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Use These 25 Affirmation Journal Prompts To Bring More Joy To Your Daily Life

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Keeping a journal with positive affirmations can change your life...like actually! These tips will get you in a better state of mind ASAP.

Affirmation journal prompts.
updated on:
January 21, 2023

If you have been looking for ways to bring some positive energy to your life, starting an affirmation journal can be a great way to start to manifest your dream life! I know it sounds a little strange at first, but affirmations are phrases that you say either out loud or to yourself to put your mind on the right path for the day. I have definitely been including affirmations into my daily routine, as well as gratitude and manifestation. In today’s day and age, it’s so easy to have overactive minds and repetitive negative thoughts. I find that when keeping track of my affirmations I see a huge difference in my attitude as well as just my ability to get over obstacles and achieve my goals. Some of the benefits that I have personally noticed from keeping an affirmation journal are:

  • Reduced stress
  • Clearer mind
  • Lower frequency of negative thoughts and thought cycles
  • Greater confidence in achieving goals
  • More positive energy

It’s kind of funny because affirmations are so simple that they can seem silly and useless. You would be surprised at how much we can influence our attitude throughout the day just with these reminders. I have personally noticed that my mind can be very overactive and when I do small things to redirect my attention I have a much better day! 

This post is all about affirmation journal prompts.

When I was younger, I watched The Secret with my parents. The biggest takeaway I had from the movie was visualization and manifestation are key. The idea that basically anything you envision and direct your energy towards will happen. Affirmation is basically just the little sister to manifestation. Anything you envision and direct your energy towards will happen. Say it, feel it, believe it, and it will be. Now, I know that for some this sounds like a lot of “mumbo-jumbo” and that is okay! Everyone has their own preferred method of stress-relief and goal-setting. But in my experience it works to make me feel more confident and capable. If you have a big work presentation, saying something like “I will excel at presenting this project at work,” is a lot more helpful that saying something like “I probably will trip over my words when I present this project at work.” It puts a positive thought in the space where a negative thought may have previously lived. The purpose of an affirmation journal is to have a physical place to put your affirmations and thoughts so you can read them and put your energy toward them.

First, here are some tips for starting an affirmation journal:

  1. Forget perfection. If you wait until you’re ready, you’ve waited too long. Don’t be afraid to brain dump. If there is a goal you have this week, feel free to write it in the margin. I find when I’m less stressed about making my affirmation journal look good, the more value I get out of it. I’m the only one reading it anyway!
  2. Scribbling is good. Why have rules when it comes to your affirmation journal? If one day you want to write a huge list of gratitude and the next day you want to write custom affirmations for a goal you are trying to achieve, awesome! The point is not perfection, it’s to become more mindful.
  3. No pressure. Stop expecting everything you do to be super profound and life-changing. Yes, if we do this right, the idea is that our lives will change for the better, but just start and see where the journey may take you. 
  4. Make it your own. Like I said, no one is really going to read your affirmation journal besides you, so make it whatever you want. Your affirmations don’t have to be exactly like the examples below. Start to notice your thought patterns and decide what you want to change. If you want to affirm more positive thinking, you could say: I will choose the positive in every suboptimal scenario I can.
  5. Decorate if you wish. Expressing yourself is a great way to get your creativity flowing. Grab some scrapbooking materials and make your affirmation journal something that you’ll want to open again and again.
  6. Consistency over quantity. When I decided to keep an affirmation journal, I knew that writing in it everyday would be challenging, so I just told myself that I would keep coming back to it no matter how long it went with a break in between. 
  7. Read it and believe it. It’s one thing to write something down on a piece of paper, but it’s another to visualize it and feel it. There is a different energy there and when you can put your soul into something rather than just a surface level thought, it’s much more likely to happen. Sort of like The Secret.
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Here are some of my favorite cute options for affirmation journal materials from Amazon:

Fuzzy Pens

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I love journaling with fancy pens because it makes me feel like I'm in a Y2K rom-com! I got my pink fuzzy pen that you see in my photo from Dollar Tree a while back so if you guys want that one you can check there! If not, these come in multiple colors and you can give some away to friends!

Journaling Pens

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I use these pens myself and I love them! They never dry out and there are so many colors. The tip is fine enough to write with and they don't bleed over to the next page! Highly recommend.

Mechanical Pencil

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If you're more of a pencil type of person rather than pens or markers, this is my favorite mechanical pencil of all time. It's got a thin tip but it feels nice in the hand. It's like writing with a pen but it's a pencil if that makes sense.


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I cannot even express to you how major these erasers are. They have almost 25,000 5-star reviews! If you're going to get the mechanical pencil I mentioned, you need these erasers. I mean if you ever have any need to use an eraser ever you need these erasers! Seriously the best!


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I really feel like you can use any type of journal for your affirmations, or even just some lined paper! However, I do like to invest in something nicer quality for something I am going to be using almost daily. I've used composition notebooks before and they can get a little worn out since the cover isn't very durable! This pink one is super cute - and I like lined paper but they also have a blank paper option and tons of colors to choose from.

Vintage Paper

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If I have a little extra time I like to try to add some decorations to my affirmation journal. These vintage papers are perfect for gluing onto a page if you're feeling more artistic about your affirmations that morning. Being creative helps to get my day going and this is a really fun way to do it!

When I write in my affirmation journal, I try to keep all of the above in mind. When I get to the actual writing part, I try to just focus on what is in my heart and mind at the moment. Some people have daily affirmations that speak to them and they make it a part of their routine. Some people like to read their affirmations before bed and some like to read them first thing in the morning. There is really no right or wrong way to keep an affirmation journal. You may write something different everyday, or read the same affirmations over and over and track their experiences and progress. It’s all super personal and individual. That being said, sometimes you need some ideas to get your mind on the right wavelength. Here, I have included a few different affirmation journal prompts for various scenarios. Feel free to download the free pretty PDF version below and paste them into your own journals!

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Morning Affirmations

  • I am ready for the day to begin.
  • I have gratitude for everything that today will bring.
  • I am capable of achieving my goals today.
  • I am equipped with everything I need to make today a good day.
  • I will do my best today.

Evening Affirmations

  • I am thankful for the day today.
  • I will have a peaceful sleep to recharge my mind and body.
  • I did the best I could with the tools I had today.
  • I am proud of what I accomplished today.
  • My mind is clear and open for sleep.

Confidence Affirmations

  • I have all the tools I need to reach my goals.
  • I am strong and confident in myself.
  • I choose courage in the face of fear.
  • I am proud of how far I  have come.
  • I know I am able to make my dreams come true.

Love Affirmations

  • I have all the love I will ever need within myself.
  • I give and receive love freely and with no expectation.
  • I have limitless love in my heart.
  • I feel joy when I share love.
  • I cherish and respect myself and others.

Stress-Relief Affirmations

  • I am safe and protected in this moment.
  • I have abundant gratitude for this present moment.
  • I am where I need to be.
  • My thoughts come and go freely with no friction.
  • I have done all I can do and no amount of suffering will change that.

This post was all about positive affirmations journal.

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