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Dreamy Bridal Lingerie For A Vintage Lover On Her Honeymoon

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For all you vintage lovers who are getting married, add some of these bridal lingerie silhouettes to your honeymoon packing list!

Vintage bridal lingerie.
updated on:
October 24, 2022

Looking for bridal lingerie is such a fun and special time, and perfectly curating your outfits for your honeymoon can be such an exciting task! Whether you're shopping for a bride that is in love with vintage clothing (as much as her new husband!) or you're looking for yourself, I've put together some pretty vintage-inspired styles and pieces you should consider for your bridal wardrobe.

In this post, I'll go over some of the prettiest silhouettes of lingerie over the years and even include some pieces I've found in my internet search. Vintage shopping is all one-of-a-kind so once it's gone it's gone, but I'll try to include some alternatives for those of you who didn't find this post quite in time.

This post is all about vintage bridal lingerie.

Vintage Bustiers

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bustiers are so flattering on everyone, allowing you to cinch your waist and pair your outfit with a super cute pair of matching undies! I love all the intricate details of 80's bustiers all the way to early 00's bustiers.

The 80's seemed to include a bit more ruffle, while the 90's kept it satin-y and neutral. The early 00's brought fun colors and silhouettes so you're bound to find a vintage bustier that you'll like. Here are some that are perfect for your honeymoon:

Classic White

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Black Lace

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Pink Velvet

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Vintage Babydoll Set

One of my personal favorite shapes is the babydoll top paired with a matching g-string bottom! When the top is a little sheer I think it just gives off the perfect amount of peek-a-boo for a flirty look.

I think that the 00's did this the best, and there are so many fun patterns to play around with. A little tip is to get a matching set, but go for a fun pattern. You can always save the white for your more classic sets.

Simple White

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Pink Princess

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Angelic Bride

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Pink Polka Dot

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Lacy White

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Vintage Chemise

Who doesn't love a good chemise? For this I think you could go with something silky and light blue with a little bit of lace. The "something blue" gives you a little bridal moment and is a nice little break from all the white you've been wearing around your wedding!

Something Blue

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Black Polka Dot

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Vintage Lacy Sets W/ Garter Belts

These sets are totally classic for bridal lingerie, so I would opt for a classic all white lace look and maybe even pair it with a fun little short veil. I've found some really cute vintage veils all over eBay so I'll try to include some here. I love all the 80's lingerie sets because they're super lacy and feature a high cut leg that is super flattering on all different kinds of body shapes.

I also think incorporating bows in some way is really cute and timeless since bows are super big this year!

White Floral

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Pink Peekaboo

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Veil W/ Bow

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Vintage Matching PJs

You've got to bring some matching pajama sets on your honeymoon for the nights you're feeling like going comfy. Having a little matching moment makes the look a bit more put together.

Victoria's Secret has some silky matching sets that I really love from their Gold Label.

Yellow Floral

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Red Bloomers

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Pink Lace

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Vintage Stockings

When I was scrolling through wedding TikTok the other day, I found these super cute stockings that said "Just Married" on the side and I thought they were the cutest things ever! Stockings are a great way to add a little spice to your honeymoon ensembles.

If you're wanting to have a super casual night, you could even go for slouchy cotton stockings with one of your husband's oversized t-shirts! Comfy-chic!

Just Married Stockings

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Vintage Gloves

This year, gloves are a huge trend. I think it would be really cute if you incorporated a pair of gloves with one of your outfits on the trip. When you get home, your hubby can take them off á la Simon and Daphne from Bridgerton.

White Lace

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Vintage Bikinis

If you're going on a honeymoon, chances are you will need a bikini or two, depending on your destination. I would opt for a lot of white bikinis and some fun patterns as well. I'm personally a big fan of 90's bikinis as the high leg and coverage on the booty is the most flattering for my body type, but def go for the shape you feel most comfortable in!

White Crochet

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This post was all about vintage wedding lingerie.

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