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Knits, Gold, & Neutrals: WTF Is The Vanilla Girl Aesthetic?

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The vanilla girl aesthetic has taken hold of TikTok...let's break down this cozy trend.

Vanilla girl aesthetic.
updated on:
May 16, 2023

Another trend has been taking over TikTok and your socials: the vanilla girl aesthetic. But what is the meaning of the vanilla girl aesthetic?

As with every new aesthetic hitting your feed, the vanilla girl aesthetic is simply a curated color palette and style that can be replicated across your entire wardrobe, home, and makeup bag. Just something fun to draw inspiration from and take what you love into your own life.

Today, we'll break down the intricacies of the vanilla girl aesthetic and talk about some easy products you can incorporate into your life for a touch of vanilla-toned coziness.

This post is all about the vanilla girl aesthetic.

What is the vanilla girl aesthetic?

The vanilla girl aesthetic is sort of a mix between the clean girl aesthetic, old money aesthetic, and coastal grandmother aesthetic. Still not forming a picture in your mind?

With the vanilla girl aesthetic, you'll see lots of neutral colors, cozy and chunky knits, and understated luxury. The aesthetic's name derives from the vanilla-toned color palette it typically draws inspiration from. Cinnamon buns, gold hoops, cream knit socks, Uggs, neutral designer clothing, and vanilla candles fill my vanilla girl Pinterest feed.

Another common theme of the vanilla girl aesthetic is coziness and warmth as well as self care, baking, and relaxation.

What are some vanilla girl outfits?

The vanilla girl aesthetic outfit is comprised of cozy neutrals and usually gold-toned jewelry. The style is put-together but often minimalistic and has casual elements. The nice part about the vanilla girl style is it can easily be dressed up or down.

vanilla girl aesthetic outfit
Image via @maevestier

Gold hoops

Gold-toned jewelry is a staple of the vanilla girl aesthetic, drawing from its neutral/warm-toned color palette.

This brand is the best. Their gold jewelry is super affordable and lasts a really long time. I always buy from them!

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"Great quality. I put them in and forgot I had them on. I even slept in them. So far no turning green. I love these."

Knit socks

Cozy clothing is a key element to the vanilla girl aesthetic. It's a great winter aesthetic because it gives off a warm, coffee-toned feeling.

These socks are from Ugg so you already know they're super warm and comfortable.

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"Bought these for my wife, she never takes them off! Honestly, I have had to purchase another pair just so she has something when she washes them."

Ugg boots

Neutral colored Uggs not only go with everything, but they're super easy to incorporate with any casual outfit. I have a pair of Ugg boots from years ago and I still wear them every weekend. A total staple piece of this aesthetic.

These have been super hard to find these days as they're basically sold out everywhere.

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"I absolutely love these boots! They are comfortable and you can wear with anything."

If those are sold out (usually around the holidays), here's an alternative. I found these and they look really similar!

Ugg dupes

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"I really only got these to make sure I'd like the mini's from UGG before I bought them plus they're out of stock so it was a good opportunity to see. HOWEVER i honestly see zero need to buy from UGG now I love these they're the perfect dupe if thats what you're looking for."

Cream puffer

Since this aesthetic is cozy and wintery, a cream puffer is a must buy. Bonus of this aesthetic - the colors will go with absolutely everything in your closet.

Here is the "splurge" option because I am all about getting a good deal, but for me I want a super quality puffer.

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"Best coat I’ve ever purchased! My sister got one too because it was so good!"

Here is the dupe option.

Cream puffer dupe

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"This jacket is everything! It goes with so many outfits and it is great quality, especially for the price!!"

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What are some vanilla girl products?

Vanilla girl aesthetic makeup has a focus on skincare. It also features products with neutral packaging and gold, glowy colors. The fragrances are sweet and clean.

vanilla girl aesthetic makeup
Image via @eternallyflawless

Eye patches

Another subcategory of the vanilla girl aesthetic is self-care. Indulge in soothing eye patches with a big fluffy robe. You deserve it!

Buy on Amazon

"I'm in love with this product...I love the way it feels."

YSL perfume

This perfume would look so gorgeous on your nightstand. Its neutral color and fresh smell is totally in line with the vanilla girl aesthetic.

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"Smells great, long-lasting. Love it and worth the money!"

Cinnamon Buns body wash

How much more vanilla girl can you get than with a super sweet body wash? Sweet and indulgent, this body wash will make your showers totally luxurious. They also have a vanilla scent but it's currently sold out!

