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Channel Cher With A New Year's Eve Sparkle Dress (7 Picks)

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Nothing can ring in the start of something new better than a New Year's Eve sparkle dress. Here are my top picks for a good New Year's Eve sparkly dress.

New year's eve sparkle dress.
updated on:
October 24, 2022

There are many things that Cher and I have in common. We both love dessert, being our own bosses, and a good Cher sparkly dress. And there is no holiday that can beat New Year's Eve when it comes to looking like a mirror ball and channeling the glimmer and shine that Cher embodies.

But it can be hard to find the right kind of dress for the occasion. There are lots of sparkly dresses, and from NYFW we can tell that the 70s sparkle is coming back in full force - so which dress should you pick?

If you want to stand out when it's time to ring in the New Year, here are some of my top picks for the perfect New Year's Eve sparkle dress.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This post is all about new year's eve sparkle dress.

The Cutest Gold New Year's Eve Sparkle Dress:

Gold Sleeves

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This gold long sleeve dress has all the right cutouts to make for the perfect dress to drink champagne in while the clock strikes twelve.

The Cutest Disco Ball New Year's Eve Sparkle Dress:

Mirrored Sequins

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My first thought for this category was to find the sparkliest silver dress I could find...But I came across this really cool dress with actual mirrored sequins on it! How perfect if you want to look just like a reflective disco ball at Studio 54.

The Cutest Feathers New Year's Eve Sparkle Dress:

Pink Feathers

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This would make for the perfect New Year's Eve party dress! Shake your tail feather in this sparkly mesh dress with sleeves that Cher would definitely wear! Make sure to buy a pink bodysuit to wear underneath.

The Cutest Understated Cher New Year's Eve Sparkle Dress:

Nude Mini

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Cher was known for her sparkly nude numbers. This to me is very reminiscent of the shapes she would wear, just in a mini dress version.

The Cutest Fringe New Year's Eve Sparkle Dress:

Silver Fringe

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If your friends can usually find you on the dance floor, you need something with some sparkly fringe. This dress will be impossible to ignore at a New Year's Eve bash.

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The Cutest Colorful New Year's Eve Sparkle Dress:

Pink Mini

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This sequined pink mini is absolutely everything! The long sleeves and high neckline in front with a cute keyhole back make for the perfect combo of sexy and chic!

The Cutest Long New Year's Eve Sparkle Dress:

Black Sequined

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I absolutely love this option for more of an understated sparkle. If you're not feeling like beaming as bright as a disco ball, black sparkles still catch the light, but won't have you at the center of attention. Cher loved the criss-cross neckline and this is giving me that and more.

The Cutest Jacket For A New Year's Eve Sparkle Dress:

Black Leather

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I think for any event you go to in the winter, you need a classic leather/fur jacket that goes with everything. For a New Year's party, you want to wear something that you can take off at your destination. This black leather jacket will go with everything and become a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

The Cutest Earrings For A New Year's Eve Sparkle Dress:

Silver Dusters

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Depending on the dress you chose, I don't think you can ever go wrong with a simple dangly sparkle moment with your earrings.

This post was all about unique new year's eve dresses.

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