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10 Cute "Feminine" Vintage Cars For Girls With Old Souls

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If you're looking for your next ride, here are the cutest vintage cars you can buy.

Cute vintage cars.
updated on:
February 5, 2023

The other day, my fiancé and I won tickets to go to Barrett Jackson. For those of you who don't know, Barrett Jackson is a huge collector car show with tons of vintage and classic cars for sale. We had never been before and it ended up being so fun!

When you go, it's almost impossible to not imagine yourself in any of the amazing vintage cars, and it got me thinking...which vintage cars are the cutest???

Female vintage car collectors have historically been in the minority to male vintage car collectors, but there has been a 30% increase in female policyholders from 2010-2020 according to Hagerty, a classic vehicle insurance company.

Female celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Sydney Sweeney and many others are sparking interest in classic cars amongst women. It seems to be a category that will only keep growing as Millennial and Gen Z women start to invest their money in new ventures.

Today, we'll talk about what I think are the cutest vintage cars for women. That said, there is obviously no limit to which classic vintage cars women (or men!) can own - it's really all up to personal preference.

Whether you're looking for a new car to drive or wanting to start collecting, I hope this post helps to give you some retro car inspiration.

This post is all about cute vintage cars.

1969 Ford Bronco

1966 Bronco, "1966 Ford Bronco Advertisement Readers Digest May 1966" by SenseiAlan is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Sydney Sweeney restored her very own cherry red 1969 Ford Bronco and documented the process on TikTok. The popularity of vintage Bronco restorations has increased over the last several years. A fully restored Bronco can cost you a pretty penny - you can expect to pay around $250,000 if you don't want to do any of the work.

Broncos are fun SUVs that have convertible top capabilities. I'm a sucker for their boxy shapes and chunky wheels. That said, vintage Broncos aren't too big. They're perfect to cruise around town in.

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2001 Toyota Celica

2001 Celica, Image via Wikimedia Commons

Toyota Celicas are amazing cars. I know from experience! First of all, anything Toyota seems to go forever. My white Celica is at 255,000 miles and still runs great. Driving it feels zippy and fun. It's basically a reliable sports car. Plus, it looks so sporty and cute.

If you're looking for a car that is classically 2000s, and one that won't break the bank, the Celica is a great choice. I would seriously recommend it to anyone as a great first car, or a great starting point if you're interested in working on cars and learning about them.

1957 Chevy Corvette

1962 Corvette

Kendall Jenner owns a really cool powder blue 1957 Chevy Corvette. I love the Corvettes from 1953-1962. They have that classic vintage look, but also look sporty.

I'm not a huge fan of the following generations of Corvettes only because they get a little too streamlined for me, but they are pretty sick looking!

2004 Jeep Wrangler

Jeep TJ, Image via Wikimedia Commons

My first car was a 2004 Jeep Wrangler. It was the best car ever! A great option if you're wanting to start working on cars like a vintage Bronco, but want something that's not going to cost you $200,000, you can't go wrong with a TJ Jeep Wrangler. These babies are fun, off-road capable vehicles, but are just as fun cruising through town. Get one with a soft top so you can take off the panels and feel that breeze through your hair!

You can't go wrong with a Jeep with a 4.0L engine...just make sure to get a mechanic's opinion because these things tend to have frame rust which can be nearly impossible to fix.

1972 Chevy Blazer

1979 Blazer, Image via Wikimedia Commons

Some people might have a differing opinion on this one, but I personally think girls in trucks are bada$$. A Chevy Blazer might not be the most traditionally "girly" car, but I think they look so cool. For some reason, they remind me of classic 70s Americana. They have the feel of a Bronco, but bigger and badder. I think especially when the convertible top comes off it looks extra fun.

If you're wanting a car that is maybe more traditionally "masculine", I always say you can opt for a lower lift kit and slightly smaller yet still chunky wheels. You want the wheels to obviously match the car (no tiny wheels on big vehicles!) but you know what I mean. These things can tend to look like monster trucks with some of the mods that can be added, but you can definitely keep it sporty and cute by adjusting some of those things.

1988 Porsche 911

1988 Porsche 911, Image via Wikimedia Commons

A vintage Porsche 911 is a favorite amongst vintage car collectors. It's a very "classic" classic car. I personally think the Porsche 911 can easily be masculine or feminine which is part of its appeal. It's a very sexy and sporty car, without it being super pretentious or racecar-looking if that makes sense. These aren't cheap to begin with, but prices range depending on the year and build.

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1990 Mazda Miata

Miata, Image via Wikimedia Commons

If you like the look of a Porsche 911 convertible but want to start with something that won't completely empty your pockets, a Mazda Miata will bring you all the fun! These cars are super zippy and a complete joy to drive. These have become popular in the car community, but if you hunt for long enough, you might be able to find an awesome deal.

These are also great first cars, or at least great cars to start your car collecting journey.

1966 Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Coupe, Image via Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to classic cars, you really can't go wrong with a vintage Ford Mustang. Loved by many, the Mustang has that classic American look. In my opinion, a black on black vintage Mustang always looks awesome. If you want to go super girly, keep your eye out for that unique pink color. Nothing turns heads quite like a pink classic car.

1955 Cadillac Fleetwood

Elvis' pink Cadillac, Image via Wikimedia Commons

Speaking of pink classic cars, Elvis famously gifted his mom a brand new 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood that still sits at Graceland today. At the time, Ford was the only car company to offer pink as a standard color. Once Elvis had his Cadillac painted pink, it exploded in popularity as a car color. The iconic pink shade was named "Elvis Rose".

Like I said earlier, there is something about a pink classic car that we associate with car collecting. Odds are, when you go to a car auction, you're bound to see at least one vintage car in this iconic pink color.

1959 Austin Mini

1959 Austin Mini, Image via Wikimedia Commons

I've gotta give love to the classic Mini Cooper. These cars look like they belong on a cobbled street somewhere in London. I love the classic shape of this old Mini. It would be a fun addition to any collector's portfolio.


Which vintage car did you think was the cutest? I think they're all iconic no matter who you are!

This post was all about cutest vintage cars.

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