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15 Super Unique Bachelorette Party Destinations (USA) That Every It-Girl Will LOVE

Every cool girl will love these unique bachelorette party destinations.

Unique bachelorette party destinations.

Cool girl weddings have been such a topic of discussion this year, so we have to talk about cool girl bachelorette party destinations! I’ve been noticing a major shift in wedding planning trends recently where people are tailoring their weddings to their personalities more and more! Gone are the super stuffy ceremonies of the past, more people than ever seem to be deciding to elope, have small weddings, get married at the courthouse, and many many other unique scenarios. I see this same thing happening with bachelorette parties where brides are throwing tradition out the window and opting for a weekend that totally fits them. For example, I’m seeing a lot more “chill” bachelorette parties that are less about drinking and going to a bar and more about spending quality time with a group of dear friends. Not to say that people aren’t celebrating, but I think bridal parties are really throwing away the rulebook and planning a weekend that celebrates friendship and love more than anything else! 

This post is all about unique bachelorette party destinations.

bachelorette places
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Since wedding season is rapidly approaching, I thought I would share some unique bachelorette party destinations (USA) with all of you! Although there is nothing wrong with the popular bachelorette party ideas, I know there are some girls out there who just want a different experience! Here are some bachelorette party ideas that I predict will be gaining popularity over the next few years.

  1. Joshua Tree, CA
  2. Scottsdale, AZ
  3. Solvang, CA
  4. Malibu, CA
  5. New York, NY
  6. Nantucket Island, MA
  7. Disneyland, CA
  8. Las Vegas, NV - Retro Edition
  9. Costa Mesa, CA
  10. Aspen, CO
  11. Boston, MA
  12. Coronado Island, CA
  13. Disney World/EPCOT, FL
  14. Nashville, TN
  15. Rosemary Beach, FL

For the chill, spiritual bride:

Joshua Tree, CA

unique bachelorette party destinations

Joshua Tree is definitely not the traditional bachelorette experience but that’s why I love it! It’s a great opportunity to find serenity and peace in such a chaotic world. The bride who is working on self-discovery and self-transformation will love the beautiful scenery and the connection with nature Joshua Tree offers. Some fun ideas for this trip would be to bring some good food and drink, stay at a really cute and aesthetic AirBnB, and go for long sunset walks. Some brides just want quality alone time with their closest girlfriends before their big day!

For the bride who loves a good hike:

Scottsdale, AZ

unique bachelorette party destinations

Scottsdale is gaining in popularity for bachelorette parties and it’s easy to see why! Scottsdale is basically like a desert Los Angeles! It’s known for its luxury dining and shops as well as its amazing hiking trails and beautiful weather year round! If you are from somewhere cold and are looking for the perfect combination of sun, fun, and finer things, Scottsdale is the perfect choice!

For the wine connoisseur bride:

Solvang, CA

unique bachelorette party destinations

Solvang is a hidden gem located just in Santa Ynez. It’s modeled after a traditional Danish town with traditional architecture and wine tours. It’s beautiful and there is plenty to do, perfect for the bride who loves a good winery but also wants something more unique than a run-of-the-mill winery experience.

For the bride who has a hot yoga membership:

Malibu, CA

unique bachelorette party destinations

*Plays Miley Cyrus’ Malibu*. Malibu is a great option for a beach vacation with some luxury mixed in. Everyone in the bridal party can pitch in to get a nice bungalow on the beach for a few days. You could get up in the morning and grab some coffee, then do some yoga on the beach. Plus, Malibu has tons of amazing restaurants with breathtaking views! It’s gotten a bit of a rep for being super boujee over the years but I think it lives up to the hype for sure.

For the bride who loves a disco ball and Megan Thee Stallion song:

New York City, NY

unique bachelorette party destinations

You know who you are! If you’re a friend group that loves to enjoy some nightlife but also lives for a good brunch the next day, New York does it all! No matter what time of year, the city never fails to be beautiful. It’s interesting to me that New York is not typically on people’s lists for a bachelorette party destination option but there are so many different trips you could plan just in the city alone! For example, if your bride is more of a girly girl, you could plan a trip in the spring and take a Central Park boat ride, go to the Met, do some shopping in Soho, and visit Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment. If your bride is more into fine dining and nightlife, go have an amazing dinner and see a Broadway show, go to a cool dive bar, and get some dessert after! Or, if she likes both, do both!

