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I Made Matilda Djerf's DIY Flower Heels (And They're Sooo Cute)

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Want to learn how to make the easiest and cutest flower heels ever? We've got you covered.

Flower heels.
updated on:
April 20, 2023

The other day I was scrolling through Instagram and my favorite influencer Matilda Djerf had posted a photo of her gorgeous vintage heel collection and it had me drooling! I noticed a pair that stood out from the rest: green strappy heels with a beautiful, large flower at the center.

Big flowers have been so trendy lately, but it's been a personal favorite style embellishment of mine for a while now: I mean, who doesn't love flowers? When I saw the pair of flower heels that Matilda had, I looked for them high and low. They honestly looked like they could be made from a designer. So when I saw Matilda post that she had made the shoes herself, I was in shock!

Once I looked at the picture more, I realized that the blooms can be found at literally any craft store. I decided to grab an old pair of thrifted heels from my closet and transform them into the cutest DIY flower heels!

This post was all about flower heels.

The inspo:

Matilda Djerf is one of my favorite influencers because her style is so effortlessly chic. She kind of reminds me of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's style but with a playful Scandinavian twist! I also love her because she loves to incorporate vintage pieces into her outfits; you guys already know that I love all my vintage queens out there!

This photo was my initial inspiration for vintage flower heels. I think the colors she chose were such a cute combination. Like I mentioned above, I literally thought that Matilda bought these shoes as they were. It was only after watching one of her Instagram stories that I realized she made them herself. I started feeling excited because I knew I could make my own version!

This is another post from Matilda where she did the same DIY with a different set of heels and a different flower. So cute right? It's also cool because the possibilities are endless. You can do a bright heel with a neutral flower or vice versa. You can do a strappy heel or a closed toe pump. I love it because you can repurpose shoes that you haven't worn in a while and you can make a pair that really speaks to your personality.

What you'll need:

A pair of old (or cheap) heels

I used an old pink pair of strappy kitten heels. Don't use heels that you are afraid to damage.

A hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

I actually tried two different methods of attaching the flower to the heels. More on that below.

Hot glue gun

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"I finally decided I needed a hot glue gun to handle so many little projects around the house. After searching many options I chose this one and have been very happy with it. It's easy to use and has already solved a lot of problems around the house!"

Every craft girl needs a hot glue gun. I have been using my cheap one that I got at a craft store, but this one is highly rated on Amazon and should be able to do a lot more things than mine!

Flowers from the craft store

Something that has two blooms of similar size and shape (unless you want the flowers to look asymmetrical).

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How to:

Okay you guys, are you ready for the easiest DIY ever?

flower heels

Take a quick trip over to your local craft store. Most all of them have a faux flower section right in the front. Pick out a stem with two blooms of similar size and shape. Color and kind is up to you, just make sure the flowers will compliment the shoes you have chosen.

flower heels

In terms of size, this is again up to you. I recommend a larger size, but nothing massive. You don't want huge flower feet! I went for a size that I knew would sit and look large on my foot, but nothing that would drag down on the sides.

The fun part is, you can pick a flower that suits your personality, or just a flower that you think will look amazing with the shoes you've picked out.

Take your old pair of heels and make sure they are cleaned up. I used an old pink pair I thrifted forever ago that I don't really wear anymore. You can use strappy heels or non-strappy heels, but Matilda seems to use more of the strappy kind. I would advise you to use a pair you don't mind "messing up". You can definitely use designer heels if you don't mind, but I am not responsible for any damage that occurs to them!

If you don't have a thrifted pair in your closet, here are some cheap pairs that I think would work great with this DIY:

White heels

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Gold heels

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flower heels
flower heels
flower heels

You are going to want to take the bloom off of the stem. This is actually way easier than I thought it was going to be. They literally pop off and are only held together with hot glue. I ended up taking off the green leaf-looking thing from the base and keeping the greenish plastic bit. It helped to prevent the petals from falling off, but I didn't want the look of the super dark green bit if that makes sense.

flower heels
flower heels
flower heels
flower heels

One you have your blooms, you will want to take your hot glue gun and place some glue at the base of the bloom. Pick a spot on the heel's straps that you want the flower to sit and press and hold the bloom to the heel. It can be kind of hard to find the right spot for this where the glue will make contact with the strap so keep that in mind. It won't be totally stable at first, but we will lock it down here in a moment.

flower heels

Then, take hot glue and glue the most bottom layer of petals to the surrounding straps for more stability. I found this really helped prevent the flower from coming off the heel.

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flower heels

The very last and one of the most important steps: glue the petals open. Okay, so I will admit that I thought I was done after gluing the bloom to the heel. But when I put the shoes on, the bloom looked all closed up and you couldn't see how beautiful it was when it was opened! The good news is, the fix is so simple. Hot glue the petals to each other to make sure the inner petals look open. By hot gluing the inner petals to the more open outer petals, they remain open and make the flower look like it's totally in bloom!

flower heels

Make sure you clean up all your hot glue strings, but after that you are ready to go!

Here is an interesting side note: I originally tried to attach the flower to the heel with a needle and thread. From Matilda's Instagram stories, I saw that that looks like her method of choice. The problem is, I couldn't really figure out what part of the flower I should run my needle through and where I should make it attach to the heel. The straps for my heels were pretty thick and every time I tried to put my needle through the bloom, the petals would pull and tug. Let me know if any of you figure out this method so that you don't have to use a hot glue gun, but I sort of felt like hot glue was faster and easier.


Let me know if you guys try this DIY! I want to do it with a couple other heels too because I think they just turned out so cute!

This post was all about vintage floral heels.

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