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Your Complete Guide To The French Girl Aesthetic

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Nothing is more chic than the French girl aesthetic. These Amazon finds will help you live life like you're from Paris.

French girl aesthetic.
updated on:
January 25, 2024

The "French girl aesthetic" has long been embodied due to the effortlessly chic style of French women. But what are the characteristics of this aesthetic that make it so highly coveted today?

Ironically, the very French phrase used to describe someone with something special that you can't quite put your finger on - je ne sais quois - is the most appropriate phrase to describe a French girl herself. There is a quality to women from France that makes it seem as though there is a calculated indifference when it comes to their style and beauty choices. Functional yet beautiful, the French girl never has to try when it comes to her personal fashions. She rarely misses.

From my perspective, every girl could use a little dash of French girl style. Just like every girl in a popular television series needs a good trip to Paris (SATC, The Hills, Gossip Girl, etc.), every girl needs a good element of Parisian style in her life. Today, we're going to talk about the things that you can incorporate in your daily life that will make you feel like you're a French girl!

french girl
Image via Wikimedia Commons

This post is all about french girl aesthetic.

French girl aesthetic beauty

eiffel tower

French girl beauty is all about enhancing a woman's natural features. The aesthetic is typically characterized by minimal eye makeup, a clean and dewy face, and bold lips.

Red lip

French women know how to pull off a red lip! There are two main trends, the wine-stained blended out red lip, and the clean and bold red lip.

You can achieve the first look with a lip tint. It gives a darker shade to your natural lip color and lasts all day! Just a small amount applied will make it look like you ate some delicious red berries or had a glass of rare wine.

Lip tint

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If you want to achieve the French girl bold red lip, keep the rest of your makeup simple and make your lips the centerpiece!

Red lipstick

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Dewy skin

French girl makeup usually features clean and simple skin. This highlighter is my absolute favorite to make it look like you're glowing!

Rare Beauty highlighter

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Minimal eyes

Because a red lip is one of the most recognizable elements of French girl beauty, the eyes are typically left alone. Some simple clear brow gel to tame your eyelashes and brows will do the trick to let your lips and inner beauty shine.

Clear brow gel

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Messy hair

Although the French are very polished, their hair is perfectly messy and tousled. The bed head look definitely is giving Harry Styles' girlfriend. This texturizing spray will give your hair more movement and grip.

Texturizing spray

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sylvie vartan
Image via Wikimedia Commons

The French are also famous for their fringes. Bangs are super popular, probably dating back to the iconic French actresses of late. The Dyson Airwrap is well worth it for all your styling needs.

Dyson Airwrap

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Every French girl needs a signature scent. Whether yours is warm, sweet, or both, this perfume will look gorgeous sitting on your nightstand.

Crème Vanille

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French girl aesthetic style

parisian style
Image via @biancastefania

French girl style is casual, yet functional. There are lots of classic shapes and neutral colors, and an overall cool girl vibe.

Casual outfits, classic shapes, neutral colors

One outfit that I saw a lot on all the Instagram accounts I found documenting Parisian street style is a classic t-shirt paired with a well-fitting pair of jeans, casual shoes (whether it be ballet flats or sneakers), and a big tote bag.


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Ballet flats

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Functional bag

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Timeless shades

I also see French women wearing retro-inspired sunglasses. This shape is my favorite and they're from Amazon!


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French girl aesthetic decor

paris loft decor
Image via @ellaoneill1
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Parisian loft

French girls seem to be good at everything: beauty, style, and interior design! I mean, who hasn't seen Parisian lofts all over Pinterest? The French seem to prefer natural colors with the addition of colorful art. They bring in dried florals for texture and keep the functionality of their spaces by incorporating stylish yet comfy furniture and linens. They also have a lot of vintage influence when it comes to the different antiques and textiles they include in their chic spaces.

Neutral linens

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Linen duvet cover

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Wine glasses

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Neutrals + florals

Dried florals

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Bud Vases

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Coffee table book

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Touches of gold

Brass candlesticks

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Brass frames

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What do you guys think? Are you going to incorporate any of the French girl aesthetic in your daily life???

This post was all about messy french girl aesthetic.

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