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'Let Them Eat Cake' With This Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume

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This easy Marie Antoinette Halloween costume idea is perfect to order last minute on Amazon!

Marie antoinette halloween costume.
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May 23, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect Marie Antoinette costume from Amazon? I was looking up good last minute Halloween costume ideas and I came across Marie Antoinette. Tea parties, balletcore, and Bridgerton have cause a resurgence of interest in the royals, so this would be the perfect relevant yet unique costume. Plus, there are a lot of different options for you to do depending on how intricate you would like to make it.

Keep reading to check out all of my favorite selections below.

marie antoinette
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This post is all about marie antoinette halloween costume.

Who was Marie Antoinette?

Marie Antoinette was the queen of France before and during the French Revolution. She was known for her intricate hairstyles and fashion; her perceived lavish spending caused discontent among the French people. She was eventually beheaded after she was found guilty of high treason. There were many movies made of her life, including a 2006 film by Sofia Coppola starring Kirsten Dunst.

Marie Antoinette has often been associated with the phrase "let them eat cake" although it has later been determined that there was no evidence she ever said it. The phrase became a symbol of Marie's perceived indifference to the wellbeing of the struggling French people in contrast to her luxurious life at court.

What was Marie Antoinette's style?

Marie Antoinette was actually born in Austria, not France, but was married to King Louis XVI to ally the nations after the Seven Years' War. When she arrived at court, she had to quickly adjust to the formalities that came with becoming a Royal. She threw herself into the world of French fashion and luxury, quickly becoming known for her lavish outfits, all made specially for her. Her intricate hair poufs were adorned with ribbons and frills, and her penchant for feminine and pastel colors remains well known today.

She also later popularized the chemise - a stark contrast to her rigid looks at court. At the time, her casual wear was seen as a slap to the face of the French public as it was made from imported fabric, rather than using fabric from France when the economy was in need. However, the trend's impact remained, and many women from Marie Antoinette's era adopted the style.

While at Versailles, Marie Antoinette's life was a symbol causing growing unrest of the French people. France's support of the American revolutionaries had caused economic hardship among the public, and Marie Antoinette's perceived overspending caused frustration and outrage, ultimately leading to her demise.

Image via Maddie Meyer

How cute is this Marie Antoinette costume??? I love all the fun colors she chose - and this pink wig is everything! Please make sure you check out Maddie's Pinterest and Instagram for more inspo!

If you want to know how to DIY your own Marie Antoinette costume, keep reading...

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How to DIY a Marie Antoinette costume?

This Marie Antoinette costume idea is great because it gives you the opportunity to dress girly, frilly, over-the-top, and it's very haute-couture inspired! You can customize this costume depending on your mood because Marie Antoinette isn't necessarily known for just one look. Here are the main elements you need to nail for this costume:

Marie Antoinette's Hair Pouf

Marie Antoinette was known for her tall, intricately designed hair. Her wigs were teased high, usually with feathers, jewels, and/or beads. Her hair color at court was almost a white/gray color. Apparently, she was a natural strawberry blonde, but her hair did begin to gray prematurely. For this costume, you'll need a wig that towers towards the heavens. Or, you'll need to tease your natural hair on up. Here are some options from Amazon:

Silvery Curls

Buy on Amazon

"Bought this for my daughter's school project on Marie Antoinette. It was perfect for her costume!"

This wig looks like a great foundation to add some cool bows/pearls to! I would go with this one and add some of these things:

Pink Mini Bows

Buy on Amazon

"I glue these cute bows onto random things in my room and I love them."

The fun part about this is you can pick any pastel color that you like (light pink or light blue) to go with your outfit! I would hot glue these to the wig along with some faux strands of pearls like these:

Faux Crafting Pearls

Buy on Amazon

"I love the color. They are feminine."

Drape and hot glue these on the wig.

Big Pastel Crafting Feathers

Buy on Amazon

"I absolutely loved these so much. My cousin and I both used them in our hair for costumes at a regency-themed ball. They were the perfect height and looked full and lovely in my hair."

