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A Darling DIY Vintage Christmas Tree W/ Velvet Bows & Postcards - Feat. 44Haven

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This vintage-inspired Christmas tree is dressed with retro ski memorabilia and black velvet bows.

Vintage christmas tree.
updated on:
November 29, 2023

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! Setting up the Christmas tree is always a must after Thanksgiving so we can enjoy it the entire month of December. We had Thanksgiving at our family cabin this year and my mom got a head start on trimming the tree. She always does the cutest Christmas tree themes and is so amazing at curating the perfect set up. Today I wanted to share with you the vintage-inspired tree she did - it's right up Roseglass' alley.

vintage christmas tree

This post is all about vintage christmas tree.

My mom and I have always had a love for vintage things and over the years we have influenced each other in our taste for vintage movies, home decor, makeup, and holiday traditions. Me having this blog has definitely fueled the fire of our love for old things and I find that we are always thrifting together, hunting for vintage quilts, and trying vintage-inspired DIYs. I was delighted when I arrived to our family cabin ready to eat some delicious food when I saw her cabin tree was vintage ski trip inspired!

This tree decor is super easy to recreate in your own style. You could even swap out the vintage ski photos with your favorite old Hollywood starlets or put photos of your favorite movie. I love finding vintage photos on Pinterest and using them for little collages, decor, or projects. You can even put family photos! Here's everything you'll need:

Vintage postcards or photo prints

retro christmas tree

For this particular tree, my mom purchased these 4"x6" postcards from Amazon. Some she put in frames while the others were just placed around the tree without frames. She also found some vintage ski photos on Pinterest and printed them out herself in various sizes and cut them. She has some pictures of Princess Diana skiing and other iconic skiing moments throughout history. She even included a photo of my papa skiing when he was younger. Like I said earlier, you can definitely pick a theme and adjust to your liking. For example, if you wanted to make a retro disco themed tree, just print out some cool old disco photos is various sizes from Pinterest and adjust the steps to this tutorial accordingly.

Vintage ski postcards

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Simple frames

christmas tree velvet bows

For this step, my mom just picked out a variety of frames from her local decor store that she felt matched her theme. She went with blacks and silvers. She went with different sizes and shapes and printed out her photos according to which photo she wanted in which frame. Here are some comparable frames from Amazon.

I would try to stray away from frames with pretty noticeable stands in the back, especially if they can be seen from the front, only because they will be placed in the branches of your tree without using the stands.

Ornament frames are useful too because they're designed to hang from your tree branches.

Black decorative frames

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"I bought these for wedding decor frames. They arrived carefully packaged. They are beautiful and look more expensive than they are. Highly recommend!"

Ornament frames

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"So well made and can't wait to give each one of the kids these for their Christmas tree. I've purchased them over and over again and will enjoy them on my Christmas tree, too."‍

Black velvet ribbon

velvet bows christmas

This black velvet ribbon is a good size, not too thick and not too thin. Tie them into bows and place them in various spots around the tree.


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"Surprised at the quality at a fairly low price."

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Themed ornaments

@roseglasscollective the cutest vintage-inspired tree πŸΈπŸ–€πŸŽ…πŸΌ #velvetbowtree #vintagechristmastreepictures ♬ original sound - sp33dsongsx

Themed ornaments really tie the tree together. How cute is this gondola and the martini glass??? When I took these pictures, my mom actually had more ornaments to add but I didn't get a chance to document them before I left after the weekend. She found some beaded vintage ornaments while thrifting to add color. Definitely keep an eye out at the antique markets and thrift stores for vintage ornament finds.

Ski gondola ornament

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"I am crazy about this miniature; I intend to use it on my ski resort ski lift and now all I need are the people to go inside. I will consider buying again."

Martini glass ornament

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"This martini ornament is SO cute! Well made. Made of hard plastic. My husband likes a good martini with olives! Got this for him! He loves it!"

Red ornaments

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"These ornaments are beautiful with a distinct old world charm. The glass is of good quality and the workmanship is also of good quality. They remind me of ornaments I've seen on Christmas trees in Europe. They were delivered on time and well packaged for shipping."

These are similar to the red ornaments on my mom's tree.

Bead garland

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"Beautiful garland...looking forward to using it on my Christmas tree this year!"

Again, a similar string of beads to the set my mom used.

Twinkly lights

christmas tree twinkly lights

Warm white lights

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"These lights are designed perfectly. Great controller, great waterproof parts, durable, flexible, easy to manipulate light effects, brilliant colors, led is fabricated directly into the cord to ensure watertight design and durability. THIS IS THE LIGHT STRING YOU WANT. Serious."

My mom told me these are what she used to make the tree twinkle.


I would like to thank my mom for sharing the details of her Christmas tree with us. You can check out my her blog 44Haven here.

This post was all about vintage christmas tree decorations.

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