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14 Retro Wrapping Paper Ideas For Christmas - Holiday Nostalgia

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There is nothing better than a retro wrapping paper roll. Christmastime brings forth feelings of nostalgia and joy, and these retro wrapping papers are perfect for Christmas!

Retro wrapping paper christmas.
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October 24, 2022

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas giving season is picking out which wrapping paper is going to go under the tree. I've always loved 1950s Christmas wrapping paper because it's got such a retro and nostalgic look to it.

If you've ever put off buying your wrapping paper (hello, I'm super guilty of that!), buying in advance really gives you some cool options. I remember seeing that the Kardashians all pick a wrapping theme every year so everyone brings a different vibe to their presents. I really thought that was cool, and I believe it was Kris or Kourtney that did a retro theme one year. It's cool to see what type of aesthetic each family member is feeling each year, and you can easily tell which present is from who. It also gives a really cool mixed look for under the tree.

Personally, I would pick a retro theme every year, so I've picked out some of my favorite vintage wrapping paper rolls for the best Christmas wrapping paper ideas for this year!

This post is all about retro wrapping paper christmas.

I actually always struggle trying to find the best places to buy wrapping paper because I feel like every time I go to WalMart or Target, there aren't many options. I've also tried some arts and crafts stores, but the selection there can be limited as well. When I was doing research for this post, I found that Zazzle has a lot of really cool options! Here are some of my top picks:

Jolly Santas

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There is nothing like a jolly Santa for Christmas! These illustrated Santas make me so happy, I would love to see these under my tree this holiday.

Pink Kittens

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I really think we should bring back these cute illustrated kittens for wrapping paper this year. I also love pink for Christmas, it's so darling.


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What is it about old greeting card illustrations that are just the epitome of cute? I want them everywhere in my house.

Retro Lady

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This cute lady is busy doing her Christmas shopping. She reminds me of that fun time where everyone is rushing about getting everything checked off their lists for their loved ones.

Mid-Century Stars

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Who doesn't love a good mid-century pattern? If you love mid-century design, you've got to have this for wrapping your gifts this year.

Lady & Santa

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How fun is this scene? I think this Christmas wrapping paper is so much more fun than all the rolls you can get nowadays.

Christmas Angels

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If you like an angel motif as much as I do, these peaceful Christmas angels will brighten your holiday.

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Art Deco Lady

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I cannot handle how cool this wrapping paper is. The lady sitting in the moon is such a lovely image, if you're very dreamy this paper is for you.

Gingerbread House

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Does anyone here have a sweet tooth? I do, just by looking at this paper!

Christmas Cards

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If you always send out a family Christmas card, you have to have this vintage Christmas card wrapping paper.

Holiday Wishes

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How can you not think this is just the cutest pattern ever?

Blue Deer

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I think a good snowy, icy blue is so sweet and different to put under the tree for Christmas. In a sea of green and red, your presents will definitely stand out.

Christmas Lamp

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This retro paper feels super warm and nostalgic for me, I'm not sure why. I think just a lone lamp out in the snow feels super winter-y.

Vintage Foxes

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You can't beat adorable woodland creatures to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside this holiday. Plus, this wrapping paper is perfect for those of you who aren't into the typically bright red and green Christmas colors.

This post was all about retro wrapping paper.

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