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Hair oil

Every girl needs a good hair oil. Not only is this hair oil super highly reviewed, but it's aesthetically pleasing too. I mean, who isn't a sucker for some simple packaging?

Olaplex is top of the line - hairdressers commonly use it to treat dry and damaged hair.

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"A little goes a long way, but wow this stuff works wonders for my hair. I apply it to my ends to prevent split ends and I use what’s left in my hands to put it on my mids to manage frizz. It’s not greasy at all. My hair is smooth with a little sheen (not shiny). Love it!"

Coconut vanilla body scrub

Another great self care item is a body scrub. Perfect to use when you have a little extra time in the bath.

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"I would definitely buy this again! My skin was so soft after I used it. It's been over 24 hours and my skin still feel moisturized."

What are some vanilla girl aesthetic home products?

The vanilla girl aesthetic home is neutral and luxe, light, bright, and cozy.

vanilla girl aesthetic home

Cream candle

If you want to dip your toe into the vanilla girl aesthetic, you need a sweet-smelling neutral colored candle. It will make your room smell like you're baking something delicious (without all the work!)

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"Smells exactly like vanilla cake from the time you light the candle. Makes me want dessert."

Coup glasses

I am a firm believer that every girl needs a fancy glass in her life to sip on while enjoying a hot bubble bath after a long hard day. I literally put kombucha in mine and enjoy a drink that's good and good for me!

How stunning are these? I want to drink absolutely everything from these glasses.

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"I got these as a gift for a friend who had just discovered the Queen's favorite cocktail: gin and dubonnet. She was thrilled with these beautiful coup glasses. They add a sparkle to any social occasion. Elegant, well made, functional."

Coffee table book

Adding coffee table books to your dresser or living room is the perfect way to create a vibe in an otherwise themeless room. Neutral and sophisticated coffee table books will keep your guests entertained and remind everyone of how chic you are!

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"Perfect coffee table book!!!!"

Ring dish

Another super easy way to incorporate something small and neutral into your home decor is this stylish ring/accesory dish.

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"I bought this little tray as a decorative piece for my dresser. At the moment it is being used to hold perfumes."

Linen duvet cover

One of the splurges that I can almost guarantee you'll be glad you made is a neutral linen duvet cover. It creates the perfect wrinkled fluffy look, you'll have trouble getting anything done because you won't be able to get out of bed.

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"Love this set so much! Highly recommend."

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What are some vanilla girl aesthetic accessories?

Vanilla girl aesthetic accessories are neutral and focus on self care.

vanilla girl aesthetic accessories

Neutral water bottle

I'm a big fan of neutrals in general because you can get so much more bang for your buck. If I have the choice to buy something colorful or buy something neutral - I'm always going neutral because I know I'll get a lot more use out of it. A neutral water bottle will make you look like you've got your sh*t together. Plus, it'll look pretty on your desk!

My sister absolutely raves about her Stanley - and she's a nurse so she needs lots of water and for it to stay cold for 12 hours! It's leak-proof and it's dishwasher safe.

Buy on Amazon

"Love this tumbler!! Keeps my drink cold all day. Love the handle to carry it! 10/10 recommend!!"

Fluffy robe

There are a few luxuries in life I don't think any girl should deprive herself of - and a big fluffy robe is one of them. Preferably one that feels like a hotel robe. Because if you can pretend for at least 30 minutes every day that you're at a relaxing hotel, your day will be better. At least that's my theory!

I personally like terrycloth robes as they are absorbent and thick.

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"This robe is very warm and heavy. It’s nice to wear after getting out of the shower when it’s cold. Maybe it won’t be the best for summertime but it’s definitely luxury hotel status!"

Claw clip

I don't care if the claw clip trend has been overdone - I'm never going back! Neutral claw clips like these will get plenty of use.

Buy on Amazon

"High quality and pretty!"

Neutral scrunchie

A cute scrunchie is never on my list of regret purchases. Plus, this one will look super cute on your nightstand.

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"Nice quality. Material is almost like silk and elastic is strong. They come in a beautiful box."

What is your favorite part of the vanilla girl aesthetic?

vanilla girl makeup

I think mine is the sweet scents and the warm, cozy neutrals.

I always have fun researching these aesthetics for you guys. I think all these products make great gifts for your friends or for yourself.

Overall, I think aesthetics are fun because it's cool to immerse yourself in an entire color palette and vibe. Take what you like from the aesthetic and leave the rest.

Which aesthetic should I cover next? What do you think will be the next trending aesthetic?

This post was all about vanilla girl makeup.

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