If you want to be super extra, you can even add some feathers and/or brooches. In the 2006 film, Kirsten Dunst wears a lot of these big feathers. The sky is really the limit here.

Craft Brooch

Buy on Amazon

"This broach is amazing. It is more beautiful that I imagined it would be."

If you're not wanting to DIY and entire embellished wig, here's another option:

Pink Curly Wig

Buy on Amazon

"Always get compliments when I wear this wig."

For this wig, what you will want to do is actually gather some of it at the top of your head to create a little pouf and leave some pieces framed around your face. You can even brush the wig out (very lightly) to give a little more volume. Marie Antoinette never actually wore pink hair, but it's a cool twist on her haute couture styles.

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Marie Antoinette's Outfit

I think the cutest version of this costume includes some kind of corset - in either pink, white, or other pastel colors! You can definitely do any kind of corset you like best, but here are some of my favorites:

Pink & White Corset

Buy on Amazon

"Oh my goodness!!! This top is too cute!!! So comfortable and oh so flattering!! I got SO many compliments."

I own this corset in black and it is super flattering! These colors are definitely very Marie Antoinette.

Pastel Corset

Buy on Amazon

"I absolutely love this corset! By far one of my favorite Amazon purchases."

This is another great option. Marie Antoinette was known for her love of pastels and feminine colors!

Here I have three different options for bottoms depending on the level of sexy you want to go:

Sexy Ruffle Shorts

Buy on Amazon

"Just love them. Will order more in other colors."

Of course, Marie Antoinette would never wear shorts as scandalous as these, but keeping with the girly/frilly vibe, these could be cute with your pastel corset!

Ruffle Skirt

Buy on Amazon

"This skirt did not disappoint! The material has give and is beautiful!"

This skirt is more accurate for a pirate's costume, but let's be honest, it would be really hard to move around with a big hoop skirt all night! This gives you a little bit of leg showing, but a lot more coverage than the ruffle shorts!

Long Ruffle Skirt

Buy on Amazon

This ruffle skirt isn't necessarily historically accurate either, but it definitely gives more of an illusion of the bigger skirts that were worn at court during that time period. If you're super into it, you can put on a hoop skirt underneath for more volume.

Hoop Skirt

Buy on Amazon

"I thought it was so cute that at one point I wore it without the top skirt."


Buy on Amazon

"I am very happy with the bow. It was sewn on instead of glued like some other brands so I have no concerns about quality or the bow falling off."

These stockings are so cute! You can wear these or just some white tights!

Pink & White Heels

Buy on Amazon

"The shoes arrived right on time and they are GORGEOUS. They fit like a glove."

Pink Heels

Buy on Amazon

"These shoes are extraordinary. They are beautiful - when I first took them out of the box, I gasped. They look like ballet shoes, with these lovely pink ribbons and the delicate lace exterior."

These are sort of giving me the same vibe as the type of shoes that were worn back then. Plus, they're super feminine!

Marie Antoinette's Accessories

For this costume, I would recommend some kind of gold/pearl jewelry. Here are some of my picks:

Pearl Choker

Buy on Amazon

"I was pleasantly surprised after receiving this set. The pearls are a nice size and color and look realistic."

Lace Choker

Buy on Amazon

"Absolutely beautiful piece."

Any ornate jewelry will do, but for this costume I think the girlier, the better!

Sparkly Earrings

Buy on Amazon

"These earring come exactly how described. They are sparkly and gems look clear. They will make a perfect addition to any outfit!"

A lot of paintings of Marie Antoinette show her wearing studs, but for the costume, I think you should go for lavish luxury - the type of style Marie Antoinette herself might go for today!

Pastel Eyeshadow

Buy on Amazon

"Fantastic, everything I expected it to be."

I think it would be super cute if you did some pastel eyeshadow. This purple color is stunning!


What do you guys think? I can't wait to see what you come up with for your Marie Antoinette costume!

This post was all about marie antoinette costume amazon.

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