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21 Unique Vintage Gifts For Her (That She'll ACTUALLY Love)

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When you have a vintage lover in your life, it can be hard to figure out what to kind of gift to get them...Here are the best unique vintage gifts for her!

Unique vintage gifts for her.
updated on:
October 24, 2022

Those who love vintage things can be either really easy to shop for, or really hard! You know that they appreciate things with old-world charm, but what exactly should you get them in today's day and age? Consider me an expert, because I am the vintage lover of my family! Trust me, I have an entire blog dedicated to vintage things and these gifts are all approved by me! That means they are goood!

Whether it's Christmas, a birthday, or one of the many other holidays to celebrate, getting someone a gift that they haven't seen before can be super challenging. It can be even harder for the girl who loves to shop at thrift stores because you never know what she'll pick up! Of course, you can always go hunting on eBay or Poshmark for something she might like, but if you're in a little bit of a bind for time, here are some unique vintage gifts for her from Amazon!

This post is all about unique vintage gifts for her.

Vintage Embroidery Book

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I have been so obsessed with vintage embroidery lately that I want to learn how to do it on all my pillow cases! Any vintage lover can appreciate good retro hand embroidery. This book will teach you all the stitches you need to know!

Vintage Smeg Toaster

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Think about it. You could have a boring toaster. Or you could have a pretty toaster. I'm a sucker for anything Smeg because it combines the best of both worlds: retro and modern!

Vintage Coupe Glasses

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Every girl needs a fancy pair of coupe glasses in her life. These ones are in the shape of a flower and will look gorgeous on any bar cart.

Vintage Gold Jewelry Box

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One thing that always reminds me of the fabulous women from the 40s and 50s is a beautifully adorned and feminine vanity. When you take your jewels off at night, place them safely in this jewelry box that looks gorgeous on any dressing table.

Vintage Tiffany Style Lamp

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This lamp gives off the most luminescent warm glow. It's the perfect flower lamp to give any girl that loves vintage decor.

Vintage Perfume Bottle

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Sure, perfume bottles these days are pretty, but how lovely is this little bottle? It definitely reminds me of something that old Hollywood movie stars would use.

Vintage Heart Locket

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One gift that is (in my opinion) timeless, is a locket! Add the perfect sentimental touch by putting a small photo of you two together for her to always carry with her.

Film Camera

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Film cameras are a perfect gift idea for anyone who loves to capture memories! This one is super easy to use - it's a point and shoot so it's just like a disposable, but you don't have to throw it away after. You can use it again and again!

Film Rolls

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Make sure if you're planning on gifting her a film camera that you also get her some film to put inside. This film should work with the film camera above, but any 35 mm film will work!

Vintage Apron

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I'm sorry but isn't this so cute?? Perfect for the girl who loves to bake in style.

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Vintage Scrapbook Paper

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Vintage scrapbook paper is great for making cards, bullet journals, or scrapbook pages. This assortment will give your project the perfect vintage vibe.

Vintage Print

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Another great gift idea that doesn't have to cost a lot of money is a nice vintage print with a frame. Pick out a cool vintage photo that reminds you of the recipient and she'll have a great art piece to hang in her home!

Vintage Diary

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For the girl who loves to write or journal, a high-quality diary is the perfect gift! She'll love scribbling down her thoughts everyday...plus, this one comes with a lock!

Vintage Mascara

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Vintage mascara is a great gift for any girl who is interested in vintage makeup! This is so cool because she can see what it was like to put on mascara in the 20s and beyond!

Vintage Cream Blush

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This vintage cream blush is not only stunning itself, but the packaging is worth displaying on your makeup vanity. I love this brand because they make vintage-inspired makeup today so you don't have to risk your health by trying a super old one!

Strawberry Teacup

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How adorable is this strawberry teacup and saucer?! I may just need to get myself the whole set because it's too cute for the girl who likes to drink tea (or just likes to feel fancy!)

Vintage Postcards

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These magazine cover vintage postcards are so cool to look through. If you want to send them out, it's super easy to slap a stamp on the back and write a quick message to a friend or you can even hang these postcards for a little bit of wall art.

Vintage Coloring Book

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If you're like me and get anxious from time to time, coloring is a really great activity to calm your nerves! This would be a great gift or stocking stuffer for the girl who wants a fun way to spend her downtime.

Vintage Bluetooth Speaker

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This speaker has all the modern functionality of a new speaker but with the retro look of a vintage speaker!

Vintage Book Tote Bag

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This tote bag is great because it comes in a bunch of iconic classic book covers so you can pick whichever one is your favorite. I know that I always enjoy getting a tote bag as a gift because it can be used for so many different things!

Vintage Tea Gloves

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Tea gloves make any day feel fancier! This fun gift is great for the girl who loves to be feminine and pretend she's a princess!

Vintage Sewing Basket

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This sewing basket is a great gift for the girl who loves to sew! Pretty and functional!

Did you find any unique vintage gifts for her to give this year? I can say that all of these gifts would be amazing to give or receive! Definitely let me know your favorite from this list! Happy holidays!

This post was all about vintage gift ideas for her.

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