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Swatching Revlon Rum Raisin vs Raisin Rage: Cult-Fave 90s Lips

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Revlon made a lot of iconic 90s lipsticks that you can still buy today...I swatched Revlon Rum Raisin vs Raisin Rage to see the difference between the two.

Revlon rum raisin vs raisin rage.
updated on:
January 23, 2024

One of my favorite iconic 90s lipstick shades that you can still buy today is Revlon Rum Raisin. It's a perfect neutral yet vampy mauve shade - totally reminiscent of the 90s! When I was browsing Pinterest the other day, I found an ad featuring Cindy Crawford and a shade called Raisin Rage. This shade looked darker and a bit more red-toned than Rum Raisin. I did a little research and discovered that you can still get Raisin Rage today, so I decided to test Revlon Rum Raisin vs Raisin Rage to see the difference between the two!

Have you guys ever tried Rum Raisin or Raisin Rage? They used to be staples in the 90s. If so, which one was your favorite?

This post is all about revlon rum raisin vs raisin rage.

revlon rum raisin vs raisin rage

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revlon rum raisin vs raisin rage

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Revlon Raisin Rage came out in 1996 and was advertised as a new bold color for fall. It also came in a matching nail color! I tried to look and see if the nail color was available for purchase today and I couldn't find anything. Maybe it was recently discontinued by Revlon? I found some articles reviewing it around 10 years ago, so the nail polish must have been discontinued at some point between now and then. I was a little bummed because I have been loving Revlon's matching lipstick and nail polish lately. For example, I thought the classic color Cherries In The Snow that I reviewed a few posts back was super fun

Raisin Rage is a deep maroon/plum/raisin color. It's not quite purple but not quite red. It is sort of reminiscent of a mild terracotta color but with less orange. It's super unique because it has purples, reds, and slight oranges all together. That makes it the perfect shade for fall. Here's where to get it online:

Revlon Raisin Rage

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revlon rum raisin vs raisin rage

Just look at how gorgeous this shade is! Not quite red or purple - it's both! Side note: I also really love Revlon's lipstick packaging for the Super Lustrous line. It's simple, clean, and classic looking!

revlon rum raisin vs raisin rage

Also, I can never get over how pretty lipstick looks before I've swatched a tube...

revlon rum raisin vs raisin rage

Now onto the swatch...Look at how gorgeous this color is. I feel like I'm kind of a broken record at this point but it's not red, not orange, and not purple - it's all of them combined in the most perfect mix. Can you tell I love this shade? I have been really loving some of the vampier and darker lips this fall, plus it's sooo 90s. The 90s were such a great time for makeup, I love how women from that era were serving us classy yet bold looks. As you guys know, I love to talk about all the decades, but my secret theory is that you always have a certain fascination for the decade during which you were born. 90s baby here!

Let's move on to the shade comparison. Let me remind you guys that I reviewed Rum Raisin as a part of my iconic 90s lipsticks post and it was one of my favorites from all of those shades. Rum Raisin is a bit more mauve/coffee colored but it definitely is a raisin color with a very subtle hint of red/orange.

*Editor's Note* If you're curious about where to purchase Rum Raisin, here she is:

Revlon Rum Raisin

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Here are the two shades side-by-side:

revlon rum raisin vs raisin rage
Left: Raisin Rage, Right: Rum Raisin

As you can see, Raisin Rage is on the left and Rum Raisin on the right. In my opinion, their names do them justice. I would describe Raisin Rage as a bold/deep raisin and Rum Raisin as a more mauve-y raisin. Raisin Rage is your evening color and Rum Raisin is your day color. Both are totally stunning and I even once described them as sisters, not twins.

Keep in mind I have a medium/neutral skin tone (as far as I'm aware) and therefore these colors might look a little different on you. Personally I find both shades really flattering on me, especially for a fall makeup look. I'm a little partial to Raisin Rage, but I do really love bold lips!

That said, I find myself reaching for these shades more than any other shades I've reviewed so far on my blog (and I have yet to find a shade that I dislike - so that's saying something). If you're looking for an iconic fall 90s brownish/reddish lip, you can't get much better than Revlon Rum Raisin vs Raisin Rage!

Which lipstick shade is your favorite of all time? Do you have a color that is super nostalgic to you? Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when I post more 90s lipstick articles!

This post was all about rum raisin lipstick 90s.

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