored midi dress, a beaded bag, and her Carrie necklace.

Jodie V Neck Slip Dress

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This dress is a pretty close match to Carrie's! It's such a good closet staple because you can pair it with almost anything!

Zoe Beaded Bag

Buy on Shopbop

I am in love with this beaded bag. It adds a little interest to the outfit since the dress is so clean.

Crystal Pendant Necklace

Buy on Shopbop

Carrie is wearing her nameplate necklace in this scene, but I thought this necklace was a beautiful variation on her gold choker.

Wade Kitten Heel with Bow

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Carrie is wearing clear pumps with rhinestones in this scene, but I chose black kitten heels to match the black of the bag.


Carrie has so many iconic outfits, it's hard to pick just a few to recreate. What is your favorite Carrie Bradshaw outfit?

This post was all about carrie best outfits.

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