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How To Make A Trendy DIY Pendant Necklace For Less Than $5

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I have been seeing large pendant necklaces everywhere lately, so naturally I wanted to see if I could DIY one myself!

Diy pendant necklace.
updated on:
October 24, 2022

If you've been on Pinterest lately, necklaces with large pendants are super popular. I made a video on TikTok recently wearing one that I made myself using a $1 pendant from an Urban Outfitters necklace and some light blue ribbon I had lying around. Some people were asking where I got it so I thought I would make a post on how you can DIY your very own pendant necklace!

I think these necklaces are super flattering and they add a pop of intrigue to an otherwise simple outfit. Plus, the DIY is so simple, you could probably pull it off with things you have laying around the house. If not, each necklace cost me less than $5 to make using materials from my local craft store!

One of the best parts about this DIY is you have so many options to choose from to make a necklace that best works with your style. You can use many different kinds of ribbon and cord at different lengths, and you can get your pendants and charms from almost anywhere. I personally really like looking on eBay to see if there are any vintage pendants that I can add to my own ribbons and chains, but for this DIY I found some cool ones at the craft store. Let me show you how easy it is to make a DIY pendant necklace:

This post is all about diy pendant necklace.

diy pendant necklace

Here are some of the charms I picked up at the craft store. All of them (besides the daisy locket) were 50% off so they came out to only a couple bucks each. For this DIY, charms that have a larger jump ring will probably work best when you're using ribbons, but if you're using cord, you just want to make sure it's thin enough to fit through the jump ring hole if that makes sense!

diy pendant necklace

I picked up a variety of string options because all of the ribbon was 50% off as well! The bottom spool is black waxed cotton which is what is used in a lot of the Pinterest photos I've been seeing. Well, that and suede or leather cord! I got a few fun cord options, a yellow satin ribbon, and some lace trim. The lace definitely requires a larger jump ring or hole to insert through and my red lace trim is a bit too thick for any of the pendants that I had purchased at the time so I'll update you guys if I end up thrifting anything that will work with it!

Here are some cute supply options for you from Amazon:

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diy pendant necklace

The process from here is really simple. Pick out which pendants you want on which string and cut the string to your desired length. I've seen pendant necklaces as chokers and even doubled up and tied in the front or the back.

diy pendant necklace

It's so fun to design which cord you want with which pendant! The nice part is since we're not doing any heavy hardware work that it's easy to switch out the charms and the ribbons so don't worry if you "mess up"!

diy pendant necklace

For this necklace I did more of a choker length and then I made some others longer. When you're measuring for your length, just keep in mind you need enough room to tie the necklace so cut it longer than you think will work! I pretty much didn't do any strict measurements, I just eyeballed it because I wasn't worried about the length of ribbon I had left.

diy pendant necklace

Here's how my first round of DIY pendant necklaces turned out, I think they're super fun! I really think the possibilities are endless with these and they could even make for a great gift for a friend! I can't wait to see which pendants you put on yours and what you create!

This post was all about how to make a pendant necklace with string.

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