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40+ Thoughtful Last-Minute Amazon Gifts For Mom That Aren't A Robe

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These unique gifts for mom are guaranteed to make her smile, and they're all from Amazon!

Gifts for mom birthday.
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October 24, 2022

Trying to think of the perfect gift for mom can be a stressful task. Whether it's for a birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, or just because, moms can be so hard to shop for! There are some gifts that are pretty common to give moms for the holidays: SNL even did a skit last Christmas about how moms always get a robe as a gift every year LOL. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with giving or getting a robe as a gift (robes are comfy and practical, and it's the thought that counts!), we composed a list of unique gifts to give your mom that she is guaranteed to love!

This post is all about unique gifts for mom.

1. Hair Styler

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If your mom has been wanting the Dyson Airwrap and doesn't want to wait until it comes back into stock/doesn't want to pay hundreds of dollars for it, try this! This is a complete styler tool that has interchangeable attachments.

2. Eternal Roses

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These are a fun deviation from normal flowers! These eternal roses last up to a year and will look so pretty on your mom's vanity all year.

3. Blooming Tea Pot

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If your mom drinks tea, this blooming tea pot is so fun. You put in a blooming flower tea bag in it and a beautiful flower tea is made!

4. Typewriter Bluetooth Keyboard

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Is your mom a writer? Or is she constantly typing away on her keyboard or iPad? Check out this typewriter keyboard. Think of how satisfying the typing sounds would be on this! If she loves a retro vibe, your mom will love this gift!

5. Pink Lighter

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This lighter is rechargeable so it never needs to be replaced. Plus, it's so fun to light candles with because of the plasma arc.

6. Volcano Candle

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I believe these candles first gained popularity when they were sold in Anthropologie and every blogger on the planet had them burning in their beautiful homes. I normally don't condone spending a lot of money on candles, but this candle in particular has a really long-lasting scent and it's just so good. Your mom will appreciate this fancy candle!

7. Electric Kettle

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An electric kettle is an underrated mom gift. With the click of a button she can make tea, oatmeal, or lemon water, fast!

8. Keurig Latte Machine

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This machine seriously changed my life and has dramatically reduced my Starbucks bill. With my old Keurig, I couldn't make lattes, so I never really used it. This machine has a setting for regular coffee and also a setting for lattes. Plus, it comes with a milk frother attached that can do both hot and cold foam. If your mom loves coffee and needs a Keurig upgrade, this is the perfect gift!

9. Apple AirTag

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Is your mom always losing her keys? The AirTag is one of my favorite gifts to give this year because they have so many different uses. You can put them on keys, pets, or luggage and the location of these items will go track to her iPhone. So useful!

10. AirTag Case

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An AirTag case allows the tag to be attached to anything like keys, a purse, a pet, or luggage so your mom can keep track of her belongings.

11. Ring Keychain

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My mom is always losing her keys AND not to mention her keychain has so many keys on it it's actually insane how heavy it is...I saw that she bought this keyring from Amazon and it really helps her find her keys in her purse and to have something to grab onto easily when she's carrying a lot into the house.

12. Reading Light

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This reading light blows my mind. I really love mine! It goes around your neck so it perfectly lights whatever is in front of you and you can't feel it when you're wearing it. I used to hate the clip-on reading lights because they would always crease the pages of my book and wouldn't fit every kind of book. Plus, they wouldn't light the book evenly and they were just so awkward to hold. That's where this light comes in! It's perfect for the mom who loves to read or the mom who loves to craft. Sometimes I use it for crocheting when there is low light.

13. Needle Felting Kit

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This is the perfect gift for the mom who is always trying out a new craft. About a year ago, I bought my mom this needle felting kit because it looked so fun to create little creatures and figurines out of felt. If your mom loves to knit, crochet, scrapbook, sew, or just crafting in general, try this gift out!

14. Crocs Slides

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Crocs are back in! Within the past year every member of my family has given in to the Crocs craze again. They're comfortable, easy to wash, and are perfect for wearing in the backyard. Plus, they have these little nubs on them that massage your feet when you're walking. So fun, and you can even get a pack of Jibbitz charms that your mom can customize based on her personality.

15. Crocs Charms

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There are so many packs of Crocs charms and they're so fun because your mom can really show off her personality with them. For example, this charm pack is for nature lovers but there are charms for every single interest out there (sports, zodiac, pop culture, etc.) that you are sure to find something that matches her perfectly!

16. Ice Roller

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There are so many facial tools out there, but the best de-puffer is an ice roller! The benefits of icing have been well documented and an ice roller leaves your face feeling refreshed at the start of every day. This would be the perfect gift for the mom who is into skincare.

17. Beauty Fridge

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Beauty fridges are so fun because keeping your serums and facial roller cool to the touch really helps to de-puff your face. It's a super fun gift for the mom who is really into beauty/makeup.

18. Face Washing Wristbands

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I saw these on TikTok recently and my mind was blown. When you go to wash your face at the end of the day, what's the worst part? The water that you splash on your face to rinse rolling down your arms making your shirt wet! Well throw these wristbands on and you're perfectly dry! Such a genius solution that I don't know how I hadn't thought of it yet!

19. Reusable Cotton Pads

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If your mom is trying to become more eco-conscious this year, these reusable cotton pads are awesome at reducing waste.

