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Why Vintage Mules À La The 00s Are Back - Closet Essentials

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Vintage mules are the hottest shoe of the year, but they are as timeless as they are trendy!

Vintage mules.
updated on:
July 18, 2023

Have you guys been seeing vintage mules everywhere lately? I think they're the perfect trendy yet timeless shoe - is that an oxymoron? Well, let me tell you why I think you need a pair of vintage mules in your closet ASAP!

This post is all about vintage mules.

What are vintage mules?

vintage mules
Image via Wikimedia Commons

Vintage mules are typically slip-on heels (without a back). Mules were originally closed toe, but the style today can include a peep toe. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes. Vintage usually means that they are 20 years or older, but they can be any older style of mules.

Most vintage mule heels are at a kitten heel height, usually less than 2 inches tall. This makes them easier to walk in due to the lack of strap keeping the heel on your foot.

The origin of the word "mule" in relation to footwear comes from the Roman term "mulleus calceus" which typically referred to a red/purple shoe worn by powerful government officials. Over the years it became a bold fashion statement and evolved to the shoes we have today - a sexy backless style!

Vintage mules were popular in the late 90s and throughout the 00s. The classic shape is comfortable and feminine, the perfect accessory to dress up any casual outfit, or dress down any outfit that might be considered a little bit over the top.

Vintage mules have been seen all over Instagram lately, with celebrities like Matilda Djerf donning vintage Moschino butterfly mules and many other 00s styles. I think they are such classic shoes and are the perfect closet staple.

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What type of vintage mules are the best?

Image via @_mariabellas

Vintage mules come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you like a pointed toe, a color block, or embroidery, vintage mules are the hottest shoe style right now.

I'm really into the pointed toe silhouette lately. It reminds me of something moms would wear in the 00s and it's just such a nostalgic shape! I think the low heel makes them comfy enough to walk in and just fancy enough and casual enough for any outfit.

Vintage mules are a great wardrobe staple because they go with a lot of different outfits!

Where can I buy vintage mules?

The only way to buy vintage mules is to purchase them secondhand. There are a million reasons why buying secondhand is great: it's sustainable, it's cheaper, and you get yourself a one-of-a-kind item!

You can read all my favorite places to buy secondhand here and all my best tips here.

Two of the best places (in my opinion) to find vintage mules is eBay and Poshmark! Below I discuss some of the best brands to search.

What are the best brands to search for vintage mules?

Image via @_mariabellas

You can find designer vintage mules for really great prices if you search for them! You can also find some cool mules that aren't necessarily name brands. Here are some of my favorites:






Manolo Blahnik

Jimmy Choo


Miu Miu


Gianni Bini

Via Spiga

Two Lips

Nine West


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What should I wear with vintage mules?

Image via @sasharassoli

Vintage mules are a really great closet staple that can go with many different outfits. I've seen so many cute outfits with long skirts and tank tops or even dressing mules down with baggy jeans. You can also dress up mules for date night with a blazer and a mini skirt.

Vintage mules are less of a commitment than super high heels but also add a little flair to casual outfits. They're like ballet flats mixed with kitten heels! The perfect combo.

Which season should I wear my vintage mules?

I think the beautiful thing about vintage mules is that they are perfect for almost every season. They're a great transitional shoe because they're not as strappy as summer heels, but they're not totally covered either. I think that makes them great for spring and fall!

Why buy vintage mules rather than brand new mules?

Image via @alwaysatcafes

I think vintage mules are even cooler than brand new mules because there are so many unique styles available to choose from! It's sustainable and as a bonus, it's cheaper!

This post was all about mule heels.

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