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Stand Out At Prom With These 13 Unique (One-Of-A-Kind) Vintage Prom Dresses

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These unique Prom dresses are sure to stand out on Prom night.

Vintage Prom dresses.
updated on:
October 24, 2022

Finding a unique Prom dress can be a huge challenge - especially when you want to stand out and ensure no one else shows up wearing the same dress as you on Prom Night! The best way to make that happen is to pick a vintage Prom dress. Going vintage for Prom is such an iconic move - everyone will remember your one-of-a-kind dress. I've picked out some of my favorite Prom dresses on eBay right now. Hurry up and grab one before they're gone!

I also included some options from Windsor that are vintage-inspired so you can shop if you'd prefer something new or need a different size!

This post is all about vintage prom dress.


Peach Dream

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This gorgeous dress from the 50's needs to have its time in the spotlight. Peach lace with a classic silhouette, this is for the girl not afraid to embrace an authentically vintage style.

Rose Buds

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This black gown has little rosebuds all over - including the straps! This is one of my favorite dresses and if I could do my prom over again I would definitely wear something like this!

Lady Luck

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How stunning is this dress? The emerald green would be perfect for someone with red hair, or if your favorite color is green! 

Purple Floral

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There are so many pretty asymmetrical 90's style gowns on this list but it's because I think they are so flattering on everyone! The double strap one shoulder on this one is seriously so cute.

Black Beaded

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This one is for my neutral girlies. I always liked wearing black or silver to prom because those are just such classic colors and are so timeless.

Black + Blue

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This 70's dress actually reminds me of Vivienne Westwood. The black lace and blue bows at the top are my favorite!

Black Bows

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This 80's dress actually looks like it could be sold today! The high-low is darling and the little bows down the front are perfect for the girl who can't decide on a short or long dress.

Pink Rose

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For this one, you're gonna have see the vision with me. If you zoom in on the photo you can see it's a pretty pink color dress with light pink roses on the straps. If you were planning on wearing pink and wanted something feminine I think this dress is perfect.

Polka Dots

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I know that some people are kind of iffy about polka dots but I feel like black and white polka dots never go out of style! I really love the gathering at the bottom of this dress. I think this dress is for the girl who loves retro style but also wants a more modern silhouette.

Pink Princess

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This dress reminds me of Sixteen Candles and for that reason I may have to buy it. Someone buy it before I do!

80's Pink

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Only an icon would wear this dress. It's so 80's and SO GOOD. This one is for a true vintage lover.

Classic Red

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I also really love red as a color to wear to Prom. It's bold, so I always feel like a classic/simple shape is a no-brainer. This dress reminds me of the simplicity of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's wedding dress, so gorg!

Big Bow

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This dress reminds me of Ariana Grande. The big bow in the back is super trendy right now and I would even add long black satin gloves to finish the look!


Silver Sparkles

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This is really similar to the dress that I wore for my Prom! It reminds me of something a Hollywood starlet would wear.

Black Mesh Floral

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This dress is similar to the black lace dress with the bows that I included above. This one looks super flattering!

Pink Mermaid

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This one reminded me of the bright colors of the 80's. If you were wanting to go with a bold color I think this one would be perfect!

This post was all about unique prom dress.

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