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10 Vintage Betsey Johnson Dresses You Need To Snag From eBay NOW

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You need a vintage Betsey Johnson dress in your life.

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June 19, 2023

Betsey Johnson is known for her unique and playful designs. With the recent resurgence of interest in vintage pieces and sustainable fashion, her feminine and floral dresses have been right on trend. I've done a round up of my current eBay favorites of her designs and provided some links to similar dresses that you can check out once these listings have sold! Remember, eBay listings are one-of-a-kind so when they are gone, they are gone!

This post is all about the prettiest vintage Betsey Johnson dresses on eBay.

1. Gray & Pink

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This dress has a classic 90's silhouette. With Spring right around the corner, this floral pattern has me swooning.

2. Ruffle Cupcake Dress

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This Betsey Johnson dress makes me feel like I'm at Prom in the 1950s!

3. Yellow Collared Dress

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This adorable collared dress is perfect for work or play.

4. Black & Pink

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You're going to have to hold me off from buying this dress. It's so unique and fun.

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5. Blue Beaded

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I love the form-fitting shape on this one. The blue flowers give it a super romantic look.

6. Black Floral Trim

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This body-con black mini is totally classic and the floral trim adds the cutest touch.

7. Pink Ballerina Dress

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This baby pink satin dress is what ballerina dreams are made of.

8. Black Bustier

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This dress is so flattering. Plus, you can't go wrong with a classic LBD.

9. Blue Lace

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There's something about a light blue against a black dress. This one os so cute with the blue lace trim.

10. Black and White Bows

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Combine bows and black and white - I'm in.

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I always shop vintage whenever I can, but sometimes the piece I want sells before I can grab it, or it's not in my size. Here are some alternative dresses that give me the same vibe as the items I've curated here:

Blue Cowl Neck

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This cowl neck dress is very similar to the floral silk dresses of the 90s and the shape is really flattering on everyone.

Pink Ruffle

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This ruffle dress is the perfect mix of funky and sweet.

Satin Ballerina Dress

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This dress is so simple yet so cute!

Aqua Ruffle

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This aqua dress is actually a dream. I have added this to my wishlist!

Yellow Lace Slip

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This lemon-yellow dress has the prettiest lace.

Floral Puff Dress

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Silk, puff, retro. That's about as Betsey Johnson as you can get. This mini is a modern twist on a classic silhouette.

Pink Flounce

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This pink flounce dress is perfectly Y2K-inspired.

Blue Mesh

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I love powder blue and this dress reminds me of 90s dress silhouettes.

This post was all about the cutest vintage Betsey Johnson dresses.

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