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Feel Fancy This Fall W/ These Old Money Aesthetic Outfits

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The old money aesthetic is all about pieces that are structured and well-made. These outfit ideas are perfect for fall.

Old money aesthetic outfits.
updated on:
June 5, 2023

The old money aesthetic is gaining popularity for the fall, with vintage Ralph Lauren ads and the coastal grandmother aesthetic emphasizing clean neutrals with varying textures and high quality wardrobe staples.

I've put together some amazing old money Amazon finds to create a capsule wardrobe for you to enjoy this fall!

This post is all about old money aesthetic outfits.

What is the old money aesthetic?

The old money aesthetic is predicated on the idea of generational wealth, or families that have had some form of extended wealth across generations. The aesthetic itself includes neutral colors, classy and buttoned up outfits, and staple pieces that can be passed down over the years.

What is the difference between old money and new money?

Old money typically comes from money somewhere down a family line, usually from some sort of ancestry and enables descendants to benefit from generational wealth. It typically indicates that wealth has been in a family for multiple generations.

The term "new money" usually means that wealth in a family has been acquired recently, within the last few generations.

The way wealth is displayed typically differs in each of these cases (not for all families, but generally). Old money wealth may be in historic property, antique collectibles, fine art, and exclusive memberships to clubs of differing kinds. New money wealth may be in the newest cars, property development, designer items, and luxurious travel.

They are the same in some ways but very different in their applications. Old money may place value in different things than new money as wealth is passed down through the generations.

In terms of style, old money typically places value in well-made and classic pieces that are maybe more modest and functional. New money typically places value on designer items and displaying more outwardly the wealth they've acquired.

Old money may have designer items, but they may be passed down, more understated, or classic.

Where new money may like logo-branded designer, old money usually does not. Old money can definitely lean into the preppy aesthetic, since a country club membership is typically a staple of old money wealth.

What brands emulate the old money aesthetic?

Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Chanel, Burberry, etc.

What old money aesthetic pieces should I add to my wardrobe for fall?

The old money aesthetic is going to be perfect for this fall! In fact, if old money was an aesthetic, I would say it is definitely fall. With cozy knits and neutral tones, the old money aesthetic reminds me of back-to-school! Here are some old money pieces you need to snag from Amazon!

PJ Sets

A matching PJ set just makes me feel like my life is together! For the old money aesthetic, a matching PJ set is a staple.


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"Pleasantly surprised with this product quality."


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"The material is soft. Perfect for a BBQ or a beach trip."


Everyone needs a white button-up in their wardrobe. You can really layer this piece with anything!


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"Very cute and fits exactly how I wanted it to."


A blazer is a must-have for the preppy old money aesthetic.


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"This blazer is so pretty."


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"Beautiful jacket."


Cardigans in neutral colors make for the perfect casual yet dressy addition to any outfit.


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"I liked that it fits perfectly and it's very warm and soft. I will be ordering more in different colors."

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Knit Sweater

Knit sweaters are essential for the fall old money look.


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"I really like this sweater. It fits nicely and is the perfect warmth for our climate here on the Central Coast."


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"Love this sweater and wear it often. Really holds up to multiple machine washing a drying."

Silk Slip

Pretend like your Blair Waldorf in a pretty silk slip.


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"This is a beautiful and comfortable slip that is perfect for wearing under a dress."


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"Will order more, so soft and comfy."


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"This is a staple women need in their closets, and in several colors!"

Collared Dress

A collared dress is appropriate enough for old money socializing but also cute enough to feel girly!


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"I wore it to the ballet and dinner and received compliments all night!"


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"This dress is so adorable!!"

Plaid Skirt

Plaid skirts will always be a staple for the preppy back-to-school fall look.


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"Great for work and going out. Lovely slim fit."


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"My daughter loves this and it seems well made."


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"This skirt exceeded my expectations."

Muck Boots

I know that this one is a bit of a curve ball, but muck boots are essential for walking in polo fields or tending to your enormous estate on rainy days.


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"LOVE these boots."


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"They are great worked just as I wanted. Very happy with the fit and great to walk in."


Loafers are the perfect casual yet dressy shoe.


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"Classic black penny loafer, these have a cushioned foot bed that is an improvement on the original classic."


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"Although these shoes were a little stiff, when I got them, they broken easily. They look very nice with jeans or dress pants."

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats will always be iconic.


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"These ballet flats have the best insoles ever!"


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"I am very pleasantly surprised at how nice these shoes are."

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Hair Ribbon

These fun hair ribbons add a little flair to any old money-inspired outfit.


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"Super cute, big, and great quality!"


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"I love it. It’s very cute."

Short Gloves

These short tea gloves are just so fun and add the cutest flair to any outfit.


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"The gloves look great and are very comfortable!"


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"I purchased to wear to a Derby-themed brunch! So darling and lady-like...Love it!!!"


If you're old money, you have to own a beret. I don't make the rules.


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"This looked way more expensive. Stretches easily to fit all heads! I loved them!!!"


Which item of clothing in your closet reminds you the most of the old money aesthetic???

This post was all about old money aesthetic brands.

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