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What Would Be In Rose DeWitt Bukater's Makeup Bag On The Titanic?

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Rose DeWitt Bukater was a timeless beauty. Today we'll discuss what her makeup routine was on the Titanic.

Rose makeup titanic.
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May 18, 2023

Kate Winslet as Rose "Dawson" from Titanic was one of those classic performances that I fell in love with immediately when I first watched it as a kid. I always thought she was seriously the prettiest person in the world, especially with her porcelain skin and deep red lips. Not to mention her gorgeous curly red hair - I always thought that Kate should have kept her hair that color, it totally suits her!

Every time I watch the movie I find myself wondering what makeup was used on Kate to create Rose's look. To me, there is a lot of symbolism in Rose's character. Even her name indicates being perceived as delicate by those around her but having thorns underneath that hint at her hidden personal power. The contrast between her role in society as an obedient wife-to-be and her desire to experience the world can also be seen in her pale complexion against firey red hair and lipstick.

Today we'll discuss how to achieve Rose's makeup from Titanic and answer some frequently asked questions about Kate Winslet's looks from the movie!

rose makeup titanic

This post is all about rose makeup titanic.

What is a good Rose from Titanic makeup tutorial?

Tina Earnshaw is a movie makeup artist that has done makeup for movies like Mamma Mia, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and Titanic. Makeup artist Lisa Eldrige had her recreate Rose's makeup look for the 20th anniversary of Titanic on her YouTube channel.

The video can be found here:

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What makeup products did Rose wear in Titanic?

rose makeup titanic

Here are her steps to creating the Rose makeup look:

  1. Moisturize.
  2. Be generous with foundation. Use a beauty blender to apply and then a foundation brush to blend. Use your fingers to blend around areas with extra redness. Avoid the eye area.
  3. Apply a slightly lighter concealer to the undereye area. Pick a concealer with a slight pink tone as this was more common for the time period. Use a medium-sized concealer brush and pat in using the fingers. Add some concealer under the eyebrow bone, avoid the eyelid. Sweep concealer to inner corner of the eye.
  4. Use an eyelid primer on the eyelid. Tina uses Laura Mercier Eye Basics in "Linen".
  5. Place a loose powder directly under the eye. Tina uses Laura Mercier Super Matte Loose Powder in "Pale Pink". Do not wipe away and try to keep the powder concentrated right under the eye. Do not powder the cheeks.
  6. Apply a rosy cream blush to the apples of the cheeks using your fingers. Blend the edges with a flat cream blush brush.
  7. Add a pale pink to the eyelid. Tina uses NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow in "Cupcake". Blend with an eyeshadow brush, avoiding the brow bone.
  8. Pump up the color by adding a little more pink to the eye. Tina uses Nars Duo Eyeshadow in "Thessalonique". Add some of the color to the eye socket (crease) with a rounder detail brush. Keep your eye still so you can focus the color in the crease.
  9. Remove the loose powder under the eye with a brush.
  10. Take a large puff and powder the face well with a loose powder. Press it in around the chin, cheeks, forehead, etc. so it really seals in the foundation. Remove the loose powder with a brush. Many ladies of the period would powder their faces well. It was not common to have a glowy/shiny look at the time.
  11. Mix a black and brown gel eyeliner and take a small eyeliner brush. Make a tiny line very close to the lashes to give the illusion of a little line. Make sure to place the liner on the inner corner as well.
  12. Brush out the eyebrows.
  13. Place a slight bit of mascara on the lashes. Go through with another spoolie to spread the mascara. Do not allow clumps.
  14. Remove the foundation from the lips. Take a neutral lip pencil and define the corners of the mouth and all around the natural lip line. Tina uses Kevyn Aucoin The Flesh Tone Lip Pencil in "Medium". Fill in the rest of the lips after you've added your line. This helps avoid the need for a harsh line when putting on the red lipstick.
  15. Take a berry color, Tina uses a mix of Rimmel The Only One Lipstick in "One Of A Kind" and Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in "Etienne" and start in the middle of the lips with a lip brush. Sweep it out to the ends. Always spread into the corner of the lips so when you talk, there won't be a blank space.
  16. Take a powder blush over the cheeks in circular movements and a tiny bit under the chin.

Some notable products used:

Laura Mercier Eye Basics in "Linen"

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"Goes on well and covers my dark under eye areas."

Nars Duo Eyeshadow in "Thessalonique"

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What lipstick color did Rose wear in Titanic?

rose makeup titanic

In the above makeup tutorial, Kate's actual makeup artist for the film Tina Earnshaw stated that she couldn't remember exactly what lip color she used on Kate for the Titanic movie, but that it was a lovely berry color. In the video, she uses a Rimmel lipstick called The Only One Lipstick in the shade "One Of A Kind" as well as a Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in "Etienne".

Rimmel The Only One Lipstick in "One Of A Kind"

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"This Rimmel one-of-kind shade is true to the image as it is a berry-red."

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in "Etienne"

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"Do love this moisturising lipstick."

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Is Rose's makeup from Titanic historically accurate?

rose makeup titanic

There has been some debate as to whether Rose's makeup from the film was entirely accurate to the setting of the movie. The Titanic departed on April 10, 1912 which was largely at the end of the Victorian era.

Some people have criticized Rose's defined eyes and bold lip color choices in the film, while others view it as symbolic of her rebellion against societal norms. Many seem to agree that it was standard for ladies of high society to have understated makeup, mainly blush and powder for the skin. It would be atypical of someone not a performer to wear such bold colors, but many fans have pointed out that Rose's makeup is a mix between her social standing and her desire to break free from her expectations.

How can I get Rose from Titanic's hair color?

Fun fact about Rose's hair: it was never meant to be red. When Kate Winslet started discussing Rose's look with James Cameron, he asked her how she would feel about making the hair a bold, unusual red color. Kate was excited and that's how she ended up with that color in the film!

She even mentioned that it took her 2 years to go back to her natural blonde color and that her hair isn't naturally wavy, so they had to curl it everyday on set. This made things difficult every time she had to get in the water (which was very often during the shoot)!

Where can I get Rose's hair clip from Titanic?

Rose's iconic hair pin is super easy to find on Amazon! Here's a link:

Rose hair pin

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"These were better then the picture! Heavy weight and gorgeous!"

Is Rose Dawson based on a real person?

rose makeup titanic

Sort of. Rose and Jack weren't real passengers on the Titanic, but James Cameron was inspired by some real-life people when creating the characters. He reportedly modeled "older" Rose after the American Beatrice Wood. She never traveled on the Titanic and didn't have any connection to the ship. She was an actress and artist born around the same time as Rose and passed away in 1998, the year after the movie was released.

There were some characters that were created from real people such as the "Unsinkable" Molly Brown, Captain Smith, John Jacob Astor, Mr. Andrews, and Bruce Ismay, but the majority of the movie's plot is fiction. Apart from the Titanic's departure and sinking, of course.


What did you think of Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic? It's probably one of her most well-known roles and she was only 20 years old when she shot it! Crazy that she was able to carry herself so well on such a large stage.

Her makeup in the movie is something that will go down in cinematic history. I kind of wish we wore makeup like that today!

This post was all about rose titanic lipstick color.

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