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I Tried Kissing Potion Lip Gloss From The 70s - Where To Buy

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Do you remember Kissing Potion lip gloss from the 70s??? This would be a great nostalgic gift for a friend!

Kissing potion.
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October 24, 2022

A short while ago, I pinned an ad for an old lip gloss called Kissing Potion to my Pinterest board. My mom texted me and said she was freaking out because she remembers that exact ad and that she used to wear Kissing Potion all the time in high school! I thought it was such a funny coincidence and it definitely took her back in time.

I ended up trying to see if I could buy Kissing Potion for my mom for her birthday and was pleasantly surprised when I found a company that sells Kissing Potion for a bit of makeup nostalgia!

She loved the Kissing Potion lip gloss I got her so much that I decided to buy my own to try! My review follows below.

This post is all about kissing potion.

kissing potion

Kissing Potion was a clear and flavored lip gloss from Maybelline that became popular in the 1970s. It came in a few original flavors that were expanded into the 80s. The original advertisement featured Kim Basinger and flavors like: Strawberry Swirl, Mighty Mint, Krazy Kola, Cherry Smash, Cinnamon Stick, and Fruit Flip. Other flavors added over the years were Great Grape, Passion Punch, Orange Squeeze, Root Beer Float, Candy Cane, Ginger Snap, Bubble Gum, and others.

The ad that I originally pinned said "Promise Rodger your strawberry kisses. There are plenty of flavors left for Richie, Fred, David, Bob..." The idea was that Kissing Potion has different flavors for all of your different crushes! How funny!

Kissing Potion came in a rollerball that you could throw in your handbag or backpack. Plus, it was clear and came in lots of different fun flavors. Which flavor was your favorite?

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kissing potion

I bought the Bubble Gum flavor because it sounded the best to me! Upon first impression, it looks just like the old advertisements! I've also seen a different version of the packaging from the 80s that was more rounded at the top but this looks just like the ad with Kim Basinger! 

The font looks dead on and the packaging is heavy and definitely not cheap-feeling. The roller ball works great and the smell is undeniably bubble gum! The gloss itself is clear so you can wear it on top of any lip color or you can wear it by itself.

I've never tried the original formula but according to my mom, it does a good job of bringing back all those memories from high school! The website I bought the lip gloss from has two different formula options. One is the original formula and the other is a lighter weight roller ball formula called Lip Potion. It is described as a bit more like a lip oil than a gloss. If the nostalgia is the most important to you, make sure you purchase the original formula option! I will say that the original Kissing Potion that I purchased is a thicker lip gloss. It's a bit sticky but it smells amazing and is true to the original!

If you want to see how this looks on the lips, check out the TikTok I made here.

This makes for an amazing nostalgic gift for anyone who wants to bring back memories from the 70s and 80s. The company I bought this from was Tinte Cosmetics. They have a lot of nostalgic lip products including Kissing Potion, Kissing Sticks, and Lip Licking Lip Balms.

Here are the flavors they currently have for the Kissing Potions: Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Swirl, Pina Colada, Watermelon, Orange Vanilla, Vanilla, Cherry Smash, and Birthday Cake. They also have multipacks and birthday card options if you're looking to give a gift!

Kissing Potion

Buy on Tinte Cosmetics

Do you guys remember Kissing Potion? What makeup product makes you feel the most nostalgic???

This post was all about kissing potion lip gloss.

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