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Totally Darling Vintage Beach Umbrellas To Lounge Under This Summer

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There's nothing cuter than a vintage beach umbrella to relax under while reading a good book. Check out our picks.

Vintage beach umbrella.
updated on:
April 11, 2023

As summer rapidly approaches, it's time to start thinking about your beach gear. Even if you don't live near a body of water, vacation may take you to a sandy shore, and you'll want a beach umbrella that perfectly encapsulates your personality, right?

I have been stalking the absolute cutest vintage beach umbrellas - because vintage beach umbrellas are automatically 10 times cuter than regular umbrellas (hellooo tassels & fringe)! And I found some amazing picks. Bonus: they're all from Amazon.

BTW, most of these can also be patio umbrellas, but you'll want to ensure that you purchase a stand to go along with if you're not using sand as your anchor system.

This post is all about vintage beach umbrella.

Best black & white

California Umbrella

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"Most amazing umbrella I have ever owned. You absolutely get what you pay for."

My parents have this umbrella in their backyard and it is seriously the most beautiful thing ever. It adds such a perfect neutral pop and it's so fun to sip some lemonade while lying underneath it!

Best white fringe

Business & Pleasure Co. Holiday Umbrella

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"This umbrella is the CUTEST! It's so easy to assemble and it looks great in my backyard. I can't wait to use it at the beach!"

This is such a good classic umbrella style. It will go with any color bikini and look super high end on the beach.

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Best pink

Beach State Summerland Umbrella

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"This umbrella is exactly what my family was looking for as our everyday beach umbrella- large diameter, high quality, and cute retro design...It is easy to pop up and stays standing, and we’ve had many compliments from other people at the beach asking where we got it."

For my girls who love a good retro pink umbrella, this one is for you! This one reminds me of those umbrellas that you'll find by the pool at quaint little boutique hotels.

Best cream

Wind & Sea Vintage Tassel Umbrella

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"Super pretty."

Another classic that you simply can't go wrong with, this umbrella is easy breezy.

Best pinstripe

Phi Villa Tassel Umbrella

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"Very nice umbrella! The umbrella is strong, large and of good quality. Suitable for picnics and trips to the beach by car. Looking forward to the opening of the beach season!"

Navy pinstripes always give me nautical vibes in the best way! This umbrella will look perfect sitting by some crystal blue water.

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Best baby blue

Business & Pleasure Co. Boho Umbrella

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"Aside from it being a super beautiful and aesthetically pleasing beach accessory, this umbrella is perfect for summer days. It easily folds into a nice bag (with a strap) and is not super heavy, so it's really easy to carry while walking down to the water."

Ahhh I am such a sucker for a baby blue color these days. This vintage-inspired umbrella is so unique - I haven't seen this color out much!

Best funky tiki

Destination Gear Palapa Tiki Pink Umbrella

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"It’s so cute I ended up buying 2. Ready to use right out of the box. I put one in the umbrella holder in my patio table and the other is in a big flower pot. So far they have held up great."

OMG who doesn't love a good tiki moment??? This umbrella is for my bold divas out there. Make sure to sip on a fruity drink when you're sitting in your lounge chair under this one.

Best rainbow

Aoxun Beach Umbrella

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"It was easy to carry and put up. I used it on my beach vacation."

Every retro umbrella post needs to include a classic rainbow umbrella! It's so cheery and fun, it'll brighten up any shore!


Which style of retro umbrella is your favorite? I'm personally partial to anything with scallops and fringe!

This post was all about vintage beach umbrella with fringe.

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