For the bride who was written by Taylor Swift:

Nantucket Island, MA

unique bachelorette party destinations

The girls that get it, get it. Living in a Taylor Swift song is beautiful and ethereal and it makes you feel like the main character. At least that’s how I imagine it anyway! Nantucket is such a beautiful place with gorgeous flowers and homes with a small town feel that is hard to replicate. It’s a town totally out of the pages of a book. The best time to travel to Nantucket is the summer, with gorgeous scenery and beaches. I could totally picture renting a beautiful Cape Cod style home on Nantucket, riding bikes to the beach, eating an ice cream cone, and perusing the gift shops in town. Sounds like a perfect summer day to me!

For the nostalgic bride:

Disneyland, CA

unique bachelorette party destinations

Although Disneyland may not be the most traditional bachelorette experience, I still think it’s a super fun place to celebrate with your girlfriends! Pretend like you’re a kid again and get your faces painted, wear princess crowns, and ride all your favorite rides! They have cute bridal ears for the bride to wear and there are tons of fun experiences you can book, like Breakfast with Minnie and dinner at the Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. If you really want to up the ante, you can all pitch in to do a private guided tour for the day. It starts at $2975 for up to 10 guests and you get to basically skip all the lines and have access to exclusive planning and hospitality services. It would definitely be a splurge, but it comes out to less than $300 a person (not including the price of the ticket)! It’s just an idea for a fun little extra princess treatment.

For the bride who is eloping:

Las Vegas - Retro Edition

unique bachelorette party destinations

Okay, I know, Vegas is the most traditional bachelorette party you could ever plan!!! You’re right. But I would argue that the way you do Vegas could be totally different from the traditional experience! You could do an entirely retro theme and take photos at a drive through chapel with all your girlfriends to symbolize how girlfriends are for life too. You can all dress in retro thrifted wedding dresses and go to a fun show like Katy Perry or Shania Twain, depending on who is in residence at the time. You can lounge by the pool by day and hit the slots at night! It’s Vegas, remixed!

For the bride who religiously drinks cold brew:

Costa Mesa, CA

unique bachelorette party destinations

This is for the bride that would rather get up early, sit on the beach with a breakfast burrito in hand and watch the morning waves than party hard the night before. Costa Mesa is super close to Newport Beach and has that amazing Orange County vibe without being too in your face. You could plan a really chill trip around Costa Mesa with amazing food, great music, shopping, and pool days.

For the luxe cowgirl bride:

Aspen, CO

unique bachelorette party destinations

I have been seeing this type of bachelorette party more and more and I think it is so chic! Aspen is a luxurious skiing town in Colorado. Tons of celebrities flock to Aspen each year for its quality skiing, fine dining, and beautiful scenery. I picture a bachelorette party with some amazing food and drinks, cozy fireplace chats, and fun snow activities. Not to mention the aprés ski! You can even go in the summer for beautiful green weather or fall with stunning fall foliage, even though the slopes are closed during this time. 

For the bride who loves Gilmore Girls:

Boston, MA

unique bachelorette party destinations

Where are all my fall brides at? I think a fall bachelorette party would be so amazing in the historic town of Boston. Grab some drinks at a pub and walk down the fall leaved cobblestone streets. You could take some really pretty pictures and pop into cute bookstores and coffee shops to really feel like you’re in a Hallmark movie.

For the bride who would rather stay in reading:

Coronado Island, CA

unique bachelorette party destinations

This is another good one for my summer brides! Summer in Coronado is stunningly beautiful. Ride your bikes everywhere and stay at the Hotel Del Coronado for a historic and fun atmosphere. Lay by the pool and dig in the gold-streaked sands. Coronado is a beautiful island and has great eateries and bars as well.

For the quirky fun bride:

Disney World/EPCOT, FL

unique bachelorette party destinations

Who doesn’t love a trip to Disney World? Another fun idea is that EPCOT has the drink around the world option where you go to all the little towns and get a drink voucher at each one. If you and your girls love a good challenge, it’s great to try all the different beverages at the different cities!

For the effortlessly cool bride:

Nashville, TN

unique bachelorette party destinations

Ah, Nashville. This city has become a huge hot spot for bachelorette parties, so it’s a little more common than it used to be. However, Nashville to me is like the ultimate cool girl bachelorette party location. Super great entertainment and food available, plus it’s so fun to let your inner cowgirl out! Especially if your bride loves country music, you should check out Nashville!

For the bride who has all matching luggage:

Rosemary Beach, FL

unique bachelorette party destinations

Everyone has a girlfriend who is super put together and always has her nails done. That’s the best way I can describe her. Well if your bride is that girl, Rosemary Beach is so beautiful and aesthetic it will fit right into her wedding plans. It’s a white sand beach in South Florida with beautiful blue water and a cute little town to match. Perfect for the aesthetic bride in your life!

This post was all about unique bachelorette party destinations USA.

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