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20. Book Opener

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This is another TikTok find that is seriously so useful. You know when you're reading a book for an hour and it gets kind of tiring holding it open? Well this goes on your thumb and helps spread the pages open for you. If your mom is a book reader, she'll appreciate this gift.

21. Bridgerton Book

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Bridgeton Season 2 dropped in March, and if your mom loved it like my mom, or if she loves romance novels, you should get her the book that it's based on! If she's already read that one, there are many other books in the series and it's rumored that each season will follow a similar pattern to the books!

22. Audible Subscription

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Does your mom love listening to podcasts or audiobooks? Chances are she has heard of Audible where you can get as many audiobooks as you want at the touch of a button. Gift her an Audible subscription so she can enjoy her books all year. And if she already has an Audible subscription, paying for a few months for her would be a really sweet gesture!

23. Mama Bear Sweatshirt

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All moms love to get something that they can wear to show they have one of the most rewarding jobs ever: being a mom! This Mama Bear crewneck is neutral and can be worn with anything.

24. Heated Blanket

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In my family we are big comfort people. When I went to college I was given a heated blanket by my mom. I cannot believe it took me so long to discover how magical heated blankets are and it seriously shocks me that these are not standard in every home in America. If your mom has somehow never had a heated blanket or had one a long time ago, she NEEDS one of these in her life.

25. Slippers

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Slippers are a pretty standard gift, but I always feel that high-quality slippers with hard soles are one of the best gifts ever! Moms always need slippers because they get up early and need to walk outside to take the kids to school or to run errands. These look so cozy!

26. Tennis Bracelet

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This is the best affordable jewelry brand ever on Amazon! I have gotten some earrings from here and they look so expensive but are so affordable! I think it's always nice to receive a jewelry item as a gift. This tennis bracelet is fun and blingy but won't break the bank.

27. Weekender Bag

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A weekender bag is one of my go-to gift ideas for anyone because I think that everyone needs one! This one is a great carry-on size and will go with anything.

28. Cosmetic Bag

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How cool is this cosmetic bag?! It lays flat when you open it so you can actually find the item you need rather than having your foundation stuck at the bottom of the bag and having to take everything out to get to it. Mom will love the functionality of this, trust me!

29. Bath Drain Stopper

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Is your mom a huge fan of a relaxing bath? I'm a big bath girl and think this gift is so genius! In every bath there is a drain at the top to discourage bath overflow, but it can limit how much water you put in your bath. If you want your tub to have max capacity filling, you need this drain stopper! Just keep in mind that you'll have to pay extra attention when you're filling your bath so it doesn't overflow!

30. Pickleball Set

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If your mom is pretty active and likes things like tennis, golf, hiking, etc. she will probably love pickleball! Pickleball is a sport that is rapidly growing and it's not as high-impact on the body. It's basically tennis meets ping pong and it's really fun to play with friends.

31. Everywhere Belt Bag

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Does your mom take the family dog on a walk every morning? She needs this belt bag as a place to put her phone and her house keys.

32. Yonana

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THIS THING IS SO COOL! I got this for Christmas and basically it makes healthy no-sugar-added ice cream! It's like a blender that makes really thick-consistency ice cream. All you do is put in frozen fruit (no milk or sugar needed) and it makes the creamiest healthiest ice cream ever. Such a great gift idea, especially for anyone who wants a healthy ice cream option.

33. Retro Smoothie Blender

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Isn't this just the cutest blender ever? It's kind of like the magic bullet but ten times cuter. It makes single serve smoothies into really aesthetic glass cups that you can take on the go.

34. Projector

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A long time ago, I bought a projector as a gift for my friend. Every year after that my mom hinted at wanting one for herself because we used my friend's all the time. It's so fun to set up in the backyard with a big sheet and watch a movie together.

35. Yeti Tumbler

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This Yeti tumbler is one of my holy-grail items. It keeps your water cold forever and it's just a better design than the Hydroflask in my opinion. It fits in your car cupholder, too!

36. Straw Lid

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If you're going to get the Yeti tumbler, I would buy the straw lid. The straw lid is so awesome because it really helps you drink water throughout the day more frequently.

37. AirPod Pros

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If your mom is anything like mine, she's always on the go or doing stuff around the house. AirPods are a must-have because they're so great to put in when you're listening to a podcast while you're cleaning or cooking because you can be hands free. I also like to wear mine at the grocery store or the craft store. It's great for when my mom and I are on long phone calls, too.

38. AirPod Pro Case

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Whenever I buy a tech gift, I like to also include a case because it's just nice to have something to protect your new technology! Pick your mom's favorite color and I know she'll love it!

39. Bala Bangles

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If your mom is into fitness, these ankle/wrist weights that were seen on Shark Tank are super cute and very functional. She can wear them on her morning walk or use them to intensify her workouts.

40. Satin Pillowcase

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Satin pillowcases have many benefits including protecting your hair, reducing wrinkles, and just generally being really soft and comfortable to sleep on. If your mom loves her beauty sleep, she'll love these pillowcases!

41. Large Claw Clips

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When I was younger, my mom was the QUEEN of claw clips. When they came back around, I started stealing a few of hers but they were never big enough to hold all my hair! Chances are your mom used to rock a claw clip or two, so give back a great hair accessory that is redesigned to keep all her hair up!

42. No-Heat Curlers

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I feel like it's always fun to try a new hair hack, no matter who you are! I've seen really good results from this on TikTok and feel like it could really work for any moms that are into heatless hair care.

This post was all about gifts for mom amazon.

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