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These Gilmore Girls Outfits Are Straight From Stars Hollow - 22+ Fall Wardrobe Staples

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The Gilmore Girls aesthetic is undefeated when it comes to fall/back-to-school outfits! You need these pieces from Amazon to feel like you're in Stars Hollow!

Gilmore girls outfits.
updated on:
May 28, 2023

I think I speak for the majority when I say watching Gilmore Girls is as much about the 2000's small town fall aesthetic as it is about the storyline! It's a time capsule that is nostalgic and comforting, with a huge part of that being the wardrobe styling on the show. With back-to-school rapidly approaching, these outfits from Amazon will help you channel your inner Gilmore girl!

This post is all about gilmore girls outfits.

Rory Gilmore

Rory's style definitely evolves over the course of the show as she grows up, and I would argue that as she gets older she dresses a little more like Lorelei. She is in her private school uniform a lot in the beginning of the show, and is seen in chunky knit sweaters and turtlenecks. She definitely starts to dress a little more feminine as she gets older, but she mainly sticks to neutrals and earth tones.

Doc Marten Platforms

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"These are THE shoes! I’ve always wanted a pair and they’re amazing!"

These are such a holy grail item for me, they go with everything and aren't too much a commitment due to the fact that they are the low tops. I've had them for a few years and I can already tell they're going to last forever. These are totally Rory and work with anything from jeans to a skirt and tights.

White Chunky Cable Knit

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"Really like the weight of these sweaters and have bought three."

Rory loves her oversized chunky knit sweaters, and they're so flattering on everyone! This sweater is perfect for those chilly fall days and a hot cup of apple cider.

Red Turtleneck

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"Soft and comfortable. Perfect for casual or dressing up."

I love the color of this turtleneck! Rory didn't often opt for bold colors, but when she did they always made her blue eyes pop!

Plaid Skirt

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"I was sooo pleasantly surprised by this skirt!"

A staple of Rory's closet and school uniform was always a plaid skirt. There is something about a preppy plaid skirt that elevates any outfit.

Brown Tartan Skirt

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"I loved the skirt and especially the fact that they come with shorts under them."

This skirt is another option. I've seen Rory in many different plaid prints and this one is definitely perfect for a date night.

Boot Cut Jeans

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"These are the best fitting jeans I have had in years. Just enough stretch around the waist and fit perfectly in the leg!"

If there's one thing that the Gilmore girls love, it's a pair of well-fitting medium wash boot cut jeans. I think the show has definitely reopened our eyes to the importance of this wardrobe staple because they go with everything and look great with a good pair of boots.

Long Sleeve Henley

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"I love this top. It's soft, comfortable, and contours to my body."

The long sleeve henley is another item that the wardrobe department must have had in spades on the Gilmore Girls set. I've always thought that a slim fitting shirt with extra long sleeves is super romantic looking and is a great way to wear something super flattering without showing a whole lot of skin!

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Reading Is Sexy Top

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"I am a die-hard fan of Gilmore Girls, so, naturally I had to have this shirt!"

This shirt is a remake of the one Rory wore when she was at college. It's so cute and perfect if you're a bookworm like Rory.

Baseball Tee

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"So simple, yet so cute. Paired it with high waisted jeans for a night out and some simple heels and it was delightful."

Another wardrobe staple for the Gilmore girls when dressing casual was a baseball tee. It's the perfect piece that has the cute factor without trying too hard.

Black Tights

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"These tights fit as expected. They are the perfect amount of sheer."

Every Gilmore Girls fan should have a good pair of black tights in their closet. These are perfect under dresses or skirts and great for those transitional fall days when it's cool out but not too chilly.

Yale Crewneck

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"This sweatshirt is well made with a generous cut."

It would only be natural that Rory would rock her college's crewneck! Get this super oversized and it will be perfectly comfy!

Lorelei Gilmore

Lorelei is often seen in her Dragonfly Inn attire, switching it up between professional wear and casual clothes. She's also caught in between two worlds, the privilege in which she was raised and the life she has created for herself. We definitely see that reflected in her clothing. I would say Lorelei gravitates to a more feminine color palette than Rory and wears more heels and skirts.

Black Boots

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"These boots go with so many outfits they got complimented so much!"

Lorelei's style is signature late 90's, early 00's as is evidenced by her love of square toe heeled boots like these!

Leather Jacket

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"Unreal jacket. Fits great, the leather is great quality. I looked for quite a while to find a good all purpose jacket like this, and I am very satisfied. Highly recommend."

Another item you can't go wrong with and that will most likely never go out of style is a perfectly fitted leather jacket.

Jean Jacket

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"When I tried on the jacket, it felt such high quality. There was the perfect amount of stretch to accommodate my bigger arms and it was the perfect length. Highly recommend."

This jean jacket is the perfect piece to dress down any outfit. It's really great for that transitional period from summer to fall and will definitely be something you keep reaching for.

Pink Zip Up

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"Cute jacket. Good for cool nights. Sized up to fight correctly."

I noticed that Lorelei dressed a little more feminine that Rory at times and included some pink in her outfits! She had a few outfits with a zip up like this over a graphic tee.

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Blue Sleeveless Turtleneck

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"Love the color, the "stretchiness", the style... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!"

When I found this turtleneck I was so excited because this is so close to the one she is seen wearing on the show and in some promotional photos for Gilmore Girls. If you want to look just like Lorelei this is such an iconic piece.

Navy Suit Set

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"I loved it! The fabric is obviously very nice, thick and soft with a bit of stretch."

This was a must for me to include because Lorelei always wears a matching skirt-suit like this when she's working at the inn.

White Camisole

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"I love this tank top/cami it’s beautiful & so very soft. It’s like I’m not wearing anything!"

This is just the perfect layering piece for wearing under anything and both Rory and Lorelei wear something like this all the time!

Graphic Tee

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"My daughter loves this shirt. It’s cute and fits well."

Lorelei is known for her graphic tees. If you want some authentically 2000's tees, you can always look on Poshmark or eBay, but I thought this one from Amazon was totally Lorelei if Gilmore Girls was set in today's day and age.

White Collared Shirt

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"It dried with hardly a wrinkle, and it's very comfortable to wear."

This is another great layering piece and we see Lorelei wear it under shirts and jackets. You can't really go wrong with this top because it truly goes with everything.

Green Midi Skirt

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"I got SOOOO many compliments with this skirt."

Many times in the show when Lorelei goes to a dinner or a function, she wears midi skirts like this. It's a 2000's staple and is perfect when you want to dress up a little.

Pinstripe Pants

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"Look, feel, everything was better than I thought they would be. I am very particular when it comes to pants, these are now my favorite!"

These business pants are super indicative of Lorelei's style on the show since she is always vacillating between her business casual attire and at-home outfits. You can dress these up with a collared shirt or you can throw on a Lorelei-style graphic tee to have the best of both worlds!


Whose style from Gilmore Girls is your favorite? It's such a time capsule for early 2000s soft academia style.

This post was all about gilmore girls aesthetic.

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