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A Few Of RC's Favorite Things (Our Must-Have Products)

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These are a few of our favorite things...

Favorite things.
updated on:
January 26, 2023

All of Roseglass Collective's favorite products - totally tested and approved by us!


Cherries In The Snow lipstick

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"I got the shade "Cherries in the Snow", and it's great. Very cheery. You'll love it."

Cherries In The Snow nail polish

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"…Cherries in the Snow is a vintage classic color along with the matching lipstick."

Raisin Rage lipstick

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"I bought the shade Raisin Rage--it's incredible, and I LOVE it."

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Vintage girls playing cards

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"I was delighted to find these playing cards. They are so fun for me to remind me of the places I have gone and to take me down memory lane!"

Vintage embroidery patterns

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"Great vintage designs. Can’t wait to get started. Great ideas and instructions. Remember some of these from my grandmother’s work."

Embroidery kit

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"Great value for money! 10/10 would recommend to a fellow beginning embroiderer."

Fashion in Film book

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"A must-have for everyone who takes pleasure in observing what everyone wears in a movie and considers costume design an art in its self."

Knitting needle set

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"I use these often. They are well made and I have found no problems with them at all. I would recommend them to knitters everywhere. I like them."

Marrying Mr. Darcy game

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"A great game for any Jane Austen fan. The references on the cards are funny and even people who do not know the story enjoy the game when we play."

Barefoot Dreams blanket

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"The most comfortable blanket I own."

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Knit bolero

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"I’ve been obsessed with this shrug since I got it! I wear it with everything because it goes with everythingggg! Need one in every color."

Gold earrings

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"I’m so happy I got these earrings. So many compliments - totally sparkle in the light."

Mary jane shoes

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"Love these!!! Cute."

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