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When Is The Next Sephora Sale? + 16 Holy-Grail Products to Snag

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Our roundup of the best tried-and-true products to grab for the Sephora Sale 2022.

When is the next sephora sale.
updated on:
October 24, 2022

The Sephora Holiday Sale is back! Use code: SAVINGS to get 20% off for Rouge, 15% off for VIB, and 10% off for Insider. I have compiled some of the best products for a classic, everyday, natural, glowy look. Most of these products are holy-grail items! I have used them for years and never looked back!

This post is all about the best sephora sale 2022.

What is the next Sephora sale?

The next Sephora sale is 10/28-11/7 2022. It's the perfect time of year to buy some Christmas gifts for your loved ones (and yourself, of course!).

What is included in the Sephora sale?

The Sephora sale gets you a percentage off of your purchase depending on which level of the Sephora loyalty program you have reached. If you're not a Sephora Insider, no worries - it's free to sign up!

What is the Sephora promo code I need for the Holiday sale?

If you're shopping in-store during the sale, simply mention the sale to the sales associate checking you out. If you're shopping online, enter code SAVINGS at checkout.

What are some products I should pick up during the Sephora sale?

I have included a list below of some of my all-time favorite products from Sephora. Sephora rarely offers sales, so it's a great time to pick up some essentials or Holiday gifts for your loved ones.

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Buy on Sephora

This foundation is one of my favorites. I have combination skin and I find that it lasts all day.

2. Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Buy on Sephora

This is the updated version of the Natural Eyes palette that I swear by. I prefer mattes to shimmers as it gives a more classic look.

3. Better Than Sex Mascara

Buy on Sephora

I have purchased this mascara several times. I like my mascara black and volumizing. This one does the trick.

4. Prada Candy Perfume

Buy on Sephora

I received a perfume sampler for Christmas one year and this was my favorite scent by far! It's very flirty but not too sweet.

5. Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Buy on Sephora

This bronzer smells amazing and has the perfect neutral color.

6. Dior Highlighter

Buy on Sephora

This highlighter is a bit of a splurge, but it gives the most natural glow (nothing too shiny or blinding).

7. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Buy on Sephora

This concealer is so smooth. It's been a personal favorite for years.

8. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

Buy on Sephora

This is a cult favorite.

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9. Nars Orgasm Blush

Buy on Sephora

Perfect peachy pink color with highlighting reflects.

10. House of Lashes Lash Glue

Buy on Sephora

When I first started wearing lashes regularly, one of the most important things was to have a glue that was very long-lasting. I didn't want the corners pulling up when I was running around town. This glue does just that.

11. Sephora Lashes

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I like my lashes wispy/fluffy. These are flirty and fun.

12. Black Eyeshadow

Buy on Sephora

I prefer using black eyeshadow for eyeliner. It's more smoky and natural than a gel liner if you use an angled brush. This is great for beginners as well, because mistakes are less noticeable and easier to fix.

13. Clear Brow Gel

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Any clear brow gel should do, but I love the look of set and fluffy/natural brows.

14. Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude Lip Liner

Buy on Sephora

Iconic Nude is the perfect neutral nude color. I like to use this liner with lip balm or a nude lip gloss.

15. Dior Lip Gloss

Buy on Sephora

This lip gloss is a perfect neutral. It's not too opaque and has a slight plumping effect.

16. Beauty Blender

Buy on Sephora

There is something about the classic Beauty Blender that works better than all the dupes out there.

What will you be picking up at this year's Sephora sale?

This post is all about when is the next sephora sale.

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