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My 2023 Vintage Christmas Haul - Thoughtful & Retro Gift Ideas

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Today I am sharing all the thoughtful vintage-related gifts I received for Christmas this year!

Vintage christmas haul.
updated on:
January 9, 2024

Happy 2024 everybody! I used to love watching Christmas hauls on YouTube because it was so fun to see what everybody got over the holidays. Plus, it always gave me great gift ideas for the future!

Today I'm sharing with you some of the vintage-esque gifts I received from my family and friends this year. Most are second-hand and I think it's so awesome that I can give gently used items a great newhome.

I know all of you will appreciate these items - I will treasure them forever!

This post is all about vintage christmas haul.

mariyln monroe book

1972 Marilyn Monroe book

My brother and I went Christmas shopping at one of our favorite antique malls and I stumbled upon this Marilyn Monroe book. It's from 1972 and I think it's so cool. It has a lot of big, glossy photos of Marilyn, many of which I have never seen. I also love how the cover of the book is simply a picture of her face. Such a testament to how recognizable her image is. He ended up gifting this to me for Christmas and I was so happy when I unwrapped it!

Vintage bridal headpiece

On that same trip, I found this darling headpiece at one of the vintage clothing booths. I got married this last year and will always be obsessed with everything bridal. I fell in love with the double bows and the fun polka dots on the netting.

Vintage girls matchbook

This matchbook was in my stocking from Santa! On the front it has a photo of vintage women in their beachwear all having a beach day. It is a good size and has a bunch of matches in it, perfect for lighting all the candles I have at home.

black and white marilyn monre photo

Here's a photo of one of the pages in the Marilyn book. I'm such a sucker for books with big, glossy photographs in them.

pin up girl calendar and tote bag

Vintage Guess tote

My friend Dan picked out this vintage Guess tote bag for me and I added the bow. It is the perfect size and is actually so soft. I'm not sure which era of Guess this is from but I would imagine maybe the 90s.

1996 Pin-up girls calendar

A really fun fact is that the 1996 calendar lines up perfectly with the 2024 calendar. This means the dates are on the same days of the week. This is such a great gift idea since the new year is right after Christmas. You can also check other years, I know that 1940 and 1968 also line up with this year. There are a ton of deadstock calendars online for you to choose from.

I was born in 1996 so this was the perfect gift for me this year from my parents!

march 1996 calendar

My birth month and birth year!

life magazine 1986 and digital camera

Life 1986 50 years issue

One of my absolute favorite things to receive are vintage magazines! I just feel like they are amazing time capsules and reflect pop culture and history so well. I also like to imagine that I'm transported back to the year and month that the magazine was published and that I picked it up from the store and brought it home and decided to read it. I try to think about what I would be wearing, what I would be interested in, and what my life would be like if I were from that time.

This particular magazine is special in that it covers 50 years of Life issues. As you can tell by the cover, it discusses significant events from 1936-1986. My mom and dad know how much I am interested in that time period and I can't believe they found this for me.

2007 Digital camera

My husband picked me out the most perfect throwback camera ever! I've always been interested in photography, and I've collected many cameras over the years. I was really interested in film for a while, but it became so expensive to get it developed. I've been wanting an old 2000s camera for a while and have been asking around to see if anyone has an old one that they are no longer using. Since I haven't been able to find one, my husband found one for me.

I wanted a camera that was "old-ish" but would still be easy to use with a standard memory card. I wanted to achieve the nostalgic flash photos from when I was in middle school/high school. He did so well because I love to carry this little thing around with me everywhere! I would actually love to do an entire blog post about what kind of camera he got me and what the photos look like if you guys are interested!

page from life magazine
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bride and groom paper dolls

1968 Bride and groom paper dolls

Paper dolls are literally so cute, I don't know why they aren't a thing anymore. I mean, I guess the toy market started to go more towards physical dolls like Barbie, but it's so fun to swap out the different outfits and imagine the different scenarios you can act out. Since I got married this year, I just am so into anything wedding-related and these bride and groom paper dolls are everything!

vogue books

The Forties in Vogue book

The Fifties in Vogue book

I was honestly really excited to receive these books from my sister-in-law. They are totally right up my alley and I could look at them all day. They basically cover an entire decade from Vogue. Stories, photos, significant events and people. I'm very interested in the 40s and 50s and I would love to complete my collection someday as I believe they have an edition for the 60s and 70s as well.

pages from vogue books

Look at how beautiful these photos are of the Queen's wedding in 1947.

mystery date game

1965 Mystery Date game

Okay I'm so excited to share this one with you because I think it's a great gift idea for anyone in your life who loves vintage things. This is the Mystery Date game Vintage Bookshelf Edition. Basically, Hasbro has reformatted some of their most popular games over the years into these cool looking books! I had never heard of Mystery Date until I found this at our local Home Goods. When I looked more into it I found out that it was a popular game for young girls where they collect outfits for dates and try to see if they can match their date outfit with the date that shows up to the front door.

My husband ended up getting this for me and can we just talk about how cute the packaging is as well as the game itself??? We ended up watching the old advertisement for the game on YouTube and playing it with my family. We died laughing when my sister ended up getting the "dud" for her date. I definitely recommend it!

Mystery Date commercial

mystery date box opened

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mystery date board game and cards
vintage mystery date game

I'm pretty sure it's an exact replica of the original game. I recognize the dates and the cards from the commercial!

pink heels and vogue magazine

Vogue August 2007 & May 1996 magazines

Like I mentioned before, retro magazines are my absolute favorite things to look through. My parents know this so when i opened these I felt so seen haha!

Vintage Kate Spade kitten heels

Santa got me these Kate Spade mules! They are the perfect pink color with gold buckles and bows.

vogue jewelry book

Vogue jewelry book

This was another amazing gift from my husband. It features all the most iconic jewelry featured in vogue over the years. It even has lots of pictures of the royal jewels worn by Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth.

open book with pink ribbon


What did you guys get for Christmas this year??? I would love to know. I still need to make my Roseglass vision board for 2024! Until next time!

Xx Sierra

This post was all about vintage christmas gift ideas.

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