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This Is The 1990s Lipstick Shade Loved By Rachel Green & Aaliyah

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I bought the lipstick Jennifer Aniston wore as Rachel Green in Friends - and it's stunning!

Rachel green lipstick.
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January 23, 2024

If you've been a reader of Roseglass for a while, you know that my most favorite posts to write are always about trying retro lipstick shades that you can still buy today! So far, I've tried a lot of Revlon shades because they still sell a lot of their original/older colors which makes it super easy for me to buy and test them out for you guys.

The other day, I decided to research some other brands and came across the lipstick shade that Jennifer Aniston claimed she wore a lot during the filming of Friends in the 90s. I absolutely love Friends and I've always wondered what kind of makeup was used on the show.

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green was a hair, makeup, and style icon of the 90s and early 2000s while the show was on the air. Today we'll talk about the iconic lipstick she wore on the show and even some other similar shades for that perfect 90s fall lip.

rachel green lipstick

This post is all about rachel green lipstick.

What shade of lipstick did Jennifer Aniston wear as Rachel Green in Friends?

jennifer aniston lipstick
aaliyah lipstick

Jennifer Aniston claimed in an interview with Glamour magazine in 2017 that she would always wear Paramount by MAC as her go-to lipstick shade while she was filming Friends. She described it as a "browny-brick" color.

It was also reported that the shade was a favorite of 90s R&B star Aaliyah, although she was partial to a few MAC lipsticks at the time.

After looking at several reference photos, it seems that Rachel Green wore some darker lipstick shades during the beginning of the show (the first season was released on September 22, 1994) and opted for more neutrals as the show continued into the 2000s.

Of course, makeup for the show was not the same for every single episode. Probably several different shades of lipstick were used over the years.

I have since discovered that Robin Spiegel, the show's makeup artist, has stated that she would use MAC's lip liner in Spice and MAC's lipstick in shade Touch for Rachel's look. I'll be sure to buy those to swatch for you as well next time I run to the mall.

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For now, here's Paramount by MAC:

Paramount by MAC Cosmetics Satin Lipstick

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"Paramount is MACs most iconic lip shade in my opinion, right behind Ruby Woo."

Swatch of Paramount by MAC Cosmetics

90s lipstick

As you can see, Paramount swatches on my skin (light to medium tone) as a deep brick color with some brown to it. To me, it definitely reminds me of colors Rachel would wear earlier in the show. It's hard to tell if this is the same color as the promotional photo I included in the background. That color looks more mauvey-brown to me but it could just be the lighting! Here is a video of the color on me:

@roseglasscollective reportedly jennifer aniston’s fave lipstick when she played rachel green on friends ☕️🧸 #90slipsticks #rachelgreenmakeup #greenscreen ♬ I'll Be There for You (TV Version with Dialogue) - The Rembrandts

It's definitely a bold, dark lip. I think this shade is perfect for fall! I wore this out after filming the video and I don't know if it's just me, but because of my lip shape, bold colors like this feel pretty "out there". For me, it's not an everyday shade, unless I dabbed it on less intensely.

As far as the quality of the lipstick, I do think it's a nice formula. For me, it was on the pricier side for a lipstick. It's only $23 but I have been on a huge drugstore kick lately. I do think it's worth it in terms of pigmentation and smoothness. It also seemed to last a little bit longer throughout the day than some of my other drugstore lipsticks.

If you're wanting to treat yourself to the real thing, I would definitely check out Paramount at MAC next time you're in store, or check it out at the link above.

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90s lipstick swatch comparisons

From left to right: Revlon's Raisin Rage, MAC's Paramount
From top to bottom: Revlon Raisin Rage, MAC Paramount, and Revlon Rum Raisin

I noticed when I swatched Paramount that I owned a few "similar" colors in my makeup collection. As you can tell, Paramount is in the middle. On top is Revlon's Raisin Rage, a more reddish brick color, and below is Revlon's Rum Raisin, a more mauve-y color. In my opinion, Paramount is right in between these two shades (not just physically but shade-wise haha).

You can see in the first photo that Raisin Rage and Paramount look almost identical before being swatched, but you can tell the difference once they are on the skin. I would definitely say Paramount pulls more brown than red or purple.

Revlon Raisin Rage

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Revlon Rum Raisin

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What shade do you guys like best? Are there any other 90s lipstick shades you want me to try out??? Just shoot me an e-mail!

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This Is The 1990s Lipstick Shade Loved By Rachel Green & Aaliyah

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This post was all about rachel green lipstick color.

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