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These 12 Online Treasure Troves Have The BEST Thrift Store Clothes

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The best online thrift stores to score your next big find.

Online vintage thrift store.
updated on:
June 19, 2023

Sometimes finding thrift store clothes isn't as easy as popping over to your local thrift shop and spending an afternoon sifting through all the goodies. Online thrift stores provide a larger range of items from across the country, more sizes, and better accessibility for those who don't have a shop nearby. Plus, you can shop in your pajamas at home and have your new treasures delivered to your door. Who wouldn't want that?! Today we will share with you our absolute favorite resources for buying secondhand clothes online.

This post is all about the best online thrift store clothes.

Our ride-or-die online thrift stores:

1. eBay

eBay is the quintessential online thrift store and our all time favorite. eBay's easy-to-use filters allow us to put in keywords and select a series of categories according to budget, size, and location. Not only do we love eBay for clothing, but we love it for home goods, gifts, and other random items. Because eBay has such a variety of items, you can find a major steal, meaning you won't be paying extra for the time and effort it takes to weed out some of the more undesirable results. The downside? You'll have to spend a little extra time looking if you want to find that diamond in the rough.

2. Poshmark

Poshmark is another favorite of ours. It's so easy to use and most sellers are willing to take offers below list price on their items. They have a very large user base (over 60 million users), so there are TONS of items. Poshmark's interface makes for a great customer experience; it's super simple without any frills or fluff. We've found so many amazing finds on Poshmark over the years and we know you will too!

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Higher price point:

3. The Real Real

The Real Real is a designer secondhand shop. Their policy is that every item they list is certified authentic. We would recommend still doing research on the particular piece you are looking to buy as authentication of secondhand items can be tricky no matter the source. We like how The Real Real is consistently adding new arrivals to their shop, and you also get $25 off your first purchase on their website.

4. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is similar to The Real Real in the sense that they are a secondhand designer clothing/accessories marketplace. It seems that as of right now Vestiaire Collective has more options and they don't require you to sign up to look at the pieces for sale, but in terms of consumer experience, The Real Real and Vestiaire appear pretty similar.

5. Tradesy

Again, Tradesy is similar to both The Real Real and Vestiaire Collective. We really love how Tradesy has a Vintage section. The problem? Curated vintage is always more $$$ than hard-to-find vintage!

Lower price point:

6. ThredUp

ThredUp is really cool. It's basically a gigantic online thrift store. People send in their gently used clothes and ThredUp takes pictures of every single item and posts them on their app. We recently saw a TikTok of a girl buy a Chanel dress from ThredUp for $8!!! Because ThredUp gets such a large volume of items in, sometimes pieces fall through the cracks. For example, that Chanel dress didn't have a tag so it was listed as unbranded, but turns out the dress had Chanel buttons! You can find some cool stuff on ThredUp, but it's sometimes hard to find things if you don't know the brand. We always see a lot of Free People, Madewell, and LuluLemon on ThredUp.

7. Mercari

We would describe Mercari as a mix between Poshmark x Facebook Marketplace x eBay. Whereas Poshmark is definitely more focused on clothing, Mercari expands to collectibles and home decor.

8. Depop

Depop is a trendy resale app that has gained particular noteriety in the last few years as a mecca for thrift store resellers. It's hit or miss on pricing, customer service, and quality DEPENDING on the seller. Depop definitely has the most curated and trendy collection of items and sometimes you'll pay a premium for that, but it's a great place to find really cool items that you don't have to search high and low for.

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9. Etsy

Etsy is known for handmade goods, but not many people know it has a vintage section! Search any clothing item in the search bar and go to "Filters." Scroll down to "Item Type" and select "Vintage" instead of Handmade. They also have vintage home decor and collectibles.

10. Shop Goodwill

Shop Goodwill is something that we have discovered recently and it's really fun! Goodwill doesn't put out all of their donations on the floor of their stores. Sometimes they send them to the bins or to their online shop (Shop Goodwill). It's kind of a mix between eBay and Goodwill.


11. Thrift Books

Thrift Books is just what it sounds like! An online thrift store for books! We thought we would mention it here because it's a really good resource for finding books for a lower price. You get to select which quality level you are willing to pay for and you can get books for a few dollars!

12. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great tool for anything secondhand, but it's especially great for furniture! Try using descriptive words in your search rather than brand names or anything too obvious. For example, if you are looking for MCM Cessna Chairs, try searching "Cane Chairs" or "Wicker Dining Chairs". Sometimes people don't realize what they have and will have them listed for a lower price than if you searched "Vintage MCM Cessna Chairs".

This post was all about the best places to buy thrift store clothes online.

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