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Trying Revlon's Cherries In The Snow - 1950s Red Lip + Nail

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Are you looking for a classic red lip + nail polish combo? This iconic Revlon lipstick from the 50s is still sold today!

Revlon cherries in the snow.
updated on:
January 23, 2024

When I did my post on iconic 90s Revlon lipsticks, you guys really seemed to enjoy it! This time, we're throwing it back to the 1950s. Red nail polish and a red lip is probably the most chic and timeless color combo you can ever wear! And while the style is timeless, I feel like it's going to be a huge trend this fall, just like ballet flats!

In 1953 (70 years ago!), Revlon came out with a red shade of matching lipstick and nail polish called "Cherries In The Snow". It was a cult-favorite in the 50s, and if you ask your grandma, chances are she's heard of it! It was the signature shade of many women at the time.

The ad campaign featured Dorian Leigh, one of the first supermodels ever and also the rumored inspiration behind Breakfast at Tiffany's character Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn's character).

Another fun fact is that Cherries In The Snow was the shade that Midge recommended to a customer when she worked in the department store B. Altman from the TV show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

You already know that I got right in my car and went to my local drugstore where I picked up both the lipstick and the nail polish. I had a coupon and some rewards so it was a win-win. Not to mention that Revlon's nail polish is $6.29 and their lipsticks are $9.99. Pretty nice compared to some higher end makeup!

Here are my swatches and reviews for the shade:

This post is all about revlon cherries in the snow.

revlon cherries in the snow
revlon cherries in the snow

Revlon Cherries In The Snow Lipstick

revlon cherries in the snow
revlon cherries in the snow

Revlon's Cherries In The Snow is a Super Lustrous Lipstick. It also comes in a high gloss version that I almost bought when I was at the drugstore, so be mindful when you're shopping at yours. The Super Lustrous is a really great finish. It's hydrating but definitely not sticky. It's no wonder this product has been around for over 70 years! This is the same formula that the iconic 90s lipsticks were in, and those are cult classics too!

I have also gotten the question if these lipsticks are transfer proof, and I would say if you kissed someone on the cheek it would definitely leave a little trace. I personally prefer that because the matte liquid lipsticks are way too drying for my liking!

The shade is a little tricky to describe. It's a red color, but it can appear pink on some skin tones. I would say it's a red with pink undertones. My thought is on cooler skin tones, the lipstick appears more red. As you can see in my swatch below, my skin has some neutral and warm undertones so it leans a little bit more pink.

I think one of the many reasons this lipstick was and is still so popular is that it's a red color without being too harsh. The pink adds a very unique quality that makes it feel more approachable and endearing.

If you're a fair skin girly looking for a red shade that doesn't look too striking, this would be perfect! If you have tanner or darker skin I think it's a stunning reddish pink that's perfect for everyday wear!

If you're darker and looking for more of a true red, I would recommend a different shade that I'm going to be doing a review on very soon!

I've also seen some people from my TikTok mention that the color is slightly different than the original shade, maybe due to tweaking of the formula. People are saying it may be a little bit lighter or more pink than the original shade, but it looks pretty close to me.

All in all, I really think this shade is gorgeous and is worth trying, especially with the matching red nail polish that goes with it!

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Revlon Cherries In The Snow Nail Polish

revlon cherries in the snow
revlon cherries in the snow

Revlon Cherries In The Snow Nail Enamel is the matching shade to the lipstick. I think a really cute thing that will become trendy this fall is matching your lipstick to your nail shade. It's super retro and it's a really cool way to tie your whole look together.

I am really on the hunt for the perfect chic red nail polish shade and of course I had to start my search with something vintage (because the 50s was the era of dressing to the nines and looking FAB).

This nail polish really started my search out strong. I can definitely see why this is an insanely popular shade and um, hello! Why do I feel like I've been sleeping on Revlon nail polishes??? This one really impressed me!

If you sit this nail polish next to some of the bolder red colors, you can definitely see that it leans a bit pink, but on its own it's a less intimidating red. It makes sense why this was the go-to color for 50s women. It's put together but nothing too fancy. I put one coat on today and so far, all is looking good.

If you scrolled past my review of the lipstick shade, I thought I would mention here that this color may look different on different skin tones. My skin tone is neutral/medium so this color can look a little pink on me. I had some people point out on my TikTok that the nail polish looks more red than the lipstick on me and I would probably agree. I'm thinking this could be that my nails have a bit more of a neutral or cooler undertone than my lips. That said, I still think they look pretty close as a match!

Scroll down to see my swatches:

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Note: The product photo from Amazon looks glittery, but the shade definitely isn't. I saw a review posted mention that they bought Cherries In The Snow expecting there to be some sparkle but there wasn't any. I believe this is just a photo error on the part of Amazon and this link should get you the correct polish, but I don't know for 100% since I got mine locally. Just wanted to mention that! <3

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revlon cherries in the snow
revlon cherries in the snow
revlon cherries in the snow
revlon cherries in the snow

As you guys can see, especially in my swatch photos, you can see the slight difference between the shades. The lighting can also change things as in less direct light the color looks more red and when the flash comes on you can see more of the pink. I think they look pretty close to the same!

This shade is seriously so stunning that I think it could stay popular for the next 70 years, too! If you want to see me try this shade on in video format, check out the TikTok I made for this shade here.

Let me know if you guys end up loving this shade as much as I did! <3

This post was all about revlon cherries in the snow lipstick review.

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