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Every Pink Princess Needs These 23 Coquette Aesthetic Clothing Pieces (From Amazon)

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Are you unapologetically flirty, feminine, and fun? These pieces from Amazon will complete your coquette aesthetic clothing wardrobe.

Coquette aesthetic clothing.
updated on:
May 19, 2023

The coquette aesthetic has been all over my Pinterest feed lately. You know, the ruffled socks, floral bedspread, pink silky dresses, hair ribbons, etc. According to Oxford Languages, the definition of coquette is "a woman who flirts". Feminine silhouettes, dainty trimmings, pastel pink colors, and girly accessories fit right into this definition. If you have been wondering where to find coquette aesthetic clothing, this post has everything from dresses to accessories to shoes - and all from Amazon!

coquette aesthetic outfit

This post is all about coquette aesthetic clothing.

Coquette Accessories

White Ruffle Socks

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These ruffle socks are my favorite. You can wear them with black mary janes or Doc Martens. They totally give a fun and girly twist to any outfit.

Mary Jane Shoes

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I own these shoes and I seriously wear them everywhere. They're the perfect height - not too tall and not too flat, and they're actually comfortable! Plus, they're less than $50!

Leg Warmers

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These pink and white leg warmers are perfect to add to any outfit for a cute slouchy look. Even though it's getting warmer out, they're great to throw on for a chilly evening or even to the movies or ice skating.

Knee Ruffle Socks

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These socks will make you feel super girly! They are so cute to wear just around the house or with a fancy dress.

Pearl Necklace

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A pearl necklace dresses up any look. It's perfectly classic and goes with any outfit!

Gold Locket

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This gold locket is perfect to layer with other feminine pieces of jewelry. Plus you can put a photo of someone you love inside!

Hair Bows

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These bows give such a romantic touch to a hairdo. They're super easy to clip in, also!

Miss Dior Perfume

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Not only does this perfume smell pretty, the bottle looks super pretty!

Ballet Flats

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These flats are comfy and cute. I want them in every color.

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Coquette Clothing

White Pointelle Cami

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This cami has little heart details. Perfect for a little sleep top or to wear under a sweater.

Milkmaid Blouse

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A milkmaid blouse is so feminine. Definitely a great wardrobe staple.

Silk Slip Dress

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Who doesn't live for a good slip dress?! This one comes in a lot of really cute colors, too.

Long Sleeve

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This top is super girly! I love the ruffle on the top section.

Red Floral Dress

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Even though with the coquette aesthetic, you see a lot of pink, I've also seen baby blues, yellows, and even reds! It's very French-chic!

Pink Nightie

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This vintage-inspired nightie is perfectly pink and frilly. Wear as pajamas or wear with a skirt and some mary janes!

Pink Ruffle Corset

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I bought this ruffle corset in black to wear for a costume and I loved it so much that I would buy it in any color! This pink and white version is so darling.

White Knit Cardigan

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This white cardigan will seriously be perfect to throw on over anything. I have one just like it and I take it with me everywhere!

Pink Lingerie Set

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This set is really pretty! I love matching sets because they are so easy to throw on.

Ruffle Bloomers

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Bloomers are really popular right now! They're the girlier version of biker shorts. Or you can wear them under skirts and dresses. So cute!

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Coquette Room Decor

Even though this post is about coquette aesthetic clothing, I couldn't help but put some room decor options that I stumbled across! If you guys want an entire post done, just let me know!

Rose Bedding

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These sheets are one of my most popular product recommendations. They are so cute and girly! You can put them under a neutral duvet cover for a pop of color or you can make your bedding super feminine by putting a quilt on top.

Rose Patchwork Quilt

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This quilt is so dreamy. I really want this for my own bedroom!

Wall Collage

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This wall collage has a perfectly pink aesthetic. Perfect for any coquette room.

Heart Mirror

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Put this heart mirror on your vanity and use it to do your makeup.


What is your must-have coquette aesthetic clothing item? For me, I love anything with ruffles!

This post was all about where to buy coquette clothes.

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