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35+ Jane Austen Gifts (From Amazon) For Every Girl Obsessed With Mr. Darcy

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From Pride and Prejudice to Emma to Persuasion, every Jane Austen fan has one thing in common - loving Jane Austen! These Jane Austen gifts from Amazon are perfect for anyone obsessed with the iconic author.

Jane austen gifts amazon.
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October 24, 2022

Jane Austen's novels are beloved by so many, and her humor and commentary on society is still applicable today! It comes as no surprise then that there are many Jane Austen fans who delight in her works and haven fallen in love with the characters she has created. These Jane Austen gifts from Amazon are perfect for anyone in your life who has enjoyed her stories in any way. There are so many amazing options on this list that I actually want everything for myself!

This post is all about jane austen gifts amazon.

1. Complete Box Set

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I have had my eye on this gorgeous box set for such a long time. These are some of my favorite book cover designs and any Jane Austen fan will love how they all match up and how they look together on a book shelf!

2. Jane Austen Word Search

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I have this word search and it's super cute! It has little excerpts from all of Jane Austen's novels and is a great gift idea for the Austen fan who loves brain games!

3. Marrying Mr. Darcy Card Game

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We got this card game for my sister as a gift and IT IS SO FUN! It's kind of hard to explain but you basically play a character and entertain suitors and try to get to the marriage phase of the game. We played it with our whole family and it was really funny. I would definitely recommend this one!

4. Jane Austen Notecards

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These notecards are really cute to write little notes to friends or family, or you can hang them up and use them as decor. You could also use them as bookmarks! I think these are a perfect little gift for a friend just to tell them you're thinking of them!

5. Jane Austen Puzzle

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This puzzle has famous Jane Austen characters and settings, so it's so fun to find all the references while you're assembling it! Plus it's 1000 pieces so just the right amount of challenge!

6. It's Lit Shirt

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This shirt is great for any fans of literature because of the cute play on words!

7. Regency Fashion Book

Buy on Amazon

This is an absolute must-have for the friend who is obsessed with Jane Austen and fashion! It's also great for the girlfriend who can't stop watching Bridgerton!

8. Jane Austen Socks

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For those who like to cuddle up with a blanket and a good book (maybe even a Jane Austen novel), these socks are perfect.

9. Regency Dress

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This is such a unique gift and would be a great idea for the girl who really wants to live in a Jane Austen book. I mean, we should bring back this style today, it's so pretty!

10. Pride & Prejudice Tote Bag

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This Pride & Prejudice quote tote bag is perfect for the girl who can't stop rewatching *that* hand flex scene.

11. 5-Year Journal

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A 5-year journal is a diary where you write down a little summary everyday and when you get to the end of the year, you keep going. You'll be able to see how you felt/where you were on that same day the years before! It's a super cool way to see your personal growth. This 5-year journal has a different Jane Austen excerpt on each page. This would be a great gift for a birthday or for a milestone like graduation!

12. Pemberley Sweatshirt

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This Pride & Prejudice sweatshirt is the perfect nod to being a Jane Austen fan without being too obvious. Only Jane Austen fans will really know what Pemberley is, others might assume it's a fancy European college, which is kind of amazing!

13. Emma Print

Buy on Amazon

This quote from Emma is the perfect gift for a friend or a loved one. You can put it in a gorgeous gold frame and it will make for beautiful room decor.

14. Jane Austen Coloring Book

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I want this for myself! There is nothing better than putting on some good music and spending a lazy afternoon coloring.

15. Jane Austen Heat-Changing Mug

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This heat-changing mug is SO COOL! When the glass is cool, the ladies on the mug are in their afternoon walking attire, and when the glass is hot, they change into their evening attire! Plus, there are Jane Austen quotes all over!

16. Jane Austen Candle

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How aesthetic is this Jane Austen candle? I like that you can tell it's inspired by Jane Austen but it's not super obvious and can fit with any home decor!

17. Jane Austen Playing Cards

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These playing cards have so many iconic Jane Austen characters. They are a must-have for any Jane Austen fan that loves to play a good game.

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18. Lizzy Loves Darcy Board Game

Buy on Amazon

This looks like the cutest board game ever! It's so well designed and it looks fun and easy to play! It has trivia questions about Pride & Prejudice and Jane Austen and would be perfect for a Mr. Darcy superfan.

19. Magnetic Poetry Kit

Buy on Amazon

This magnetic poetry kit is perfect to put on the fridge. If you have roommates, you can leave them little notes or if you live with your significant other, you can leave them love poems in the morning!

20. Jane Austen Pop Socket

Buy on Amazon

This is such a great simple gift, and it doesn't break the bank. Plus, it's a neutral color so it will go well with any phone case.

21. Complete Novels Book

Buy on Amazon

This book has every Jane Austen novel in one binding. Plus, it's so pretty!

22. Obstinate Headstrong Girls Pouch

Buy on Amazon

This gift just makes me smile because it's all about girl power! Jane Austen was so ahead of her time and I love that modern women can appreciate her works.

23. I Love You, Most Ardently Bracelet

Buy on Amazon

This would be a great gift to give a significant other in your life. It has a beautiful quote from Pride & Prejudice and will forever remind her of your love.

24. I Heart Mr. Darcy Bumper Sticker

Buy on Amazon

This bumper sticker will definitely let everyone know that you love Jane Austen, or at least, Mr. Darcy!

25. Jane Austen Embroidery

Buy on Amazon

You have to go on Amazon to see the review photos on this one! The cutest Jane Austen themed embroidery projects are easy to make with this kit! Perfect for a crafty Jane Austen fan.

26. Handmade Page Flower

Buy on Amazon

Look at how gorgeous this flower is! It would be the perfect addition to a Jane Austen fan's bookshelf.

27. Jane Austen Coasters

Buy on Amazon

These coasters have such a cool aged paper look. All of Jane Austen's novels are included! Perfect for the friend who loves home decor!

28. I Heart Mr. Darcy Tote Bag

Buy on Amazon

This tote bag will let everyone know how much you love Mr. Darcy. This is perfect for every girl obsessed with *that* hand flex.

29. Tea Bags

Buy on Amazon

Each of these tea bags has a different literary quote! Perfect for sipping while reading a Jane Austen book for the millionth time!

30. Book Stack Sticker

Buy on Amazon

This gorgeous sticker has all of the Austen novels in a stack. Perfect for putting on a water bottle or the laptop of a Jane Austen fan.

31. Sanditon "Completed"

Buy on Amazon

Sanditon was the novel that Jane Austen was working on when she passed away, so it was unfinished. In this version, the author "completes" the story in the same tone that Jane Austen may have used were she to have lived to finish it. This is a fun buy for the superfans who have already read all of Jane Austen's published novels.

32. Pride & Prejudice Pouch

Buy on Amazon

This pouch is the prettiest navy color and is perfect to throw in a bigger bag!

33. Jane Austen Lip Balm

Buy on Amazon

This lip balm is such a cute stocking stuffer! The packaging is so cute and the funny thing is - the balm itself got great reviews! Such a bonus!

34. Gin Austen Cocktail Book

Buy on Amazon

This book has 50 recipes of cocktails inspired by the novels of Jane Austen. This book would be perfect for the friend who loves Jane Austen and throwing dinner parties! Cheers!

35. Jane Austen Bookmarks

Buy on Amazon

These bookmarks have quotes from Jane Austen novels! They're perfect for any book lover.

This post was all about jane austen merchandise.

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