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Make Your Own Pinterest Cover Photo Collage Using This GENIUS Canva Hack

Branding your Pinterest business account with a Pinterest cover collage is a great way to showcase the beautiful pins you've made and give your audience an idea of what your blog is about! This Canva hack will change the entire look and feel of your Pinterest profile.

Pinterest cover.

Branding and optimizing your Pinterest business account is a great way to improve your Pinterest analytics and drive traffic to your blog! Since I’m still in the beginning stages of creating my blog I have really been focusing on building an SEO-optimized Pinterest account. I’ve also been branding my Pinterest profile to make it look neat and professional.

This post is all about pinterest cover.

One element of my Pinterest profile that I just recently updated was my Pinterest cover photo. When I converted my Pinterest account from a personal account to a business account, I wanted my cover photo to look like all the other big blogger’s profiles. The standard cover photo auto-populates with a collage of pins from the board of your choice. I had the collage for a while but I unfortunately decided to change it one day to try out a static single cover photo. I tried to switch it back but after doing some research, apparently once you change from a collage to a photo, you can’t get the collage option back. This was really confusing because you would think that it would be a pretty easy feature for Pinterest to provide for the cover image option. I was super bummed when I found this out because since I’ve created a lot of pins that I am proud of, I wanted them to be displayed at the top of my profile! Plus, a lot of successful bloggers have the collage look and it really gives people a good idea of what your page and blog is about.

Visit our Pinterest page here to see the collage live on our profile.

Try Canva for free here.

(Update 4/29/22: Canva has a new All-In-One Photo Collage Page I have linked that here! You can still use the method I've included in this post but there are now templates available in this new feature that you can adjust to get a very similar look!)

I was wondering if it would be possible to create my own version of the cover image so it looked like I still had the collage feature and it was actually super easy using Canva! I do have Canva Pro (I think it's totally worth the $12.99 a month) BUT you should be able to make this collage with the free version! The only downside to this method is that you will have to update the collage in Canva however often you want to switch out the pin images, but since Canva automatically saves your projects you can easily swap out the images! Here is a step-by-step of how I made a Pinterest collage cover photo in Canva:

pinterest cover
  1. Open Canva and click CREATE A DESIGN > CUSTOM SIZE > TYPE IN 1920 x 1080 PX. This is available on Canva Free, but I use Canva Pro and feel it's worth every penny!
pinterest cover photo
  1. Go to your Pinterest profile and download all pin images from the pins you want featured on your collage!
pinterest cover image
pinterest cover collage
  1. Go to the sidebar and select ELEMENTS > GRIDS.
pinterest profile collage
  1. Select the two image grid with the photos stacked up and down.
pinterest banner
  1. Drag the grid to an approximate size of 320 x 1080 px. You can pick whatever dimensions you want! If you use a bigger size you'll have less images and vice versa, these are just the dimensions I picked.
pinterest banner image
  1. Add another grid (the single image grid).
pinterest banner collage
  1. Drag the single grid to an approximate size of 320 x 520 px.
pinterest banner collage image
  1. Use the rotation tool to rotate both grids approximately 21 degrees counterclockwise. Drag the single grid to the corner, making sure the image covers the bottom so you don't have to add an extra image on top and bottom. Drag the double grid so that the space between the two images lines up with the middle of the single grid image. This is what gives the collage the staggered look. You can adjust the angle to your liking as well!
pinterest cover canva
  1. Duplicate the single grid by using a simple COPY/PASTE.
pinterest banner collage canva
  1. Stack the duplicate single grid on the empty space on the far left. Duplicate the double grid with COPY/PASTE and fill in the empty spaces, continuing the staggered pattern. You can choose how much space you want between the grids. I tried to make it similar to the space between the double grid. I fine tune the spacing by using the arrow keys. Super easy!
pinterest cover collage canva
  1. Now you have a template ready to go to plug in all your photos. Make sure you double check for empty spaces like the one at the top because even though the photo will barely show, it will look much more seamless and like the collage extends past the overall image.
pinterest cover collage diy
  1. From here, just go back to your UPLOADS library and drag all your images to the grid you want. It will just snap into place already centered. I seriously love Canva because it makes everything so easy to use. The dimensions I used are close to the typical pin size I use so I didn't have to do much resizing but if you want to adjust how the photo looks in the grid, just double click on the image and you can crop it within the grid!
diy pinterest profile collage
  1. This is the final collage! I messed around with the look I wanted but I basically just picked all my favorite pin images and plugged them in. I'll have to replace some of these images with new ones as I make them, I'm thinking every month or few months if I feel like it! To replace images, just double click the image in the grid you want to replace and press DELETE. Click SHARE > DOWNLOAD > PNG. It's definitely not a perfect solution, it would be nice if Pinterest would give the option to select the collage again. Until then, try this super easy Canva hack!
diy pin collage canva

Visit our Pinterest page here to see the collage live on our profile.

This post was all about pinterest cover photo.

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