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Trend Alert For 2023 Brides: Vintage Wedding Cake Designs

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If you're a classic bride who loves a good nod to the past, these vintage wedding cake designs can be your something borrowed.

Vintage wedding cake designs.
updated on:
June 12, 2023

It's no secret that the brides of today are finding unique ways to incorporate nostalgic traditions in their own weddings. What's old is new again, and there's a trend that is quickly gaining momentum in the wedding world: vintage wedding cakes!

Even celebrities are hopping on this sentimental trend, with Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's wedding cake paying homage to the bride's parents' wedding cake design. According to the cake's creator, @fancycakesbylauren, the design employs the Lambeth Method of free-hand piping as well as white chocolate cherubs, bells, lace, swan pillars, and royal icing.

Lots of cakes from the 50s all the way to the 90s are being used as inspiration for vintage wedding cake designs as of late. This specific style of cake features multiple tiers separated by pillars to create height, ornate and luxurious icing, as well as a cake topper made to represent the bride and groom on their wedding day. Depending on the inspiration, lace, ruffles, and other fancy dressings were used to make the cake look regal.

vintage wedding cake
Image via @blackbirdsweets

Like Gwen Stefani, wedding cake recreations are super common. Check out this cake made for an anniversary inspired by the original cake at the couple's wedding. Whether you are looking to celebrate a big milestone, or incorporate certain elements of past relatives' cakes, taking inspiration from the past can be the perfect way to make your event more meaningful and custom to you.

Notice the piping around the edges and the draping design of the icing. The roses add detail, and one of the hallmark pieces of a vintage wedding cake design is the vintage wedding cake topper.

I think one of the cutest wedding cake traditions that seemed to get lost along the way is the cake topper! It's a great way to bring in a vintage element to your modern wedding. Plus, you can pick one where the figures look like you and your partner!

This post is all about vintage wedding cake designs.

Bells & bows

90s wedding cake

Some vintage wedding cakes incorporated wedding colors to bring a little extra to the design. This cake can be your something blue! You can see this cake has multiple laters, complete with pillars and a wedding bell cake topper.

Cake toppers didn't always have figurines, some had hearts and frills instead. One of the cool things about retro cakes is each one was unique! For example, this cake features blue flowers in the shape of hearts as well as hand piped bows. These vintage cakes are always visually interesting and stunning - the detail helps you see something new every time you look at it!

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Love bridge

1950s wedding cake
Image via @inspiredsugar

Cakes of the past were decadent and ornate - isn't this one gorgeous? The piping gives all the frilly textured goodness and look at those pillars! I think it's so cool how pillars elevated the different layers of a wedding cake. Remember Priscilla and Elvis' wedding cake? Theirs had 6 layers all separated by pillars.

The other cool vintage wedding cake trend that needs to come back is bridges! You can see this cake features them. They usually lead to different layers of cake, making the overall look of the cake more grand. Some people even put working water fountains under layers of their wedding cakes. Pretty cool, right?

Glazed cherries

vintage wedding cake designs
Image via @stacybrewercakes

Another vintage wedding cake element is glazed red cherries. This cake looks fit for Marie Antoinette! Keep your eye out for pastel/romantic colors to put a modern twist on vintage wedding cake designs. This cake brings many of the elements of a vintage wedding cake, but still looks like it's from this decade!

Heart topper

vintage wedding cake designs
Image via @ganacheyaletown

This has to be one of my favorite vintage wedding cake toppers! I love the double hearts and how the couple is a bit smaller in size underneath. This cake is perfect if you're wanting to do something smaller since it's one tier. That way, the topper can steal the show!

Lucky horseshoe

vintage wedding cake designs
Image via @occasioncakesuk

Another thing I really love about vintage cake designs is the attention to detail that you just don't see as much in modern designs. I love these little horseshoes at the edges of the cakes. It's a great way to put your own flair and personality as well as some fun easter eggs in your cake for your guests to enjoy!

Vintage mini cakes

vintage wedding cake designs
Image via @sweetmill_melbourne

I totally fell in love with these mini vintage-inspired cakes that I found on Instagram! If you're not wanting to do the big elaborate design of an entire cake, these minis are perfect! They each have their own personality and you can even serve these at other events, not just at a wedding.

Lovely rose

Image via @heartofcakelondon

Isn't this cake just so romantic? Especially surrounded by the green garden. Inside the cake was red velvet and I just love how simply vintage it is. It's not too over the top - the perfect vintage style!

Overall, I think this trend will only grow in strength over the next few years! Whether you are taking inspiration from a family member's wedding cake, incorporating the vintage style into your wedding for a classic feel, or just wanting something unique yet timeless, this vintage wedding cake trend might be perfect for you.

What do you guys think? What do you want your future wedding cake to look like?

This post was all about vintage style wedding cake.

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