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Americana Aesthetic Amazon Finds For A Gingham Print Summer

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Does anyone have a cherry cola + some red gingham print? Americana Aesthetic Amazon finds incoming...

Gingham print.
updated on:
February 21, 2023

I have the feeling that gingham print will be super popular this summer. From gingham dresses to gingham makeup pouches, this classic pattern is always bright and fun - it might even make you want to go on a picnic.

Gingham print fabric has a long history in fashion. It's no wonder we see it gain back popularity from time to time. There is also something very Americana about gingham. Break out the cherry Coca Cola, today I'm sharing with you some of the cutest Americana aesthetic Amazon finds.

This post was all about gingham print.

Americana aesthetic outfit ideas

Red gingham print dress

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"Great cut and fit."

Classically red, a gingham dress will never go out of style.

Blue gingham print dress

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"I am 5’5” 140 lbs. I got a medium and it fit perfectly. Could use a tulle skirt but I liked it without."

Not unlike Dorothy Gale's light blue gingham frock, this dress will make you look darling.

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Cherry cola lip balm

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"I moisturize my lips every day, this is very long-lasting lip balm. Will definitely be buying more soon. Love the scent."

I'm not sure why cherry cola is a hallmark of the Americana aesthetic, but I'll take it.

Light blue set

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"This set is super cute! Loved it!"

This set is adorable! I love a balconette bra - I think it's a flattering style on everyone.

Red heart sunglasses

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"Sturdy, adorable, fun."

Lana del Rey is responsible for these.

Blue gingham shirt

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"I loved it and got lots of compliments. The upper portion of the top has very soft stretch and it is not tight or uncomfortable at all."

Amazon has some of the best vintage-inspired clothing. I need this top in my life...now!

Red butterfly cowgirl boots

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"I am beyond obsessed!!!"

Do these even need a description? They're perfect in every way.

Levi's cut off shorts

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"Just buy them you won’t regret it."

Every American girl has to have a pair of Levi's in her closet, right?

Red bloomers

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"These are so soft, comfortable, and cute. Definitely would buy again!"

These bloomers would be super cute to wear with cowgirl boots!

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Americana aesthetic room decor ideas

Blue gingham bedding

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"I love these sheets. The blue is so pretty. The bed feels fresh and delightful."

Have sweet dreams of Oklahoma on these blue gingham sheets.

American flag

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"This flag is the best I’ve purchased."

Take a page out of Brandy Melville's book and hang a flag up in your room.

Americana room decor

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"Incorporated these into my card making. The details and colors were perfect."

These vintage Americana postcards are perfect for hanging on a banner or somewhere on your wall.

Red heart mirror

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"It’s really cute and adds a pop of color to any room!"

Have heart eyes for this red acrylic mirror.


Are you guys into the Americana aesthetic? What color gingham pattern is your fave???

This post was all about americana aesthetic.

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