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Becoming A 'Real' Pink Pilates Princess - 100 Classes Later

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Have you ever heard of the pink pilates princess aesthetic? I actually put it to the test!

Pink pilates princess.
updated on:
May 18, 2023

A couple of months ago I was getting the pilates bug like a lot of other people. Lori Harvey had just shown up to that one red carpet in a midriff-baring top and commented that pilates was responsible for her rock-hard abs. I still want to know just how much pilates memberships spiked because of her!

But there was also an aesthetic that was gaining steam at the time: The pink pilates princess aesthetic! Characterized by yoga pants in different shades of pink and a focus on wellness, I was ready to hop on the bandwagon.

Fast forward to present day and I have taken over 100 pilates classes! Whether you are thinking of starting pilates or want to know more about the pink pilates princess aesthetic, keep reading!

This post is all about pink pilates princess.

What is pilates?

pink pilates princess aesthetic

*These thoughts and opinions are my own. Please consult a physician before starting any new exercise regimen.*

Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise sometimes involving a machine called a "reformer". It includes exercises to improve balance, posture, and flexibility. It was created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century.

Like I mentioned earlier, since graduating from college, I've been trying to find a form of exercise that I enjoy. I played volleyball pretty competitively when I was younger so I was always burning tons of calories at practice and walking everywhere while at school. Once I entered the "real world" and suddenly had a job and stopped playing volleyball, I realized I needed to find a new way to work out.

I've always had trouble with consistency; I'll always start something and go super hard until I burn out and need a long break. I also have trouble going to the gym and figuring out what to do on my own. I need a coach or someone to tell me what exercises to do so I don't have to think about anything!

Anyways, my sister mentioned to me that she wanted to try pilates and she had a bunch of friends who wanted to do the same. I let her go to a few classes to test it out first!

Shortly after that I decided to give it a try. I ended up falling in love with it and I have just passed my one year anniversary of starting pilates.

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Here's what I've learned so far:

pink pilates princess aesthetic

You don't need to be flexible

One of the biggest misconceptions about pilates is that you need to be flexible. This is not true at all! I used to be one of the least flexible people in the world and pilates has definitely helped my muscles become less tight.

Pilates is great because it's the first exercise I have done that makes me feel energized afterwards. Some people feel exhilarated after a run - meanwhile all I feel is tired! Pilates gets your muscles moving without expending every last piece of energy you have.

But don't get me wrong - pilates is challenging and can be as exhausting as you make it. I just feel like it's more about listening to your body and doing whatever you can that day.

You don't need to be a supermodel

Maybe it's just me, but I used to think only Kendall Jenner did pilates. I figured my entire class would be filled with super fit girls and that I would be judged super hard. Again, not the case! I take classes at Club Pilates (they have a bunch of different locations in the United States) and my experience is that there are people of all ages that go to pilates.

In actuality, a lot of times I am on the younger side of the group that tends to go. Not that that matters, I just wanted you to know that it's not some exclusive club for only rich, skinny girls or anything!

Pilates is definitely more of a low impact exercise which makes it great for people who are interested in improving core, overall mobility, and posture. That means there are a lot of different people it caters to.

Some people are trying to get mobility back after hip surgery, some are trying to improve their posture, there have even been some pregnant women in my classes! I'm sure every pilates studio is different, but don't be intimidated to try pilates. I'm so glad I decided to take the leap and start!

There are tons of modifications

Pilates is cool because the instructor will let you know the advancements and state that if you're not feeling that today, you can stick with the original movement. I really like this because there are some days when I'm feeling more energetic than others.

Of course, everyone wants an instructor who is going to push them to an extent, but I have some horror stories from back in my volleyball days of workouts that felt like torture because of all the yelling and exertion.

Pilates is super chill and can be as challenging as you want, which is like the best of both worlds!

There are lots of different kinds of pilates classes

When I first started pilates I figured it would be pretty much the same types of exercises over and over - and while there is some repetition, every class is pretty different! Certain instructors have favorite moves for sure, but at least at my studio they are pretty good about cycling through them and changing them up.

There are also different kinds of classes. You can do cardio on the reformer, which is kind of like jumping while laying down. I know that sounds crazy but that's what it is! There are also recovery classes and balance classes, plus different levels of the reformer pilates. There's even a suspend class that uses the TRX ropes!

It's nice because you can pick and choose what you're feeling that week.

You don't need the reformer

Speaking of different classes, you can do pilates at home! There are a few little tools that will help you with some pilates moves like a magic circle, bosu ball, or exercise ball, but you technically don't need anything. There are lots of videos on YouTube and when I don't feel like going in, I can do pilates on the go. But I will say taking classes is the best way to introduce yourself to the moves and the format.

Magic circle

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Bosu ball

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Exercise ball

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It's always fun to try pilates at home first. Here's a free YouTube video that guides you through some beginner pilates if you're wanting to test it out:

That being said, the reformer is one of my favorite things about pilates; it's so fun to learn! It's kind of hard to explain but for me, pilates sometimes feels like I'm half asleep when I'm working out...It's relaxing but difficult at the same time.

At Club Pilates, your first class is free so it's really low risk if you wanna try the reformer.

No one is looking at you

This is one of my favorite things about pilates. Everyone is pretty much in their own station doing their own thing, and since the reformer is used pretty frequently, you're laying down looking up at the ceiling for most of the time. Of course, it's not like you're in a bubble. You will see people but it's not as much as with super cardio intensive classes.

What is the pink pilates princess aesthetic?

One of the fun things with starting pilates is being able to wear cute matching outfits and pilates socks, although it's not a requirement!

The pink pilates princess aesthetic was born out of the idea of cute workout sets, usually in pastel pink colors, and the topic of wellness. Sometimes it is closely associated with the coquette/dollette aesthetic as well as the ballet aesthetic. Some forms of workout that fit under the umbrella of this aesthetic are ballet, pilates, yoga, and barre.

I see a lot of people wearing athletic one pieces in pink colors, toting light pink water bottles, and carrying puffy gym bags! I've included some of the cutest pink pilates princess items below!

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Here are some of the cutest pink pilates princess products from Amazon:

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Pink pilates socks

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Pink Uggs

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Have you guys ever heard of the pink pilates princess aesthetic? Have you ever thought about trying pilates???

This post was all about pink pilates princess outfits.

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